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Experience AGILE Auctioneering

Agility means more than just being different. It means recognizing that there are important dimensions of auction performance that can be better achieved through more accurate appraisals, better previews and better integration of on site and online auctions.

After 60 years of developing the skills and savvy that has gained the respect of clients throughout the world, we saw the auction business changing and knew our business needed to change too, so we began with a new vision. An agile vision, to bring more to the cycle of leveraging your assets.

That’s why we started over. And why we believe we are able to deliver more to clients.

At M Davis, we are leveraging our decades of experience and the new thinking of a new generation of auctioneers to advance the profession and advance our ability to maximize results for our clients

By looking forward, not back with innovation, daring and results.

In a word: AGILE.

  • Accurate Appraisals
  • Great Marketing
  • Innovative Auctions
  • Logistics & Payment
  • Effective Follow-Through

We Take Your Business Very Personally

This business, like all business, is about the people. Through all of our year, the M Davis Group team has experienced countless and some very unique, situations in the asset appraisal and liquidation business. In many of these cases, we have helped our client shoulder their toughest challenges. We continue to be recognized for our fair and accurate appraisals. This reputation results in loyal customers that will travel to attend our auctions and participate online.

Meet the Team

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Evaluate, Communicate & Execute
During his 30 years experience in the business of turning tangible assets into capital Marty has learned that the best business practices are to listen to expectations, perform educated evaluations and produce the best buyers for a sale. His reputation for bringing extensive knowledge to a deal is unrivaled. As principal Auctioneer and Appraiser for M. Davis Group, Marty has coordinated, directed, and participated in thousands of appraisals and sales across a broad spectrum of industries—including heavy industrial, manufacturing, and food processing.

Marty successfully completed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) course in January 2000 and passed his reaccreditation exam most recently in 2009. He is a licensed Auctioneer in 24 states and, through reciprocal relationships, throughout most of the United States. He also conducts several charity auctions, pro bono, every year.

Marty received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Email



Vision & Balance
Kate’s experience in the industrial auction and appraisal industry makes her an invaluable to our team. Kate knew from a young age that this was the industry she wanted to work in. She served as an auctioneer and appraiser, specializing in industrial assets.

She also interned with H. J. Heinz in supply chain finance. Her understanding of the industrial asset business gives her a big picture perspective, which serves our clients with great success.

Kate received an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and BA from Johns Hopkins University. Kate is a licensed Auctioneer and has earned certification in Uniform Standards and Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Email


Director of Strategy

Strategic On-Site Decisions
Harry was a wrestling champion in high school and has continued to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as an adult. As in any sport, skill and hard work produces success. At MDG Harry has developed our invaluable on- line components and finds opportunities others might miss.

On-site, he works tirelessly with clients and buyers to the successful completion of the deal. A graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in Psychology, Harry holds Auctioneer licenses in many states. Email


Director of Strategic Initiatives

World Vision
After getting his degree in Economics from George Washington University, Max spent 4 years Mexico working for a large dairy operation in purchasing and import/ export.

He is fluent in Spanish and has deep knowledge of regulatory and business practices in South and Central America. His world vision extends to his dinner table… Max is a great cook. Email


Director of Operations & Site Manager

Kevin leads our auction prep and set-up teams. He provides vital support in the valuation process. Kevin has worked on thousands of transactions in his 20+ years in the auction and appraisal industries. His mechanical and manufacturing expertise are essential to project execution in all industries. He provides invaluable support on sales and appraisals for our clients. Email


Director of Operations & Site Manager

Joann began work with the late Harry Davis in 1975. As onsite auction and appraisal support and auction office coordinator, Joann’s attention to detail provides a seamless experience for MDG’s clients.

In her almost 40 years of experience she has tackled all aspects of our business. Joann’s collective knowledge of our industry’s history is known and respected industry wide. Email


Auction Coordinator

Tommy started with MDG as a summer intern in college. After two summers, he was ready to sign on to our team full time. At Waynesburg University, Tommy received a degree in Criminal Justice and was well recognized for his team leadership as a captain on the football team.

His focus on business development, onsite support and customer retention projects are invaluable. He contributes every day to MDG’s competitive edge. Email


Operations Manager

Jaime joined the MDG team 3 years ago as Operations Manager. Jaime oversees all in house operations including website updates, customer service, and auction invoicing. She also manages all internal auction credentialing and licensing requirements.

Jaime has a Bachelor of Arts from University of Pittsburgh, where she studied Studio Arts and the History of Fine Arts. Jaime keeps our daily operations running smoothly. Email

Timely Support

M Davis Group has customer service right – we’re quick & always follow up in a timely manner to ensure our clients’ needs are met & exceeded. Recognizing that there are important dimensions of auction performance that can be better achieved through more accurate appraisals, better marketing & better integration of onsite & online auctions.

Innovative Ideas

The most innovative business ideas come from methodically analyzing areas of opportunity, which lie in the auction, real estate & equipment industry, via both onsite & online auctions. Our clients & partners rely on us to liquidate & underutilized assets into working capital. Many of the industries largest international food & beverage companies rely via onsite auctions to recover investments in their equipment.

Advanced Technology

We offer a core of solutions that are customized for commercial, manufacturing & real estate. We focus on your technology needs & offer specific solutions for your onsite & online auction needs, giving you stress-free bidding no matter where you’re located. MDG now offers our customers a more technology driven, diverse array of solutions including newly manufactured equipment built to your specifications.

Clear Communication

Our skills & experience with decades of experience we efficiently, clearly & concisely keep in constant communication with our clients. By listening to our clients’ experiences both positive and even negative, we promise we will always be improving our communication & never make the same mistake twice. We take your business personally. This business, like all business, is about the people.

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