M Davis Group Expands to Europe

Agile Auctioneering for Maximum Conversion

We are pleased to announce that M Davis Group are now offer auction, appraisal and equipment liquidation services throughout Europe. M Davis Group Europe brings the same skills and savvy developed over decades of buying and selling assets in North America to service customers and clients in European markets.

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Agility means more than just being different. After 60 years of developing the skills and savvy that has gained the respect of clients throughout the world, we saw the auction business changing and knew our business needed to change too, so we began with a new vision.

That’s why we started over. And why we believe we are able to deliver more to clients.

We are advancing our ability to maximize results, always looking forward, creating innovation, predicting the trends while remaining loyal & trustworthy to our clients, we also always dare to get better & provide stronger & larger profits. In a word AGILE.

  • Accurate Appraisals
  • Great Marketing
  • Innovative Auctions
  • Logistics & Payment
  • Effective Follow-Through


M Davis Group Europe
2300 Palmer Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

P: +1.412.521.5751
F: +1.412.871.5613


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