Short Notice Sale! Complete 1 Gallon PET Bottling Line in Eastern PA


Equipment Located at 316 Front St., Hamburg, PA 19526

Date: March 2 – 9, 2020










M. Davis Group is pleased to present this sale in conjunction with Berks Plant Design & Maintenance, Inc.

Line Includes:

  • Kosme Preform Dumper, Model K5000423
  • Kosme Preform Hopper/Elevator, Model SFA ALU80
  • Kosme Preform Orientor, Model PFA 1500
  • Kosme Blowmolder, Model KSB2000 & Preform Feeder, Model K2D0081 
  • Sacmi Opera Labeler, Model AD 9T S1/E1 
  • Filler Specialties Filler, Model GWFS 248, RH 
  • Roberts PloyPro Handle Applicator, Model 2150000x 
  • Ocme Altair Case Packer, Model ALTAIR N50 
  • Ocme Preseus Palletizer, Model Preseus L1 
  • Conveyors 
  • Pacific Ozone Ozone Generator, Model SGA21



Arpac’s Intermittent Motion Lane Divider & Model 45TW-28-RH Tray Wrapper with Integrated Laning System:

    • Continuous Motion telescoping infeed, seal conveyor and carriage for optimum speed and performance
    • Speed: Up to 45 Bundles or Trays per minute
    • Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with ARPAC standard operator interface
    • Digital controls for fast and accurate setup when changing product size and film
    • Infeed lane divider accepts incoming product so that the unit can operate both as a tray bundler or as an unsupported bundler
    • Bypass mode allows product to pass through the machine without being wrapped and without heating the tunnel
    • Dual Stage infeed belt conveyor for product pacing
    • Durable Intralox conveyor belts eliminate tracking problems
    • 14” Diameter side mounted film cradles for easy film loading
    • 70” Long Integrated Single Zone Shrink Tunnel with Product Cooling Feature
    • 3-way cooling feature at the tunnel exit for immediate product handling
    • Central point lubrication simplifies preventive maintenance
    • Low film alert warns that a film changeover will soon be necessary
    • Splice Bar for Fast Film Roll Changes
    • Film Specifications:
      • Max Film Width: 27” Single – Wound
      • Clear or randomly printed
      • Max Film Roll Diameter: 14” w/ 3” core
    • Cost in 2016 was +$290k
    • ** Top Film Registration Kit Cost: $16,000 from Arpac **


  • All wires pulled back cleanly with wire numbers intact.
  • Mechanical connections will be match marked where applicable.
  • BPDM has gathered copies of all PLC and HMI programs for each machine for the buyers.
  • BPDM has manuals for the equipment
  • BPDM has digital audit reports on key pieces of equipment
  • Deadline for removal of Lots 1 – 12 is March 16th, 2020. Should the deadline not be met, machinery will be moved to a temporary storage facilty AT THE BUYER’S EXPENSE. All other lots must be removed by March 18th, 2020. 



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