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FEATURED AUCTION  |  ONLINE ONLY  |  March 23 – April 27, 2016
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Krones Variopac Pro

2013 Krones Variopac Multi-Packer, S/N KR96452, Previously Ran 24, 32, 35 and 40 half Nested Packages, Printed Film, Previous Top-Speed of 60 CPM on 24 Pack, 460/266V (Located in Denver, CO)

KHS Labeler

2005 KHS Ankers Cut-and-Stack Labeler, S/N 140/05/415R, Previosuly Ran 8oz, 10oz, .5L, 1.5L Standard Wrap Around Labels, 8oz: 35mm x 208mm // 1.5L: 76mm x 289mm, Approx 650 BPM, Single Aggregate, 480V, 60 Hz (Located in Hamburg, PA)

Krones Variopac Pro

2011 Krones Variopac Pro Multi-Packer, S/N KR96232, Previously Ran .5L x 24pk Nested, .5Lx 32pk Nested, .5L x 35pk Nested, .5L x 40pk Nested, 8oz x 24pk Nested, 8oz x 32pk Nested, Printed and Clear Film, Rated 70 CPM on 24 Pack, Regularly Ran 40-45 CPM, 460/266 V (Located in Dallas, TX)

Sidel Multi-Packer

2010 Sidel Multi-Packer, Model TSP5 SDI BW, S/N 45A87, .5L x 24 Pack Nested, .5L x 15 Pack Nested, .5L x 12 Pack Film Only Brick, .5L x 15 Pack Film Only Brick, 8oz x 24 Pack Tray, 8oz x 24 Pack Nested, 8oz x 35 Pack Tray, 8oz x 35 Pack Tray Double-Stacked, 1,076 BPM 480 V (Lcoated in Allentown, PA)

Sidel Stacker

2010 Sidel Stacker, Model TSP2 T1, S/N 45B08, Previously Ran 8oz Double-Stacked Trays, Clear Shrink on Shrink, 1,076 BPM, 480 V (Lcoated in Allentown, PA)