Multi-Location Food, Beverage and (1) Tanker Trailer Auction

Multi-Location Food, Beverage and (1) Tanker Trailer Auction

Multiple Locations

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Auction Over


  • Acro 7,000 Gal. Tanker, Model AUGUR (Located Port Junction, IA)


  • Multivac Thermoformer, Model M855 with Spare Parts and Dies (Located Edgerton, KS)
  • Multivac Thermoformer, Model F100 (Located Edgerton, KS)
  • Variovac Rollstock Machine (Located Edgerton, KS)
  • Ulma Rollstock Machine (Located Edgerton, KS)
  • Koch Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer (Located Edgerton, KS)


  • Frautech Centrifugal Separator, Type FREEDOM, Model CA31T, S/N 95108, (Located Bowling Green, KY)
  • Tri-Blender with Weg 7.5 hp S/S Washdown Motor, Model 00736ETCESS213TCFL, 3600 RPM, 213TC Frame Footless (NOTE: Piping Not Included) (Located Bowling Green, KY)


  • 10 cu.ft. S/S Double Ribbon Blender Mixer, Last Used in Food Manufacturing Plant (Located Slidell, LA)


  • IWM Dump Buggy Washer, Model EC20L SP, YOM 2012, UK Made (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Goodway Continous Mixer, S/N QC002-2011, Includes 150 Gal. Batter Holding Tank (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Aprox. 175 litre Jacketed Agitated Slurry Mixer, S/N QC001- 2011, S/S Construction (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Turbo Tools Dough Cutting Table with Tools (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Pallet Turntable Wrapper – As New – Never Installed (SOLD AS IS WHERE IS) (Located Jessup, MD)


  • GE Multilin F35 Feeder Management and Protection Relays (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Yokogawa HR2300 Hybrid Chart Recorder (Located Springfield, NH)
  • HSI – Houston Service Industries 3” Centrifugal Blower (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Fristam 2-1/2” x 2” 30 hp Centrifugal Pump (Located Springfield, NH)
  • ABB Baldor 40 hp Variable Speed Drive (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Allen Bradley 50 hp Ser A PowerFlex DC Drive (Located Springfield, NH)
  • Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Mfg. by Jenkins, Apollo, Nibco (Located Springfield, NH)
  • NPT Zoeller 1-1/2” 153 Series CI Effluent Pump (Located Springfield, NH)


  • Greerco In-Line Colloid Mill, Model W750H with 20 hp XP Motor – Unused (Located Rahway, NJ)
  • Cornell D16 Versator, S/N 9617, S/S Contact Parts (Located Rahway, NJ)


  • Microfluidics M110P Microfluidizer, Model 110P, S/N 2009038 (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Patterson Kelley 8 Qt. Processor (Located Central New York, NY)
  • (2) PerFil Semi-Automatic Powder Fillers, Model MF, S/N 40275 and S/N 40287 (Located Central New York, NY)
  • New England Machine Compact Bottle Unscrambler (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Thermo Electron Checkweigher (Located Central New York NY)
  • Powerex High Shear Mixer – Granulator, Model FM-VG-25, 15 Litre Max. (Located Central New York, NY
  • NJM CLI Labeler, Model UN1510$-S009, S/N 63099EA.1 (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Key International 16-Station Rotary Tablet Press, Model DB-16 (Located Central New New York, NY)
  • MaxAir Portable Dust Collector with Collection Wand (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Sweco 18” Sifters and Screens (Located Central New York, NY)


  • Tenderit Meat Tenderizer, Model 5000 (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Ross Jaccard/Needle Tenderizer, Model TC700 (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Hollymatic Cuber for Patty Machine, Model B (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • (2) Hollymatic Patty Machines, Model 8/65 and Model 518 (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Holac Dicer, Type VA (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Dun Rite Spiral Slicer, Model W-3 (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Hobart Table-Top Slicer, Model 1712 (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Butcher Boy Flaker, Model AU-MF (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Wipe-A-Matic Bone-In Product Cleaner, Model T (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Cryovac Shrink Steam Tunnel, Model 3072C-100 (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • (2) Multivac Thermoformers, Model M855 and Model F100 (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • (2) Rollstock Machines – Mfg. by Variovac and Ulma (Located Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Koch Double Champer Vacuum Sealer


  • McCarter Corp. Dual Compartment Chocolate Mixing Tank, Type RG (Located McKeesport, PA)
  • Blommer Single Compartment Horizontal Jacketed Chocolate Tank (Located McKeesport, PA)


  • Gemco 30 cu.ft. Porta Hopper Tumble Mixer (Located Saegertown, PA)


  • Globe 30 Qt. Mixer, Model SP30 (Located Fort Worth, TX)
  • Hobart Pot & Pan Dishwasher (Located Fort Worth, TX)
  • Perl 6)ST-6-T 6-Head Filler (Located Fort Worth, TX)
  • Titan H-100 Autobagger (Located Fort Worth, TX)
  • Little David Semi-Automatic Case Erector (Located Fort Worth, TX)
  • Sergeant 110CT SGT Combo-II Sys Cap Shrink Wrapping System (Located Fort Worth, TX)
  • Orion Pallet Wrapper, Model 33/0
  • (4) South Palletpal Roll-On Level Loaders (Located Fort Worth, TX
  • (2) Vestil Tilt Masters, Model TM-20-DC (Located Fort Worth, TX)


  • Fitzpatrick 10 hp S/S Delumper/Crusher, 230/460 V, Dual Shaft 6” Dia. Rolls x 12’ L, System Mounted on Carbon Steel Portable Frame (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Loma Metal Detector, S/S Sanitary Unit, Aprox. 6” W x 3” H Apparature Opening, 5” W Belt, Air Blast Reject, Touchpad Controls (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Aprox. (2) S/S Sanitary Ribbon Blending Hoppers/Tanks, Aprox. 330 cu.ft. /2,500 Gal. (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Aprox. 2” Dia. S/S Sanitary Screw Feeder x 48” L x 40” Discharge Height Variable with Hopper with Bin Vibrator (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • All S/S 8 ft. COP Tank, Aprox. 213 Gal. Dual Bottom Spray Tubes (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Johnson Cheese Shredder, Model 9600, All S/S Sanitary Construction, Dual Lane Feed to Handle Up to 40 pound blocks, (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Blentech S/S Sanitry Batch Steam Cooker, Model SM-4848-PJS, Year Mfg. 2002, Pressure Jacketed and Live Steam Bottom Injection, Scraped Surface Agitation with Paddles, (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • PMR (Packaging Machinery Resources) Dual Lane Continuous Container Filler, Sealer, Lidder, Model 1300, S/N 20070207 (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • CSE S/S Sanitary Steam Injected Screw Cooker / Blancher, Model CCS.2014.W, S/N 85002 (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • 200 CU FT Stainless Steel Liquids/Powder Paddle/Ribbon Blender (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Grote S/S Sanitary Slicer/Applicator, Model S/A (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Dixie Evolution Thermoformer, Model Evolution, S/N EVO.0211 (Located Hortonville, WI)


  • (2) 2008 Multivac Flow Wrappers, Model R535 – with RH Configuration, 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 100 psi (Located Little Chute, WI)
  • Assorted Spare Parts consisting of Vacuum Pumps, Heating Plates, Bar Sealing Vac, Pin Locking, Support Bracket, Cylinders, Idler Sprocket, Assembly Roller, VFD, Eye Laser, Plug Dies, Kit Repair, Kit Seal, Wheel Cogs, Etc.


  • Manesty Model B Unipress 27-Station Tablet Press, S/N 15712, 230 Volt, 3 Phase (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Broderson Carry Deck Crane, Model IC 80 1D, S/N 131716, Propane, 35 Foot Boom with Jib (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Stainless Steel Drain Table 24 x 48 inch (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • 4” Flow Divert Valve (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • 100 Gallon S/S Tank 30” dia x 53” tall (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • COP Tank with 5 hp Pump (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • (2) Anderson AJ 300 Chart Recorders (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Garver Electrifuge, S/N 12602 (Located Union Grove, WI)