Year End 2023 Multi-Location Auction Sale

Year End 2023 Multi-Location Auction Sale

Multiple Locations

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  • Autoprod VS-1X2 Cup Filling System, S/N 1412, Volt 460, Phase 3, Last Used for Dry Products (Located California)


  • Blancher, S/N 02-19475, Year 2002 (Located Denver, CO)
  • Aprox. 10 x 5 x 3 Open Tank (Located Denver, CO)
  • WS Automation Pressure Sensitive Wrap Bottle Labeler, Model ASD, (Located Denver, CO)
  • Hobart Oven, Model HC210G2, S/N 24-1012583, Natural Gas Input 290,000 BTU (Located Denver, CO)
  • (2) DCI 900 Gal. Jacketed S/S Vertical Tanks, 316L S/S (Located Denver, CO)


  • Acro 7,000 Gal. Tanker, Model AUGUR (Located Pacific Junction, IA)


  • DCI 1,000 Gal. S/S Insulated Processing Tanks (Located Dixon, IL)
  • (2) Aprox. 650 Gal. Insulated S/S Processing Tanks with CIP (Located Dixon, IL)
  • (3) Horizontal Tanks – 3,000 Gal., 5,000 Gal. and 6,000 Gal. (Located Dixon, IL)
  • Aprox. 5,400 GPH Pasteurizer Ballast Tank (Located Dixon, IL)
  • Westfalia Separator, Model SIH 10007 (Located Dixon, IL)
  • Tewes Bis 1,200 Gal. Capacity Creamer, Model WN (Located Dixon, IL)
  • IFP Packer with Shrinker (Located Dixon, IL)
  • (2) APV 20 hp S/S Pumps (Located Dixon, IL)
  • Kalish Unscrambler, Model 7440 (Located Dixon, IL)


  • Frautech Centrifugal Separator, Type FREEDOM, Model CA31T, S/N 95108, (Located Bowling Green, KY)
  • Tri-Blender with Weg 7.5 hp S/S Washdown Motor, Model 00736ETCESS213TCFL, 3600 RPM, 213TC Frame Footless (NOTE: Piping Not Included) (Located Bowling Green, KY)


  • DCI 2,000 Gal. Jacketed Processor (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Breddo 100 Gal. Jacketed Likwifier, Model LORW (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Cherry Burrell All Stainless 3,000 Gal. Horizontal Jacketed Aseptic Storage Tank (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • DariFill 4-Lane Offline Lidder, S/N 0LL01001 (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Feldmeier 350 Gal. x 2 Flavor Tank, S/N E-690-02 (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Aprox. 45,000 lb. Capacity Double 0 Vat, Aprox. 12 ft. H x 10 ft. W x 16 ft. L (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Crepaco Aprox. 150 Gal. All S/S Paddle Blender (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Aprox. 60 Gal. CIP Skid with Valving, Pump, Heat Exchanger, Etc. (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Waukeshaw 2.5” Positive Pump (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Electro Steam/TruBlue Cleaner, Model LG-20 (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Olympia Natural Gas Operated Generator, Model G30F3 (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Graco Barrel Pump, Series L91 (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
  • Crepaco Blender , Model SD, S/N 531ESD-573, (Located Harrodsburg, KY)


  • (2) Crown Super Cemco 72-Head Liquid Filler with Crown 15-Head Bottle Crim Cappers (Located Avon, MA)
  • Ryson Spiral Conveyor, Height 108” Off Ground, 38” and 50” Wide (Located Avon, MA)


  • Goodway Continuous Mixer, S/N QC002-2011, Includes 150 Litre Batter Holding Tank (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Aprox. 175 litre Jacketed Agitated Slurry Mixer, S/N QC001-2011, S/S Construction (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Rondo Cross Pinner (Located Jessup, MD)
  • GZ Series Single Piston Depositor, Model LGGZ850 (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Turbo Tools Dough Cutting Table with Tools (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Pallet Turntable Wrapper – As New – Never Installed (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Located Jessup, MD)


  • Greerco In-Line Colloid Mill, Model W750H with 20 hp XP Motor – Unused (Located Rahway, NJ)
  • Cornell D16 Versator, S/N 9617, S/S Contact Parts (Located Rahway, NJ)


  • Microfluidics M110P Microfluidizer, Model 110P, S/N 2009038 (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Cleveland 60 Gal. Kettle with Tilt Discharge (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Crown 6 Gal. Dual Kettle – 2 Units (Located Central New York, NY)
  • New England Machine Compact Bottle Unscrambler (Located Central New York, NY)
  • STI Model 10 Semi-Automatic Capsule Filler (Located Central New York, NY)
  • (2) PerFil Semi-Automatic Powder Filler, Model MF (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Neostarpack Semi-Automatic Electronics Tablet – Capsule Counter, Model TC 1000 (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Key International 16-Station Rotary Tablet Press, Model DB-16 (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Capsulen Tablet – Capsule Counter, Model CDR -3A (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Patterson Kelley 2 CFT Twin Shell V-Blender (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Donaldson Cyclone 20 Dust Collector (Located Central New York, NY)


  • Walker 4,750 Gal. Capacity Stainless Tanker (Located Broken Arrow, OK)


  • Koss Inc. S/S Cheese Cooker, S/N 5APR1996, with 5 hp Motor, 208-230/460 Volts, 3 Phase, Mounted on Portable S/S Frame (Located in Irwin, PA)


  • Gemco 30 cu.ft. Porta Hopper Tumble Mixer, S/S Construction (Located Saegertown, PA)


  • WEXXAR WF-20T Case Erector with 2″ Dekka Tape Head (Located in Charleston, SC)
  • WEPACKIT Case Erector with 2″ 3M Tape Head; Model 720 XLM (Located in Charleston, SC)
  • PADLOCKER Case Erector with Nordson 3500 Hot Melt Glue; Model CF-209 (Located in Charleston, SC)
  • OMEGA SL-18 Shrink Bundler and Heat Tunnel; Max bundle size 17″ W x 11″ H (Located in Charleston, SC)
  • MASSMAN Bliss Box Slide Tab Sealer with Nordson Hot Melt Glue; Model 108 OT CT DC (Located in Charleston, SC)
  • KHS BARTELT Carton Erector with Nordson ProBlue 7 Hot Melt Glue; Model Formula 2000 IMC/S Cartoner (Located in Charleston, SC)
  • DOBOY Tray Former with Nordson 3400 Hot Melt Glue; Model 751 BIII (Located in Charleston, SC)


  • Loma Metal Detector, S/S Sanitary Unit, Aprox. 6” W x 3” H Apparature Opening, 5” W Belt, Air Blast Reject, Touchpad Controls (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • All S/S 8 ft. COP Tank, Aprox. 213 Gal. Dual Bottom Spray Tubes (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Blentech S/S Sanitry Batch Steam Cooker, Model SM-4848-PJS, Year Mfg. 2002, Pressure Jacketed and Live Steam Bottom Injection, Scraped Surface Agitation with Paddles, (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • PMR (Packaging Machinery Resources) Dual Lane Continuous Container Filler, Sealer, Lidder, Model 1300, S/N 20070207 (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • CSE S/S Sanitary Steam Injected Screw Cooker / Blancher, Model CCS.2014.W, S/N 85002 (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • 200 CU FT Stainless Steel Liquids/Powder Paddle/Ribbon Blender (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Grote S/S Sanitary Slicer/Applicator, Model S/A (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Dixie Evolution Thermoformer, Model Evolution, S/N EVO.0211 (Located Hortonville, WI)


  • Pack Line Cup Filler, Model PAO-Q4, S/N PL810297, Volt 3 x 220 — Capable of 1 oz. to 6 oz. Filling Paper Cup and Plastic Cup (Located Oconomowoc, WI)


  • Manesty Model B Unipress 27-Station Tablet Press, S/N 15712, 230 Volt, 3 Phase (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Broderson Carry Deck Crane, Model IC 80 1D, S/N 131716, Propane, 35 Foot Boom with Jib (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Stainless Steel Drain Table 24 x 48 inch (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • 4” Flow Divert Valve (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • 100 Gallon S/S Tank 30” dia x 53” tall (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • COP Tank with 5 hp Pump (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • (2) Anderson AJ 300 Chart Recorders (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Garver Electrifuge, S/N 12602 (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • (45) Plastic Pallets – Aprox. 40” x 48” (Located Union Grove, WI)


  • Summitt Equipment Low Profile Downstroke Vertical Baler, Model V55-60 with 10 hp Motor, 208 V, 3 Phase, 10.5 GPM Vane Hydraulic Pump, Structural Dimensions Overall 90” W x 45” Depth x 96” Height, Aprox. 4,600 lbs. (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)