Water Processing Assets in Florida


Due to unforeseen circumstances, this sale will not occur as previously scheduled. Offers for major items may be considered. Please contact Thomas Paulone at 412-521-5751 or info@mdavisgroup.com should you have any questions.

Ozone Injection System

„Ozone Injection System, with ____ Gal. S/S Vertical Tank, Mounted on S/S Legs with 25 hp Centrifugal Pump, 1760 RPM

Millipore Water Filtration System

„„Millipore (2) Filter Water Filtration System, Cat. No.:  CES 4446, 150 PSI @ 225 F and Cat. No.:  CES4632 150 PSI @ 300 F

Ozonia Water Skid

„AC Ozone Generator Unit, Pre-Rinse Osmonics Ozone Generator

Ozonia Water Skid

„Ozonia Skid, with Aprox. 200 Gal. S/S Holding Vessel, with 15 hp Centrifugal Pump (NOTE:  Supports Bottle Washer)

5-Gallon Jug Pre-Rinse

„5-Gallon Jug Pre-Rinse Station Mounted on Conveyor, with SuperDos Pump with (8) Head Spray Down Unit

Custom Metal Stacker

Custom Metal Design Stacker, Job No.: 4287, Drawing Ref. B-6148, with 41803.5 hours

Triple S Water Heater

„Triple S S/S Hot Water System, Mounted on S/S Skid (NOTE:  Supports to the Bottle Washer)

Harmony Vertical Baler

„Harmony Vertical Baler, M/N M60STD, S/N 601919STD, 480 Volts

S/S Cross Over Stairs

„„(2) S/S Conveyor Cross Over Stairs, Assorted Sizes, with Stairs and Hand Rails