January R&D & Lab Equipment Auction

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2300 Palmer Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Gas Chromaographs (GC) & Related 

HP HP6890 Gas Chromatograph Model G1530A with Auto Sampler; Varian 3410 Gas Chromatograph; Gerstel PFC 1/110V Preparative Fraction Collector; (3) Gerstel 505 Controllers

HPLC Accessories

Flux Instruments Rheos 2000 LC/MS Quaternary Pump; Waters Automatic Sample Injection System Model 712; Waters Prep LC 4000 Sample Injection Unit; Waters RCM 25 x 10 Prep Cartridge Module; Lichrosorb HPLC Columns; Advanced 650 Protein Purification System

Lab Mill / Grinders / Presses

Brinkman Retsch ZM1 Ultra Centrifugal Mill; Brinkman RMO Retsch Mortar Grinder; Thomas Lab Mill; Assorted Lab Test Presses Including CNC Lab Pneumatic Press


Beckman Model DU640 Spectrophotometer; Perkin Elmer 1600 FTIR Spectrophotometer; Beckman DU-7 Spectrophotometer


Shimadzu RF-1501


Brinkman Tuttnauer 2540E Centrifuge; Napco 8000-DSE Centrifuge; Clay Adams Safeguard D-4833 Centrifuge; Fisher Scientific 26KMR Benchtop Refrigerated Centfifuge; Carl Padnerg Type LE Bench Top Centrifuge; Dupont RC-5 Refrigerated Centrifuge; Beckman SW60 Centrifuge Rotor


(5)  Mettler Toledo Titrators Model DL25, 797 & 764-50

Lab Mixers & Pumps

(13) Lightnin, Dupont, GK Heller, Carter, Talboys, Fisher Scientific Assorted Lab Mixers; Custom S/S Lab Mixer System; American Lewa FC3 Metering Pump System

Hot Plates / Stirrers, Shakers & Block Heater / Coolers  

Over (20) Hot Plates by Labline, Scientific Products, Fisher & American Scientific, Maxi Mixers, IKA & Others; Scientific Indus. SI-1100 Roto-Shake; Lab Line Multi Wrist Flask Shaker; Centaur TC5 Thermo Cool Block Heater / Cooler

Moisture Testing  

Decagon Soil Moisture Tester Model CX-1; Biolog Absorbance Tester; Dried Fruit Tester

Cell Testing  

Bio Rad Cell Prep Unit Model Rotofor Prep IEF Cell; Branson 350 & Sonic 16-850 Cell Disrupters; Sonics VC600 Vibra Cell Homogenizer

Auto Sampling  

Alcott 732; LKB 7000 Ultrarac Fraction Collector; Isco Foxy AIM 1250


(2) Tekmer STO-400


Celsis Advance Luminometer

Microscope Camera Equipment  

Includes Zeiss M35F Camera, 476057 Camera Attachment, 476012-9901 Lens, MC63 & 392903-9901 Controllers; Nikon Lab Camera Accessories Including D-2217 Transformer, D-2216 Lense, HB-10101AF Lamp Power Supply; Photommetrics Sensys KAF1400-G2 CCD Camera, DI 3CCD T45C Lense, (3) MTI CCD Camera System with Lens; Other Additional Camera Accessories Including Olympus TH4-100 Halogen Lamp Power Supply; Sony CMA-8 Camera Adapter; Leitz Microscope Power Supply Cat#  050-262; Reichert-Jung 150 Watt Variable Lamp Source Cat #1177; Photo Indus. 150 Arkay Professional Dark Room Drum Dryer; Assortment of Polaroid Accessories

Temp Controllers & Thermometers  

Assortment of Temp Chart Recorders by Cole Palmer, J-Kem, Therm-o-Watch, Koch & Others

Elect. & Other Testing    

Including Fluke 45 Multi Meter; Instek Freq. Counter Model GFC-8010H; American Reliance AR-280CA Clamp Meter, Simson 461-2 Multimeter; (5) Vacuum Meters by J-Kem, Sargent, Welch; Millipore psi Tenser; (2) Cole Palmer & Ametek RPM Testers; (2) I2R Liquid Level Infared Sensors; Ace Glass AC Amp Tester; Bird Trueline 4314 Wattmeter, Myron DS Meter, Rapid Amp Meter, Pharmacia VH-1 Volt Hr Meter; Bruel & Kjaer 4426 Noise Level Analyzer; Wavetek 1062 Freq. Meter; UV Light Meter; NWB 3M 6514 Petrifilm Plate Scanner

Lab Scales   

Mettler Toledo PM4000, (3) Mettler & Sartorius PJ3600, PJ300 & BA110S Digital Scales

Water Baths   

Over (30) Assorted Water Baths by Blue M, Branson, Fisher Scientific, Precision, Lab-Line, Yamato, Lauda, Forma Scientific, American & Others – Some Like New!!

Lab Ovens / Furnaces   

Lindberg Model 51794 Lab Oven; Lab-Line Model 3511 Lab Oven; CEM AVC 80 Microwave; National Carousel Furnace

Vacuum Ovens & Vacuum Pumps   

National Vacuum Oven Model 5851-9; Lab-Line Duo Model 3620ST; Fisher Scientific 280; Various Pumps by Sargebt / Welch, Leybold, Fisher & Others

Environmental Chambers   

Cincinnati Sub Zero Model Z-16-2-H/AC

Gas Monitors & Regulators   

Includes  – Sierra Flo Box Air Monitor, Model 905C-T4; Instrumentation Laboratory C02 Monitor, Model IL-200; Orion Ionalyzer, Model 407; Hastings Model 200 Nitrogen Detector; Gilmont Accucal Gauge, Model GF-4540; Over (10) Linde & Other Assorted Gas Regulators, Western Manifold Controller & More

Over (10) Power Supplies, Timers & Speed Controllers   

Including: Xantrex XHR60-18 DC Power Supply; Statco Powerstat Trasformers, Timers & More; (7) Fisher Scientific, GKH, Thermolyne, Cole Palmer Speed Controllers; Bio Rad Power Pac HV Power Supply

Other Assorted Lab Equipment   

Including Rheon 3NVL10X Double Dual Filling Pump Feeder; New Brunswick S/S Reaction Chamber; MFC 110T Micro Fluidizer; 16” D x 8” W S/S Jacketed Kettle; Haake Viscometer Model VT-24; PH Testers & Ionizers by Orion, Beckman & Fermentation; Foto/Phoresis UV Transilluminator Model 1-1430 & Fotodyne Volt Meter; Pharmacia LKB 2138 & SII UV Detectors; Assorted Gilson Equipment Including FC 203B Fraction Collector, Gilson Pump, LC 111 Detector; SMS SMS TA-XT2 Surface Measurement System; OI Analytical GPC Autoprep 2000; Bio-Rad Ultramark Microplate Imaging System; Biolog MicroStation E-Max Precision Microplate Reader; Alltech Evaporative Light Scattering Detector; Glas-Col Dry Powder Rotator / Mixer; Brabender Type E Type 802720 Viskograph; (3) Viscotesters Including (2) Haake VT180 & Brookfield RVT; Radiomatic Radio Chromatography Detector; Gilson Fracton Instruments; Symatec Dry Powder Diffraction Sensor; Microcal Scanning Calorimeter Model MC-2; Cober Lab Microwave; Packard 5000 Series Minaxi Gama Counter; ED-1-BP Electro Dialysis Cell Filter; Fisher Scientific DMA7 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer; U.S. Stoneware Power Rollers; Omnion  Oxidative Stability Analyzer; Barnstead D2 Filter System;  (2) Glove Box Systems; Sarvant Envir. Speed Vac Unit Model AES2010-220; Stacks 234S-5 Sampler System; Micro Moist Berthold LB-354-1 Microwave Moisture Analyzer; Wilco Precision Leak Detector; Jasco J-20A Spectropolarimeter; Jun-Air 2000-40MD Air Compressor; Stephan Model 2000-40MD Lab Chopper; Standard Jet Spray Cleaning System; Assorted Autoclave Accessories; Assortment of RadioMaster Test Equipment Including Titrators & More; Assortment of Brinkman Lab Test Equipment Including Dosimats & More; Assortment of Mettler Lab Test Equipment Including PH Sensors & More; Chart Recorders by Omega, Taylor & Others; Desiccant Chambers; Lab Mortars & Pestles; Lab Supplies Including Pipette Tips & More; Other Lab Test Equipment

Lab Glassware & Related   

Assortment of Lab Glassware Including Beakers, Flasks, Culture Tubes, Syringes, Hydrometers Other Assorted Apparatus by Fisher, Ace, Gelman, Pope & Others; (5) American Scientific & GCA & Other Lab Lift Stands; Bunsen Burners; (9) Assort. Flask Stands with Accessories; Large Assortment of Glas-Col & Other Glass Heating Mantles & More