September Multi-Location Consignment Auction for Food, Dairy & Beverage Processing & Packaging Equipment

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Equipment in Various Locations

Date: September 23rd, 2020 @ 11am EDT

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(2) GEA WESTFALIA RSE 300-01-777 Separators, Manufactured in 2014, 3 Phase Separator Design, Centripetal pump discharge of both the light phase and the heavy phase (dual pump design), Sliding piston equipped with nozzle discharge (nozzles can be blanked), Machines have VFD starters and HMI panels, Machines are in excellent condition and have had very little use since new. Capacity is as follows: Water Degumming – 1200 t/d, Acid Degumming – 1000 t/d, neutralization – 1200 t/d, Washing – 1200 t/d, Winterization – 500 t/d, cold refining 500 t/d, & Miscella refining 720 t/d.  Bowl details include: Speed – Max 4800 Min-1, Volume – 70 lt, Volume of solids holding space – 23 lt. Motor is 55 kW (Located in Des Moines)

Westfalia Quark Separator; SIH10007; 3500 L/H with Frequency Drive and Control Box. (Located Elk Grove Village, IL)


Tetra Alex Aprox. 5000 LPH / 1300 Gal. Homogenizer, Type TA25/200, S/N 16856827169 with 3-Piston, 75 hp, 1775 RPM, 460 V, 3 Phase Motor (2007) (Located Hanford, CA) 

Union Homogenizer, Model 1/2X2-1/4 HTD 28 A, Driven by 10 hp, 208 V, 60 hz, 3 Phase (Located Central New York)     


Scanvaegt All S/S Portioning Machine, Type B-55, S/N 80.0769, Voltage 3 x 230 V+ PE, Control Panel D5-000.830, Frequency 50/60, Power Max 10 KW (Located Monterey Park, CA)


JC Ford Corn Tortilla Oven, Model T0 1100, S/N T0960103, 230 V, 3 Phase, Dimensions 106″ x 36″ x 5′ (Located Orlando, FL)


2012 HRS Plate Heat Exchanger, Skid Mounted, Model: FP 10-47-1-EH, S/N P12296-P0405 with on-board temp. controls, 2″ connections with ball valves and control valve (Located Elk Grove Village, IL) 

2008 APV Paraflow Plate Heat Exchanger, Model R5 QUAD-Drive, S/N G2008000200, 200 psig MWP 239 Degree F Quad Drive and Binry Drive Powered, Max Min Temp with Siemens Simatic Touch Panel and Aprox. (440) Plates with Gaskets (Located Kentucky)


Patterson Kelley 2 CFT Twin Shell Cross Flow Blender, 365 lbs./CFT Material Density, Driven by 1 hp, 115/208-230 V, 1725 RPM Motor, Single Phase (Located Central New York) 

LB Bohl Bin Blender, Model LM-40, S/N 0108375001 A-NR 75299 with 5 Litre Bin (Located Central New York)


Pasteurizer 5400 gal/h with Ballast Tank, Hold Tube 2 1/2″; Valves; Electric Panel. (Located Elk Grove Village, IL)    

Horizontal Tank 2 X 2000 gal with Ammonia Cooling (Located Elk Grove Village, IL) 

(2) Horizontal Tanks; 3000 gal with Agitator and Jacket Cooling and Insulation (Located Elk Grove Village, IL)  


3-Tank CIP System, Water 100 gal and Caustic 300 gal and Acid 200 gal Tanks (Located Elk Grove Village, IL) 

2-Tank CIP, Water 70 gal and Caustic 120 gal Tanks (Located Elk Grove Village, IL)  


Yamato Pulvis GB-21 Pilot Scale Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator (Located Central New York)


Capsugel LEMS30 Liquid Encapsulator Sealer, Model LEMS30, S/N 17, Rated up to 30,000 Capsules Per Hour (Sealing) (Located Central New York)


Sullair 10-30 Air Compressor, Meter Reading 01678.43 (Located Central New York)


Ingersoll Rand Portable Generator, Type G25, S/N 002503002136, 480 V, 3 Phase (2003) (Located Dixon, IL)


Hyster Aprox. 4,800 lb. Lift Truck, Model E50XN-33, S/N A268N09162K with 3-Stage Mast, 189″ Lift and 48″ V Battery (Located Dixon, IL) 

Crown Forklift, M Series, Truck Type E, /N 1A2503311 (Located Dixon, IL) 


2014 Southworth Pallet Pal 2,200 lb. Capacity Pallet Jack (Never Used) (Located Hanford, CA) 

Southworth Pallet Pal 360 Spring Pallet Positioner/Level Loader, Capacity 4,500 lb. Pallet Load, 44” Dia. Turntable (Located Hanford, CA) 


(2) SPX Stainless Steel Fristam Centrifugal Pumps; 2 1/2″/2″; Model: WS 30/30 1/13 15 HP; 230/460V;3520 RPM; (Located Elk Grove Village, IL)


MilkoScan Model: S-50 (Located Elk Grove Village, IL)


Glas Col model TM572.  335 Watts.  115 Volt.  SN 102836A (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Powerstat Model L116C Variable Auto Transformer  Input 120 V 50/60 Hz Output 0-140 V – 10 A (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Lightning Model L5U08F mixer.  Freq Range 50-60 Hz.  Power Max 75W.  550 rpm.  1 phase  AC Volt 100-120 V 210-240 V (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Glas Col model TM116. Top 650.  Bottom 650.  115 Volt.  SN 106071A   1300 Total Watt. (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Ace Glass 12000 ml glass vessel (Located Hammonton, NJ)

UN AC Tech Lenze MC Series Variable Frequency Drive Type M1410E.  Enclosure IP65/Type 4X  1HP .75kw  Input 400/480 V  50-60 Hz  3 phase  2.8/2.4 Amps.  Output 0-400/460 Volt 0-120 HZ 3 phase 2.3/2.0 Amps (Located Hammonton, NJ)

UN AC Tech Lenze MC Series Variable Frequency Drive Type M1410E.  Enclosure IP65/Type 4X  1HP .75kw  Input 400/480 V  50-60 Hz  3 phase  2.8/2.4 Amps.  Output 0-400/460 Volt 0-120 HZ 3 phase 2.3/2.0 Amps (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Lightning Model L5U08F mixer.  Freq Range 50-60 Hz.  Power Max 75W.  550 rpm.  1 phase  AC Volt 100-120 V 210-240 V (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Glas-Col model HM5000-HS1 heat mantle.  120 volt.  5 amp. 600 watt.  1 phase (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Glas-Col model O-H16 heat mantle.  1300 watt. 650/650 top/bottom.  SN 1090188. (Located Hammonton, NJ)

(4) Un Fisher Scientific Stirrer type 1152016S.  4″ X 4″.  120 V. 1 Phase. 60 hz. .45 amp. (10cm X 10 cm) (Located Hammonton, NJ)

(2) Glas-Col model 102A heat mantle.  495W.  115V. (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Julabo model HT30 Programmable Recipe High Temperature Circulator Forte HT with Pump (Located Hammonton, NJ)

IKA MF 10  Microfine grinder mill.  Providing Continuously operating universal grinder with a speed range of 3.000 – 6.500 rpm.  Stainless steel mill and chamber. Impact grinding head. Hand rubber screw feed.  Stainless steel tray.  115 Volt.  50/60 Hz. (Located Hammonton, NJ)

10 liter glass jacketed reactor with mixer.  Top built by Chemglass.  Bottom built by ACE – jacket rated 5 psi.   Dual tier teflon agitator with GAST 4AM air drive.  Mounted in frame. (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Silverson LR4 lab mixer stand with In-Line mixer/homogenizer head.  Stainless steel contacts. (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Silverson LR4 lab mixer with rotor stator head.  Stainless steel contacts.  (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Thomas Wiley mill model 3379-1725.  Approximately 5″ diameter mill.  Stainless steel contacts.  1/3 hp motor 115/230 volt 3 phase 60 cycle 1725 rpm motor v belt driven.  Misc replacement screens.  On/Off switch.  (Located Hammonton, NJ)

American Lewa Model EK1 metering pump.  SN 307277-02003.  Max Plunger rod load 2.  Stone max./min 15/0  Built 1997. 1/2 hp motor 60 hz.  115/230 volt. 1725 rpm.  Stainless steel pump contacts. (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Edwards high vacuum pump model E2M8. SN73395  1/2 hp 1 phase 50/60 hz 115/230 v  1725/1425 rpm (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Beckman model TJ-6 centrifuge. With Rotor (Located Hammonton, NJ)



ROSS 100 Gal. S/S Pharmaceutical Mixing Reactor, Model RVMS-100, S/N 75405, Mixing Vessel Rated 30 PSI @ 300 Deg.F. Has “Egg Beater” and Turbine Blade on one Mixing Shaft. Mixer Drive is Lightnin 1.74 HP, 208-220/440 Volt, 1725/1425 RPM. Has Lift to Raise Mixer and Lid. (Used) (Located Pedricktown, NJ)

Premier Mill S/S Colloid Mill, Model KSIF, S/N CL3.0015 – Equipped with 3″ Rotor. 5/3 HP, 208-230/190-460/380 volt, 3510/2920 rpm motor. 1-1/2″ Tri-Clover Connections. Mounted on base with casters (Located Pedricktown, NJ)

Seidenader Oblong Tablet/Capsule Inspection Unit (Tablet Sorter), Model L-650, S/N 113/87, Speeds up to 2500 pcs/minute, S/S Feed Hopper, Tray and Inspection Pan, .5 kw, 110 volt, on S/S Stand. Designed to sort Oblong tablets, capsules and candies by size, broken or twins. Oversized tablets twins and broken or halved tablets are eliminated automatically. (Located Pedricktown, NJ)

Precision Stainless 10 Gallon Pilot Plant Type Sanitary Reactor Vessel, S/N 980111, NB #7604 — 316L Stainless Steel. Unit rated 75/FV @ 350 F. internal and Jacket rated 100/FV @ 350 F. Has control panel with Rosemont mdl 54 control, top mounted level gauge, valves and more. Variable speed Lightnin Model P6S05R Top Mounted Mixer. Mixer shaft has 2 sets of blades. Mounted on portable stand on wheels 36″ W x 36″ Deep. OAH = 80″. (Located Pedricktown, NJ)



Carrier Vibrating Ampli Flow Pan Feede, Model FC1860S-6, S/N 24860. Has Sanitary S/S Pan 6′ lgth x 18″ wide x 5″ deep. Stroke = 5/16″, 892 rpm, 460 volt. Exciter 1/2″ (Used) (Locted Pedricktown, NJ)