Court Ordered: Bishop Metals Fabrication Shop Forced Liquidation Auction

Court Ordered: Bishop Metals Fabrication Shop Forced Liquidation Auction

422 Hays Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Auction Over

Shear Presses

  • Accurpress 175 Ton Shearpress, M/N 717512, S/N 4539, w/ 20 hp Motor, Bed Length: 12 ft., 230 Volts, 3 Phase, Hyd. Oil Pressure: 3800, DOM: 10/1997 (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Accurpress Shearpress, M/N 625012, S/N 2365, Cap Thickness M.S. 0.25, Cut Length: 12, Oil Press. 3500, Min. Clearance: 0.002, Control Voltage: 24 (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Iron Rack with Shearpress Die, Assorted Sizes Ranging from 24”L – 12 ft. L, Includes Iron Rack (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Iron Portable Cart with Shearpress Die, Assorted Sizes Ranging from 6” – 4 ft. L, Includes Iron Portable Cart (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)

Machine Shop Equipment

  • MegaPunch Metal Punch, S/N G 13P E518- 359, Maximum Material Capacity 1/4” Thick (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • GMC Heavy Duty Bending Roll, with (3) S/S Rolls, Aprox. 5 ft. L Rolls, with Foot Control Station (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Delta 10” Contractor’s Table Saw, S/N 92L75089, 115 Volts, 1 Phase, with Delta 1-1/2 hp Motor, with Safety Guard (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Pedrazzoli Super Brown 350 Cold Saw, with Angle Adjustments & Blade (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Delta Circular Chop Saw, S/N 121424, with 3 hp Motor (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Shepard Niles Electric Hoist, Type: H25, S/N FNN131, 230 Volts, with 3 hp Motor, with Coffing Hoist 5-Ton Trolley (Note: Does Not Include Cross Beam) (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Burr King Vertical Sander, with Dayton 2 hp Motor, 115/ 230 Volts, 1 Phase (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Hypertherm PowerMax350 Plasma Cutter, No. 070050, S/N 350-019615, 115 Volts (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)

Welding & Hand Tools

  • Miller Syncrowave 300 Welder, AC/DC Gas Tungsten Arc or Shielded Metal Arc Welding Power Source, with Coolmate 4 Water Coolant System (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Assorted Hand Tools

Material Handling & Rolling Stock

  • Datsun 6,000 lb. Sit-Down Propane Forklift, M/N FG006, S/N 6023, Fork Length: Aprox. 130” L, with Double Stage Mast, Engine Model: FG006, with 1,313 Hrs. (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Pick-Up Truck, VIN #: 1GCHK24U75E153345, with S/S Rack, 2-Seat Cab (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • (4) Single Wall Steel Dumpster Tote, Overall Dims. Aprox. 4 ft. 5” L x 32” W x 26” Deep (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)

Shop Support

  • Emglo 25 hp Air Compressor, M/N T, S/N B01196152, with Marathon Motor 1725 RPM, 230/460 Volts, 3 Phase (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • Double Door Flammable Cabinet, Overall Dims. Aprox. 4-1/2 ft. L x 15” W x 5-1/2 ft. H (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)

Assorted Metals

  • Lot of Assorted (4) Rails, Aprox. 13 ft. L, with Assorted Sheet Metal & Sheets of Wood (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)
  • (2) 15-Slot Steel Sheet Metal Rack with Assorted Sheet Metal, Overall Dims. of Rack: Aprox. 6 ft. 8” L x 4 ft. 2” W x 6 ft. 10” H, Metals Include Sheets Aluminum, Some Colored Pieces, Assorted Quantity (LOCATED IN PITTSBURGH, PA)