Multi-Location Food and Beverage Equipment Auction

Multi-Location Food and Beverage Equipment Auction

Multiple Locations

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  • Sure Gas Fryer, Model SR-CF4500, Voltage 230V (Located Denver, CO)


  • Fedco Peerless Piston Filler, Model PF10-CA, S/N 210157 (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Food Tools Round Cake Slicer, Model CS-1ACE (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Double Vibratory Scale with Double-Linear Vibration Feeders (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • APV 300 Gal. Round Likwifier (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Breddo 100 Gal. Square S/S Likwifier (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • APV Crepaco 1000 Gal. Steam Jacketed Mixing Tank (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • APV Crepaco 1000 Gal. Processing Mixing Tank (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Paul Mueller Aprox. 500 Gal. Cone-Bottom Processor (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Walker 500 Gal. S/S Processing Mixing Tank (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Feldmeier 1,600 Gal. 316L S/S Tank (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Groen 500 Gal. S/S Kettle (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Groen 250 Gal. S/S Dual Agitation Jacketed Kettle (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Arron Aprox. 60 cu.ft. S/S Double Ribbon Blender Mixer (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Gaulin 5000 GPH, Aprox. 2000 psi Head TPS Homogenizer, Model MC75 (Located Hialeah, FL)
  • Hamilton 200 Gal. Kettle
  • Hamilton 150 Gal. Kettle


  • Evergreen Gable Top Carton Filler, Model Q112/150 for ½ Pint, Pint and Quart Standard Cartons (Located Lake Wales, FL)
  • Sweco Single Deck Sifter/Separator, Model ZS30S86 (Located Lake Wales, FL)
  • APV 150 Gal. Likwifier (Located Lake Wales, FL)
  • Cherry Burrell 1,000 Gal. Dome-Top Processor (Located Lake Wales, FL)
  • (3) 40 ft. Containers (Located Lake Wales, FL)


  • World Cup 11-Station Rotary Filler, Lidder (Located Carrollton, GA)
  • World Cup 8-Station Rotary Filler, Lidder (Located Carrollton, GA)
  • Rietz S/S Dual Auger Mixer (Located Carrollton, GA)
  • Hobart VCM Model VCM120 F, Stephan (Located Carrollton, GA)
  • Groen 60 Gal. S/S Kettle (Located Carrollton, GA)
  • (3) Single Lane Fillers with Lidding Area
  • 2012 International 26 ft. Refrigerated Box Truck (Located Carrollton, GA)
  • 2012 International Truck Tractor (Located Carrollton, GA)


  • IFP Packer with Shrinker (Located Dixon, IL)
  • UF System 250 Gal. Ballast Tank (Located Dixon, IL)
  • Pasteurizer 5400 Gal. Per Hr. with Ballast Tank (Located Dixon, IL)
  • Westfalia Separator, Model SIH 10007 (Located Dixon, IL)
  • Kalish Unscrambler, Model 7440 (Located Dixon, IL)
  • APV 20 hp S/S Pumps, Model 35/55 (Located Dixon, IL)


  • Frautech Centrifugal Separator, Type FREEDOM, Model CA31T, S/N 95108, Mfg. Year 1996 (Located Bowling Green, KY)


  • 2015 Toyota 6,000 lb. Capacity Electric Forklift (Located Lexington, KY)


  • Goodway Continuous Mixer with 175 Litre Batter Holding Tank (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Rondo Cross Pinner (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Bakon Transfer Pump (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Deighton Formatic R3000 180 Machine (Located Jessup, MD)
  • ABM Hamburger Patty Formers, Model F2000 (Located Jessup, MD)
  • ABM Biro F3000 Burger Patty Machine (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Aprox. 175 Litre Capacity Slurry Mixer, S/N QC001-2011 (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Sinmag Rouind SM5-30 Manual Dough Divider (Located Jessup, MD)
  • Foodtools CS-8 Horizontal Cake Slicer (Located Jessup, MD)


  • APV Crepaco 2,000 Gal. Capacity Single Wall S/S Dome-Top Tank, Model CCA, S/N K-2210 (Located Avon, MA)
  • (2) Crown Super Cemac 72-Head Liquid Fillers with Crown 15-Head Bottle Crimp Cappers (Located Avon, MA)


  • Used Fitzpatrick Chilsonator. Model IR520 (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Used Houno Model KPE-Gas 2.20 Oven (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Used Silverson LR4 Lab Mixer with No Head (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Used Shick Tube-Veyor Centrifugal Sifter – S/S Sifting Screen (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • Used Waukesha Sanitary S/S Positive Displacement Pumps, Model 30 and 015, (Located Hammonton, NJ)
  • APV and SPX 5hp Centrifugal Pumps (Located Hammonton, NJ)


  • Microfluidics M110P Microfluidizer, Model 110P (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Microfluidics M110EH-30K Microfluidizer (Located Central New York, NY)
  • New England Machine Compact Bottle Unscrambler (Located Central New York, NY)
  • STI Model 10 Semi-Automatic Capsule Filler (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Patterson Kelley 2 cft Twin Shell V-Blender with Pin Bar (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Paul O Abbe 10 CTF Ribbon Blender, Model RB10 (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Key International KG5 High Shear Bench Top Mixer (Located Central New York, NY)
  • SPX APV 1000 Homogenizer (Located Central New York, NY)
  • QH Bake QH-20’s Kitchen Systems Batch Mixer (Located Central New York, NY)
  • Donaldson Cyclone 20 Dust Collector (Located Central New York, NY)


  • CVC300 Wrap-Around Sensitive Labeler with HMI 6.5 System (Located Deer Park, NY)
  • CVC300 Wrap-Around Sensitive Labeler with HHT System (Located Deer Park, NY)
  • CVC1103 Pouched Desiccant Inserter (Located Deer Park, NY)
  • Pharma Pack Pouched Desiccant Inserter (Located Deer Park, NY)


  • Hobart 190 Qt. Spiral Mixer, Model HF270, S/N 80-001439 (Located Ithaca, NY)


  • Vacuum Vane-Quantified Filling Machine includes Busch Vacuum Pump (Located Cleveland, OH
  • Multivac Thermosealing Machine, Model Multivac T255 (Located Cleveland, OH)
  • Automatic Stretch S/S Film Wrapper (Located Cleveland, OH)
  • YES Food Machinery Mixer Grinder (Located Cleveland, OH)
  • Talsa Sausage S/S Stuffer (Located Cleveland, OH)
  • Automatic S/S Hamburger Forming Machine (Located Cleveland, OH)
  • Groen S/S Kettle on Wheels (Located Cleveland, OH)
  • Kolpak Walk-in Freezer (Located Cleveland, OH)


  • Walker 4,750 Gal. Capacity Stainless Tanker, S/N BPC-9818, S/S Construction (Located Broken Arrow, OK)


  • Koss Inc. S/S Cheese Cooker, S/N 5APR1996 (Located Irwin, PA)


  • LANTECH C-2000 Case Erector (Located Charleston, SC)
  • WEPACKIT Case Erector (Located Charleston, SC)
  • PADLOCKER Case Erector with Nordson 3500 Hot Melt Glue (Located Charleston, SC)
  • KHS BARTELT Carton Erector with Nordson ProBlue 7 Hot Melt Glue (Located Charleston, SC)
  • ECONOCORP Spartan Automatic Cartoner (Located Charleston, SC)
  • DOBOY Tray Former with Nordson 3400 Hot Melt Glue (Located Charleston, SC)
  • DELKOR Dual-Mandrel Tray Former with Nordson 3100 Hot Melt Glue (Located Charleston, SC)
  • BRADMAN LAKE Dual-Mandrel Tray Former for Self-Locking Trays (Located Charleston, SC)
  • KLIKLOK Dual-Madrel Tray Former with Glue Seal (Located Charleston, SC)
  • AE RANDLES Tray Former for Self-Locking Trays; Model 16-26 (Located Charleston, SC)
  • SPMC Tray Former for Self-Locking Trays; Model TE700VF DOUBLELOCK (Located Charleston, SC)
  • MASSMAN Bliss Box Side Tab Sealer with Nordson Hot Melt Glue (Located Charleston, SC)
  • OMEGA SL-18 Shrink Bundler and Heat Tunnel (Located Charleston, SC)
  • ARPAC Shrink Bundler with product upstacker (Located Charleston, SC)


  • Kaps-All 4-Quill Capper (Located Carrollton, TX)
  • (2) All-Fill Fillers, Model B-350E (Located Carrollton, TX)


  • Aprox. 500 Gal. S/S Single Wall Mix Tank (Located Edinburg, TX)


  • NuTec 745 Vacuum Stuffer, S/N 745.05.728 (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • 2013 VEMAG S/S Vacuum Stuffer, M/N HP25E, S/N 1640505, with S/S Hopper (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • 2017 Holac Slicer, Type: sect 230 TC, S/N 270-00-89 (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • Webber S/S Slicer (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • S/S Hydraulic Tote Dump, with Friesen’s S/S Hopper with Auger Elevator, S/N 79418L (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • Kliklok S/S Tray Packer, M/N KFCWT, S/N 904-SS (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • Bosch Flow Wrapper, M/N Pack 101, S/N 17-34512 (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • (2) Combi Case Erectors, with Hytrol Outfeed Conveyors (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • Markem 5000 Series Coding System, with Conveyor (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)
  • S-Type Conveyor, Mounted on Portable Frame, with Other Straight Sections of S/S Conveyor (Located Ft. Atkinson, WI)


  • Mepaco 250 lb. Capacity S/S Sanitary Dual Shaft Paddle Blender (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Grote S/S Sanitary Slicer/Applicator, Model S/A (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Dixie Evolution Thermoformer, Model Evolution (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Blentech S/S Sanitary Batch Steam Cooker, Model SM-4848-PJS (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Bosch Doboy Stratus Flow Wrapper (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Vemag Robby All S/S Sanitary System (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Mepaco S/S Sanitary 9” Dia. Incline Screw Conveyor (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • CSE S/S Sanitary Steam Injected Screw Cooker/Blancher, Model CCS.2014 (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Waukesha Cherry Burrell Thermutator, Model 624DE (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Hoppman Centrifugal Bottle Feeder, Model FT/40 (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Food Process Systems S/S Sanitary Box Fillers (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • PMR (Packaging Machinery Resources) Dual Lane Continuous Container filler, Sealer, Lidder, Model 1300 (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • 200 cu.ft. S/S Liquids/Powder Paddle/Ribbon Blender (Located Hortonville, WI)
  • Treif CE Compact Slicer, Type 2451 (Located Hortonville, WI)


  • APV 330 Gal. Likwifier – 316L S/S (Located Mt. Pleasant, WI)
  • REB IVS-6 Head Hot Fill Piston Filler (Located Mt. Pleasant, WI)


  • Pack Line Cup Filler, Model PAO-Q4, S/N PL810297 – Capable of 1 oz. to 6 oz. Filling Paper & Plastic Cups (Located Oconomowoc, WI)


  • Quincy 30 Screw Air Compressor, Model 0SB32AGA32SQ, S/N 90884J, Air Cooled (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Quincy Screw Air Compressor, Water Cooled (Located Union Grove, WI)
  • Sullair LS-10 Screw Air Compressor, Air Cooled (Located Union Grove, WI)


  • Tromp Bakery Line Multi-Purpose S/S Combines Dough and Flour Depositin (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Fogg Filling Line with Bottle Unscrambler, Conveyor Filler, Cap Elevator, Sorter, Fogg 36-10 Monoblock Filler Capper (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Hobart Mixer, Model Legacy HL 1400N (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Walker Likwifier (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Breddo 125 Gal. Likwifier, Model LDT (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Shanklin Sealed Air Wrapper, Model F7AC (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Labeler Label Star by Capmatic Model Syste 2/1 T-100 (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Capmatic Sortstar Automatic (Compact) Plastic Bottle Unscrambler, Model SORTSTAR (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Capmatic Capper/Labeler Alpha CL Singl Index Rotary Chuck Capper (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Urschel Model Shredder CC-D S/S Slicer, Strip Cutter, Shredder (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Urschel Dicer, Model RA-D (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Tri-Blender System Tri-Clover Blender, Model 328MD (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)
  • Gruenberg Tray Granulation Steam Oven, Model T18H8361SSD (Located Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada)