Short Notice! Personal Care & Beauty Products Plant: Sensible Organics in Pittsburgh, PA

Auction Closes March 18th @ 11am EST

***Removal must be completed by April 1, 2020. Any equipment that is not removed by April 1, 2020 will be considered abandoned or subject to additional handling and storage. Contact M Davis Group for more information regarding storage options.***


Norden Tube Filling Line

Norden 18-Pocket Tube Filling Line, Model NORDENMATIC 602-HA, S/N S4801, Year 2010, With Thermo Scientific Chiller, MODEL Neslab Thermo Flex 2500, RGS Vacuum Dust Collector Model E10214

Large Spare Parts and Tooling Inventory

3’ W Rotary S/S Accumulation Table


Oden Tube Filling Line

Oden In-Line Tube Filler, Model S/FHDMOD, S/N 3280, with (2) Waukesha Cherry Burrell Positive Displacement Pumps


Ross In-line High Shear Mixer

Ross In-Line High Shear Mixer, 2 Gallon Cap, hydro Tested at 600 PSI, 400 PSI @ 100 Degree F MAWP, MDMT -20 Degree F @ 400 PSI, Portable Skid-Mounted Mixer with Explosion Proof Nema 25 HP 3540/2925 RPM Motor, 230/460 & 190/380 V, Lenz’s AC Type VFD, Type M12300B, 30 HP, 200/240 V Input, 0-200/230 V Output


(5+) Kettles Up to 1,000 Gallons

Lee 1,000 Gal. S/S Kettle, M/N 1000D9MS, S/N B9422A3, 58 PSI @ 306 F, -20 F @ 58 PSI, with Lenze AC Tech SMV Vector, with General Electric Safety Switch, with Top Mounted Agitation Motor, with S/S Agitation with Side Sweep, with Hinge S/S Lids, Mounted on S/S Legs

Hamilton 300 Gal. S/S Kettle, Style: SA, S/N B-7113-2, 320 PSI @ 320 F, NAT’L Board Number: 398, with SEW 5.5 hp Top Mounted Motor, with S/S Hinge Lids, with Wall Mounted Safety Switch, Mounted on S/S Legs

(2) Aprox. 120 Gal. S/S Kettle, M/N LS-100, S/N 920264, MDMT 32 F @ 25 PSI, MAWP 25 PSI @ 267 F, with S/S Agitation with 5 hp S/S Clad Motor, with Lenze AC Tech SMV Vector VFD, with Agitation Framing, with General Electric Safety Switch, Mounted on S/S Legs

Lee 50 Gal. S/S Kettle, M/N 50 CD9MT, S/N A-7002, Pressure: Internal 25-FV PSI @ 250 F, Jacket 60 PSI @ 308 F 0.75 hp Top Mounted Agitation Motor, with S/S Hinge Lid, with (1) ABB VFDs (NOTE: Agitation Uninstalled & In Kettle–See Photographs)

Aprox. 10 Gal. S/S Counter Top Kettle, Mounted on HaulMaster Scissor Lift Portable Cart & Stool, Kettle Internal Dims.: Aprox. 22-1/2″ Tall x 13-1/2″ Dia., with Discharge



Air Compressors, Mokon Chillers & Plant Support

Kaesar 30 HP Air Compressor, Model AS 30 T, S/N 1083, 3555 RPM, 125 PSI, 124 CFM, 208/120 V, 230/133, 460/266, 3 Phase, 60 Hz

Additions Coming Soon!