The Erlin Co.—Real Estate & Equipment Auction


: 5578 PA-981, Latrobe, PA 15650

REAL ESTATE TERMS:  We require 10% of winning bid the day of the auction and that the buyer sign an agreement indicating a 30-day close on the Real Estate. Please contract our office for further details 412-521-5751.

REMOVAL INFO:  Buyers may do their own removal. If assistance is needed please contact Michael MacDonald, Owner of Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship at 724-382-5147 or

INSPECTION INFO: By appointment on Friday, December 1.  Please call Thomas Paulone at 412-521-5751 to schedule your appointment to inspect.


A 9-Iron Away” Across from Arnold Palmer Regional Airport!

  • Many Easy Alternative Uses!!!
    • Located Directly Across from Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
    • Frontage to Rt. 981
    • 1/4 Mile from U.S. Rt. 30
    • 2.3 Miles from Saint Vincent College
  • 3/4 Total Acreage 
  • (2) Buildings Totaling Aprox. 4,100 Sq. Ft. 
    • Building A:  Aprox. 2,400 Sq. Ft.
      • Lab, Shop, and Office Space
      • Single Story
      • Slab-On Grade Building
    • Building B:  Aprox. 1,700 Sq. Ft.
      • 2-Story Building with Basement and Attic
      • Offices
    • Spacious Parking Lots 
    • (2) Storage Sheds 



Sample Cutting 

  • Sprague & Henwood Coring Machine, M/N MDS780, S/N 323, with Milwaukee Drill, 10″ Cap., Cat No. 4034, 120 Volts, 900/450 RPM, S/N 0005589907, with (16) Boxes of High Performance Diamond Core Barrels by Blazer and Pitt Industrial, Ranging from 2″-6 1/4″
  • Buehler/Great Western Lapro 18″ Slab Saw, Cat No. 11-1135-160U1, S/N 357-118-165, with Vise and Slide Rails, with Safety Enclosure, Mounted on Portable Frame
  • MK-101 10″ Slab Saw, with 1 hp Saw Duty TE Motor, 115/230 Volts, Mounted on Portable Cart, 16″ L x 10″ W Material Table, with (4) Spare Blades
  • Frantom 24″ Slab Saw, M/N F5624X.075, S/N 70119 COMP.IHP MOTO, with Safety Enclosure, Mounted on Portable Frame
  • Isomet 1000 Precision Wafering Saw, Cat No. 11-2180, S/N 495-IPS-0123, 85-264 Volts, with Safety Enclosure
  • Buehler Cut-Off Saw, Cat. No. 10-114, S/N 240-B-1365
  • Buehler Handimet Grinder, with Grit 240, 320, 400, 600, Cat. No. 39-1470, S/N 242-HG-5060

Featured Item–Bleuler-Mill

  • Bleuler-Mill, M/N NAEF, Fab No. 1789, 1000 RPM, E-240 V, with Sepor Sound Proof Enclosure


  • Logitech Precision Lapping & Polishing Machine, M/N PM2A, S/N 347-88, 110 Volts, with Safety Enclosure, and Large Assortment of Operating Parts Including Vacuum Pump, Specium Plate Press, Weights, and Other Parts
  • Highland Park Lapping Machine, M/N 18T, S/N 18T7917, with 18″ Dia. Plate, Mounted on Portable Frame
  • Highland Park Lapping Machine, with 18″ Dia. Plate, Mounted on Portable Frame
  • Lapping Machine Magnetic Grit Attachments, Ranging from 60-1200 Grit Levels
  • Buehler Ecomet Polisher/Grinder, Cat No. L9-1502, S/N 204-M-555, with 8″ Dia. Plate, 115 Volts, with (3) Magnetic Grit Covers Ranging from 3,000-50,000 Grit Levels

Additional Lab Items 

  • Fisher Scientic Isotemp Oven, M/N 750F, S/N 902N0020, 120 Volts, (5) S/S Wire Shelving, with (12) S/S Pans 17″ L x 12″ W, Mounted on Portable Cart
  • Blue M Magni Whirl S/S Water Bath, Internal Dims.: 36″ L x 17 1/2″ W x 11″ Deep
  • OHAUS Digital Platform Scale, with 12″ L x 12″ W S/S Platform and Digitial Read Out
  • Mettler Toledo AE200 Digitial Scale, with Sliding Glass Enclosure, AND Mettler Toledo PM4000 Digitial Scale
  • Humboldt Length Comparators, with Digitial Indicators
  • Buehler Lapping/Polishing Machine, Cat No. 41-1500-160, S/N 255-N-3672, with 8″ Dia. Plate
  • Sybron/Thermolyne Hot Plate, Type 2200, 12″ L x 12″ W Surface Area
  • Fisher Scientific S/S Water Bath, M/N FS20, 6″ L x 5″ W x 4″ Deep
  • Wilson/Tukon Micro-Hardness Tester, with Attached Vise
  • SoilTest S/S Sifting Screens, with Brass Frames, 1.18mm-37.50mm Aperture, 8″ Dia.
  • Assorted Lab Glassware, Includes Cylinders, Beakers, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Plates, and Other Glassware
  • Blue M Lab-Heat Muffle Furnance, M/N M30A-1, S/N 459, Temp. Range 66C – 1000C, 220-240 Volts


  • RJ Lee Instruments Ltd. Scanning Electron Microscope, S/N 04377;10043, with Agilent Tech Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump, M/N EXIDP3B11
  • Meiji Microscope, S/N 85971, Magnification Range: 4x-40x
  • Nikon Microscope, M/N SMZ-2T, with R.J. Lee Instruments Stand, S/N 05950009, AND EMT Microscope, S/N 25982
  • Nikon Microscope, S/N 90668 AND Leitz Microscope
  • Meiji and Swift Stereo Microscopes, Mounted on Adjustable Booms

Machine Shop 

  • Craftsman 15″ Drill Press, with Vise
  • Power Tools
  • Lot of Assorted Tooling, Includes Screw Drivings, C-Clamps, Extension Cords, Hammers, Wrenches, and Other Present Tools on Wall of Shop Area

X-Ray Machine 

  • Rigaku Geigerflex X-Ray Diffractometer, Cat. No.: 4012A1, S/N C2899N

Furniture and Fixtures 

  • S/S Top Lab Table, with (1) Bottom Shelf, Table Top Dims.: 113″ L x 47″ W x 40″H
  • Lab Counters
  • Hood Systems
  • Office Furniture
  • Meeting and Lunch Tables
  • and much more!!