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Assets Located in COMPTON (LOS ANGELES), CA
  • S/S Horizontal Case Washer, with Associated Pumps, Piping, & Valving (LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, CA)
  • S/S Horizontal Case Washer, with Associated Pumps, Piping, & Valving (LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, CA)
  • DCI 10,000 Gal. S/S Jacketed Silo, S/N JC0211 (Located Compton (Los Angeles), CA)
  • Osgood S/S Unscrambler, Model 702, S/N 270682 (Located Compton (Los Angeles), CA)
  • Ideas-In-Motion Semi-Automatic Debagging Table (Located Compton (Los Angeles), CA)
  • 2003 Fanuc Pick-N-Place Robot, Type A05B-2464-B100, (Located Compton (Los Angeles, CA)
  • (3) Cannon S/S Stackers, Model ST2002T (Located Compton (Los Angeles, CA)

Assets Located in DENVER, CO
  • Tucs Equipment Stationary S/S Pack Tank, Model TECV-100T-SP, S/N 1242 (Located Denver, CO)
  • DCI 800 Gal. S/S Tank, Aprox. 8’ High x 6” Dia. (Located Denver, CO)
  • Aprox. 10 x 5 x 3 Open Tank (Located Denver, CO)
  • Tucs 400 Gal. Kettle, S/N 1287
  • DCI 900 Gal. S/S Tank, S/N 84-PH31216-A

Assets Located in FT. MYERS, FL
  • Arpac Bundler – Shrink Wrapper/Tunnel, Model BPMP-5352, S/N 6564, 460 V, Continuous Motion Bottom Overlap Shrink Wrapping System, Single Film Roll Multi-Packer, Infeed W 16.5″ x Infeed H 36.5″; Outfeed W 25.5″, Outfeed H 36.5″, Product Range 6″ to 18″ W Across Machine, 3″ to 12″ L Down Machine (Located Ft. Myers, FL)

Assets Located in MIDDLETON, MA
  • Factory New SPX/Lightnin Mixer, Model MS5S2 with 3/4 hp, 230/460 Volt Motor, 6″ Tri-Clamp Connection and 90″ Long Shaft (Located Middleton, MA)

Assets Located in REHOBOTH, MA
  • Aprox. 100 cu.ft. S/S Double Ribbon Blender (Located Rehoboth, MA)

Assets Located in JESSUP, MD
  • (2) Unifiller PRO 1000 Depositors – In Complete Working Order (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) ( (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Goodway Continous Mixer, S/N QC002-2011, Includes 150 Gal. Batter Holding Tank, S/Steel Holding Tank is Jacketed for Temperature Control. S/N QC002-2011, Very Good Condition. (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Located Jessup, MD)
  • BTE Multi-Tiered Ambient Cooling Conveyor System, Serial# QC009-2011 “AS New Conditon – Never Installed”, This unit travels back and forth to allow product to cool naturally before de- panning. Aprox. 180 Lineal Feet of Total Cooling. Qty. 4 Impingement Fans, Side opening doors for easy cleanup and changeover of product sizes, Variable Frequency Drives, Includes Pan Tip Out, Aprox. 26′ long x 4′ wide. To ship in two sections. (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Walk-in Freezer/Chiller, Aprox. 30′ x 8′ x 8.5′ height, (240 sq ft), Heatcraft fan Model CZT0750L6C Model: LSF240BMC65, Coil 131 3/4″ x 11″, Compressor Serial #DO1DO9600, Model LSF240BMC65 – Complete and working on decommission. (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Aprox. 175 Gal. Jacketed Agitated Slurry Mixer, S/N QC001-2011, S/S Construction, Very Good Condition (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Loading Fee $100) (Located Jessup, MD)
  • (2) Mondial Forni SV Dough Dividers, 100 – 1000g, Good ex retail chain store condition (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Reach RDROP 95 Easy Lift Depositor – Ex Demo Rise and Fall Mast (Unifiller Style), YOM 2014, 60 Litre Conical Hopper, 2” (50mm) Product Cylinder, Handgun with 1.5” (35mm) Outlet or Std 35mm Horizontal Outlet, Foot Actuation Pedal (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Reach RDOSE 400 Dosing Pump, Bowl to Gun Dosing System with 3” Product Cylinder Attached, Suitable for all Hobart Size Bowls and Dump Buggies etc., The dosing range is approx 400ml – to – 2800ml (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Located Jessup, MD)

Assets Located in GOFFSTOWN, NH
  • Gaulin MS18 2 TPS Homogenizer, Model 3000 — 2000 psi

Assets Located in MANCHESTER, NH
  • 2500 gallon capacity insulated rectangular stainless steel blend tank. 1.5 HP 49 RPM vertical agitator. Tank is LEFT side compartment of a two compartment tank which was cut in two for removal from plant. Approximate dimensions: 71” wide, 112 “ long x 95” overall height (Located Manchester, NH)
  • 2500 gallon capacity insulated rectangular stainless steel blend tank. 1.5 HP 49 RPM vertical agitator Tank is RIGHT side of a two compartment tank which was cut into two tanks for removal from plant, Approximate dimensions: 71” wide, 112 “ long x 95” overall height (Located Manchester, NH)
Assets Located in SPRINGFIELD, NH
  • GE Multilin F650 Bay Controllers and GE Multilin F35 Feeder Protection Relays (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Mitsubishi E500 2hp Inverters (Located Springfield, NH)
  • NPT 4” DFS 150# and Milwaukee 2” Ball Valves (Located Springfield, NH)
  • True Gray 2” Union PVC Ball Valve Socket Solvent/Thread Pipe (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Rosemount Flow Tubes and Transmitters (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Endress Hauser ProMag 53 and Smartec S Transmitters and Flow Meters (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Mitsubishi & Pacific Scientific Servo Drives (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Victoulic 731 Suction Diffusers (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Fisher Controls Transducers, Relief Valves, Remote Feedback Units (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Yokogawa HR2300 and MV200 Chart Recorders
  • Allegheny Bradford Heat Exchanger
  • Grundfos 3 hp Suction and Centrifugal Pumps
  • Micro Motion Core Processor, Flow Computer, Transmitter and Mass Flow Sensors (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Coffing Little Mule ¼ Ton Chain Hoist (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Ridgid See Snake Micro Inspection Camera (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Allen Bradley .5, 2 hp and 3 hp AC Drives (Located Springfield, NH)

Assets Located in Edison, NJ
  • (2) Fronhofer 40BBL (1240 gallon) S/S Brite Tank, S/N 040B-001 and S/N 040B-002 – 128″ tall x 72-1/4″ diameter, CIP ball & arm, 3″ front sight glass, 12″ diameter top port, 17-1/2″” x 13-1/2 ” oval front cleaning/inspection manhole, Dish bottom, 1-1/2″ center bottom discharge, Thermometer pressure gauge, 10″ diameter mesh basket for adding solids (removable), Adjustable leveling feet, – Manufactured in 2016 – used for only 2 years (Stock #83656) (No Charge for Loading) (Located Edison, NJ)
  • (2) Fronhofer 25BBL (775 gallon) S/S Brite Tanks, S/N 025B-001 and S/N 025B-002 – 119″ tall x 57-1/2″ diameter, CIP ball & arm, 3″ front sight glass, 12″ diameter top port, 17-1/2″” x 13-1/2 ” oval front cleaning/inspection manhole, Dish bottom, 1-1/2″ center bottom discharge, Thermometer pressure gauge, 10″ diameter mesh basket for adding solids (removable), Adjustable leveling feet, Manufactured in 2017 – Used for only 2 years (Stock #83655) (No Charge for Loading) (Located Edison, NJ)

Assets Located in HAMMONTON, NJ
  • Used Scholle TrueFill 900 Fresh 0 Semi-Automatic Bag in Box Filler. 1 Phase 220 V. 60 Hz. Total FLA: 0.32A. Type 1. SN 542. Drawing Ref: 542-000-00000. AB Touch Control Pad. Built 2018 (EX #13960-001) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Used Hobart Model MG1532 Meat Grinder. 150 Pound Hopper Capacity. Double wall construction. 7.5 Hp grind motor. 1 Hp mix motor. Counterbalanced lid. #32 Stay Sharp knife and plates. The mixer-grinder consists of glass bead finished stainless steel hopper, stainless steel panels to enclose the base assembly and motors. The end ring and cylinder are stainless steel. The mixing arm and conveyor screw are tinned. The casters are stainless steel and nickel- chrome plated. (EX #13960-003) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Used 60 gallon stainless steel jacketed mix tank. Perma San Model 60 JOVS. Open top. Flat sloping bottom. Flat cover. Side bottom outlet. 1/3 hp 1 phase 60 cycle 115/208-230 volt 1725 rpm mixer – clamp on. Built by Will Flow. Jacket rated 50 psi @ 300 degrees F. Built 1984. SN NB 4930. (EX #13960-004) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Surplus Used ARENA 330 Shipper Totes – In Use Dimensions: Length 41.5″ (1054mm) Width 44.5″ (1130mm) Height 40.5″ (1029mm) Tare Weight 175 Lbs (79.4kg) Collapsed Dimensions: Length 45″ (1143mm) Width 48″ (1219mm) Height 14.7″ (373mm) Internal Volume 330 gallon (1250 liters) 44.4 cubic feet 78% space utilization (NOTE: Truckload Capacity 44 Full Boxes – stacked 2 high in 45′ trailer – weight of contents/payload not included. Empty Boxes 154 – based on Arena 330 Shippers collapsed in 45′ trailer Four Pocket Dimensions Width 10″ (254mm) Height 3.5″ (89mm) (EX #13959-001) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Used Shelco MicroGuardian filter housings. (1) Model BFS-2SB-2 150 Psi. (1) Model 7FOS3 and Model AT4F-20, 150 psi. Stainless steel (EX #10001) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Mueller Model AT4F-20, 2) Model AT4C-20 75 psi. (EX #10004) and APV Plate Heat Exchangers, Model SR2 M-10, 150 psi. (EX #10005) (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Assets Located in CENTRAL NEW YORK, NY
  • Fitzpatrick Fitzmill, Model: D6A, Serial: 12264, Power Supply 230V, 60Hz, 3Phase, Control Voltage 115 Volts, Blades are Fixed Blunt/Sharp. (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Microfluidics M110EH Microfluidizer. Model: M110EH, Serial: 2010113, 30,000 PSI Maximum Pressure. Chambers: H10Z 100u Diamond, H30Z 200u Ceramic. Video available per request, (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Microfluidics M110P Microfluidizer. Model: 110P, Serial: 2009038, Diamond Interaction Chamber: G10Z 30,000 PSI, Est Dims: 24x36x20. The Table/Cart is not included with the Machine. Video available per request, (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Patterson Kelley 8 Qt Processor. 8 Qt working capacity, 140 Lbs/CFT material density. Shell is jacketed: Ful Vac at 212 Deg F, Maximum Allowable Working Pressure is 30 PSI at 212 Deg F, Has Liquid Solids Intensifier Bar. Comes with Lauda UKT 3000 Chiller. As shown in photos (Located Central New York, NY)
  • (2) Stokes Oscillators – Model: 43-4, Driven by a 1 Hp, 208-230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz Motor. Video available per request, As shown on photos. (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Powerex High Shear Mixer-Granulator, Model: FM-VG-25, 15 Liter Max working capacity. Comes with high shear side chopper, As shown in photos. (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Key International 16 Station Rotary Tablet Press, Model DB-16. Tablets up to 5/8” (16 mm) in diameter. The press is single sided. Rated up to 1000 TPM. This listing is only available to USA Customers only. DEA Paperwork will be filed in accordance with DEA Guidelines. As shown in photos. (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Accutek 6-Head Filler, 110 Volts 80 psi (Located Central New York, NY)
  • BR Instrument Distillation Equipment, High Efficiency (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Chase Logeman Accumulation Table, 30” Rotary Table (Located Central New York, NY)
  • NJM CLI Wrap Around Labeler, Model UNI510E-S009, S/N 63099EA (Located Central New York, NY)

Assets Located in CINCINNATI, OH
  • Creamery Package Approx. 1,000 Gal. S/S Processing Tank, S/N 9808 with Scrape Agitation, Dimensions Approx. 48″ Straight Side and 72″ Inside Diameter (Located Ohio)

Assets Located in Dayton, OH
  • Oden 4-Head Positive Displacement Filler with 200 Gal. Hopper, Jacketed Steam and Steam Box, 12 ft. 4.5″ Wide Track, Fully Programmable – All Pumps Rebuilt and Not Used Since Rebuild, Full Overhaul of All Electronics and Upgrades to All. Loma IQ Metal Detector Attached and Plumed in. 1 hp Ribbon Mixer in Hopper, Fill from 1 oz. to 5 Gal. (Located Dayton, OH)
  • Squid Ink Co Pilot Box Printer, Model CoPilot128A, S/N CPT128A1901004, Year Built 2020 — Squid Ink Co Pilot Box Printer – Comes with mounting hardware, spare ink and mounting stand to mount to conveyor or box taper, Used a few times for one project then stored properly. Ink is oil based so does not make a mess like solvent based inks. Easy to use with the controller as you are able to input data on a flash drive and upload to controller. User then just needs to select product and its ready (Located Dayton, OH)

Assets Located in GLOUSTER, OH (Athens County)
  • Krones Autocol Labeler, Model Autocol 747, S/N 279 with Hot Stamp Coder, Bar Code Reject, High Speed Reloader. There are 5 sets of change parts for round containers ranging in size from 50ml to 500ml bottles. included. AB Controls are All Manuals and Programs are completely upgradeable. (LIKE NEW NEVER INSTALLED) (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
  • Mouvex S/S Pump Head, New, Model SLS 24 (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
  • Raque 9-Head Piston Filler, Model PF1-9 with Traveling Head and Positive Shut-Off Valves, (New Old Stock)(Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
  • Irinox 4-Cart Capacity Aprox. 12 ft. L x 5 ft. W x 7 ft. 4″ H Blast Chillers, Model HCM 602/450 (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
  • Hobart Dishwasher, Model FT900 with Tray Conveyor (Completely Refurbished) (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
  • Cames Cork Sorter, Model P7-15, 480 V, Made in Italy (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County

Assets Located in MORRISVILLE, PA
  • Shakti Single Station Tablet Press. Model: SSP-25, Serial: 57 WO NO-545, 110V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz. Mfg in 2020. Comes with Transformer. This listing is only available to USA Customers only. DEA Paperwork will be filed in accordance with DEA Guidelines. As shown in photos. (Located Morrisville, PA)
  • PCT PowerHoods, Model: Tox-Safe 900. Come with Blowers, 2 Units are in this lot, Price is both units. As shown in photos. (Located Morrisville, PA)
  • Patterson Kelley Blendmaster, Model: Blendmaster, Serial: C422846, 200 Lbs Material Density, comes with 5 Shells, 2 Qt, 4 Qt, 4 Qt, 8 Qt, 16 Qt. 110 Volt, 60 Hz. Stainless Steel Cart is included, As shown in photos. (Located Morrisville, PA)

Assets Located in NEW BRIGHTON, PA
  • Krones VarioJet Rinser, S/N 562-256, 480 Volts, 3 Phase, with Double Door Control Cabinet, with Allen-Bradley PLC & Allen-Bradley VFDs (LOCATED IN NEW BRIGHTON, PA)

Assets Located in CADDO MILLS, TX
  • Blancher, Serial: 02-19475, Year: 2002, Not put into operation until 2015, Capacity: 2,000 Pound Per Hr, Product Bulk Density (wet): 50 lbs/cu.ft., Water Takeup Rate: 2:1, Product Specific Heat: 0.9 Btu/lb-F, Cook Time: 2 Min, Cook Temp: 210F, Makeup Water Temp: 50F, Water Capacity: 355 gal, Water Overflow: 3 gal/min, Steam Pressure: 100 psi, Steam Processing: 1,000 lb/hr. Drive Motor: 1 hp, Screen Perforations: 1/16 dia., Screen Type: 100% Removable, Steam Exhaust: 8″ dia vent stacks at the end of cover, Control: Allen Bradley, Blancher Length: 8′, Water Capacity Gal/ft Length: 38.5, Maximum Water Depth: 18.5″, BTU’s Required: 398,152 (Located Caddo Mills, TX 75135)
  • WS Automation Pressure Sensitive Wrap Bottle Labeler, Model ASD, Serial #JN80176-1, 2015 Year of MFG. with 6″ x 124″ Long Stainless Powered Conveyor, Up to 1 Gallon Wrap Around Application (Round Bottles), Servo Machine, Stainless Construction, Left to Right Product Flow, Capable of running up to 6.5” high labels, 20″ Wrap Belt, Container Spacing Wheel, Container Metering Belts Product Photo Eye, Label Sensor, Variable Speed Controls, Adjustable Guide Rails, Stainless Floor Levelers, Casters, E-Stops, HMI Operator Interface Touch Screen Controls , Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC Controls, Electrical 120 Volt / 50/60 Hz / 1 Phase, Overall Dimensions 150” L x 64” W x 60” H, Condition: – USED, (Located Caddo Mills, TX 75135)

Assets Located in GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
  • Cosmetic Wet Wipe Line (Located Grand Prairie, TX)
  • 2015 Teknoweb Converting Machine for Production of Wet Wipes, Model Exige 2 Suctionless, S/N 10223 with 2015 Ilapak Packing Machine, Model Delta 3000 WW, S/N 0642030014 with robotic lid placer (Located Grand Prairie, TX)

Assets Located in Cabot, VT
  • (2) Cryovac Auto-Baggers, Model CL20, S/N CL02145 and S/N CL02146, Volt 24 DC, Amp 2, Air 6 Bar 58 LM (Located Cabot, VT)
  • 3-Compartment x 135 Gal. S/S Tank CIP System (Located Cabot, VT)
  • APV 2-Section Plate Heat Exchanger, Model R51 – 2-Sindle Frame, Work Order #26442 (Located Cabot, VT)
  • Mueller Plate Heat Exchanger, Model AT80 B20, S/N 363507-1 (Located Cabot, VT)
  • New Rite Hite Gate Keeper #3805411 (Located Cabot, VT)
  • South Bend Precision Lathe, Model A (Located Cabot, VT)

Assets Located in GREEN BAY, WI
  • Koss Industrial Twin Screw 1,000 lb. Direct Steam Injected Cooker, S/N 80001 (Located Green Bay, WI)

Assets Located in HORTONVILLE, WI
  • Johnson Cheese Shredder, Model 9600, All S/S Sanitary Construction, Dual Lane Feed to Handle Up to 40 pound blocks, Each Lane measures 24″ L x 8-1/2″ W x 8-1/2″ (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Blentech S/S Sanitry Batch Steam Cooker, Model SM-4848-PJS, Year Mfg. 2002, Lasted utilized in the food industry, MAWP PSIG 45 at 292 Degree F, MDMT 45 PSIG at -25 Degree, Pressure Jacketed and Live Steam Bottom Injection, Scraped Surface Agitation with Paddles, (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • PMR (Packaging Machinery Resources) Dual Lane Continuous Container Filler, Sealer, Lidder, Model 1300, S/N 20070207, with All S/N Sanitary System, 440 Volt, Allen Bradley Micrologic Controller, Allen Bradley PowerFlex Speed Controller, Allen Bradley Panelview 300 Control Pad (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • BC Cast 800 Gal. S/S Sanitary Dome-Cone Processor, Model BC-PWP800, S/N 19824-17388-14-02, Scraper Agitated, 3-Zone Jacket, 2-Side Zones, 1 Zone Cone, 5 hp, 230/460 V Drive, Single Motion Scrape Agitation (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • CSE S/S Sanitary Steam Injected Screw Cooker / Blancher, Model CCS.2014.W, S/N 85002, Aprox. 20″ Dia. x 14 ft. with Aprox. 20″ Dia. x 14 ft. L Auger, 10 Bottom Steam Injected Ports (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • 200 CU FT Stainless Steel Liquids/Powder Paddle/Ribbon Blender, (111 cu ft capacity to top of agitator arm, Trough measures: 48″W x 96″L x 80″ deep overall, Agitator is 46″ dia with 3-1/2″ wide blades x 3/8″ thick (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Grote S/S Sanitary Slicer/Applicator, Model S/A, We have Many Different Sizes of Tooling for this Slicer; Product Size up to 6″ (152.4 mm) Dia., Slicing Zone – 22″, 30″ or 48″ Wide; Slice Thickness up to .5″ (12.7 mm) standard, up to 1.5″ (38.1 mm) Optional; Slicing Zone Widths 22″ (558.8 mm), 30″ (762 mm), or 40″ (1016 mm); Electrical 200 – 575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase; Water 40- 100 PSI (required with some products) (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Dixie Evolution Thermoformer, Model Evolution, S/N EVO.0211, Mfg. 1998 — System last used in the dairy industry doing cheese (Located Hortonville, WI)

Assets Located in UNION GROVE, WI
  • Gaulin Homogenizer, Model 200E (Rigging Fee $200) (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Aprox. 11″ Deep x 10″ W x 10 ft. L COP S/S Tank with 5 hp Pump (Rigging Fee $150) (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Groen 40 Gal. Kettle with Lightening Air Mixer (Rigging Fee $125) (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Aprox. 24 x 48″ S/S Drain Table (Rigging Fee $75) (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Martin’s Fruit Feeder (Rigging Fee $100) (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • 4″ Flow Divert Valve (Rigging Fee $25) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Assets Located in Napanee, Ontario, Canada
  • Kalish S/S Cottoner Machine, Last Used in Pharma Industry – Complete (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • HI-Bar Filler with Heater, Mixer and Jacketed Tank, Last Used in Food Industry (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Resina Capper with Spare Parts (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Manesty B3B Table Press, Last Used in Pharma Industry, Machine Complete – Surface Rust Only, Turret Turns Very Smoothly (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Hapa Outserter Printer, Last Used in Pharma Industry, Macine Complete (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Promatic Carton Machine, Model AS60, S/N 60038, Last Used in Pharma (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Graco Pump, Model 206455, S/N 700, Ratio 10-1 (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Label-Aire Labeler (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Fluid Bed Dryer S/S Bowl (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Enercon Induction Sealer (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • RBS Shrink Bundler with Heat Tunnel (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • King Electronic S/S Tablet Counter (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • Aprox. 410 Imperial Gallons S/S Tank, 316, Centre 2″ Pipe Connection, Top Manway, Heavy Duty Casters (Located Napanee, Ontario, Canada)
  • JBT automatic “Fresh n Squeeze” citrus press 120v M#pos-1 73009512 (Located Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Juiced Rite Cold Press Hydraulic Juicer, Model JR100, 2017, 200-250 V, Single Phase, 20 A (Located Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Geninox Pneumatic Piston Filler, Model G-21-2, 2018 – Utilized for Liquids (Located Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Benison Neck Bander, Model CH 100 HS, S/N 03101002, Year 2003, Operator with Touchscreen Controls, 220 V, 3 Phase, Pneumatic (Fair Condition) (Located Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • De Laval E600RO 600 Gallon Horizontal Jacketed Tank with Mixer (no motor) (Located Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • MTC 2,500 lb. Bin Dumper with Double Hydraulic Pumps (Electrical 575 V, 3-Phase (Located Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)