2011 GEA 3-Stage Cross Flow Micro Filtration System & MORE Immediately Available

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2011 GEA 3-Stage Cross Flow Micro Filtration System

2011 GEA 3-Stage Cross Flow Micro Filtration System, GEA Process Engineering Contract # 3099-1026, Type E2 Extract Fractionation, Feed Rate 16-22 Kg/Min, Permeate 80% of Feed, Each Stage 14.5 m2, temp 92-95 C, Recirculation Flow 5,800-6,000 L/Min, Target Solids Recovery Min 45%, Tubular SS 0.5 mm Pore Size 3/8” Tube Dia., CIP Caustic 6% (Located in Pittsburgh)

Assets Immediately Available in Iowa Due to Project Cancellation



Blow-Knox Stainless Steel Dual Motion, Dual Zone Jacketed Reactor, 1000-Gallon capacity with drive and motor. Currently on four legs, with four 36” legs currently removed. Total height 16 feet. Jackets tested for pressure and vacuum. Operating temperature rating of 900F.

Howard Corporation 500-Gallon Stainless Steel, mild steel Jacketed Reactor for pressure and vacuum. Shell: Rated at 50PSI work pressure, 82PSI test pressure at 600F. Jacket rated at 19PSI work pressure and 31 PSI test pressure at 600F. 2ft Heavy Duty manhole cover 1″ thick with various openings on top and one 3” opening at the bottom. Dished top and bottom.

Ribbon Blenders

Hough Heavy Duty Ribbon Blender. Calculated volume is 300 cubic-ft with working volume of 260 cubic-ft.  The blender is tall and can be Bolted on an existing structure or on legs with mounting plates. 12 ft long, 11 ft tall, 7 ft wide, and weighs 16,500 pounds.  Dodge gear box with further speed reduction using a 24″ to 8″ pulley-belt drive.  Two hinged, length-wide opening doors at the bottom that open by two air-operated cylinders (opens 4 ft wide and 10 ft long to fully dump the entire content). The top cover is in two pieces bolted together with two squared openings that were used with emptying super sacs of granules.  This tank will require a crane or a very large forklift truck to load or unload $500 crane rental will be charged for loading. 

Heavy-duty Dual Ribbon Blender (No tag, believed to be Hough) estimated at 240 Cubic-Ft capacity. The total length is 17 ft, the barrel length this 12 ft long, it is 6 ft wide and 5 ft deep, about 12,500 pounds. There are three stainless steel cover plates, and two square shaped openings at the bottom one on each side. 

Ribbon Blender estimated at 200 Cubic-Ft (no tag, believed to be Hough) with gear box and chain drive. Dimensions are 12ft long, 7 ft tall and 6 ft tall. Can be placed on four legs or on a platform base. Open top and one opening at bottom.

Colloid Mill 

 Sprout-Bower Colloid Mill with 25HP motor. 3” fittings for inlet/outlets. Loading free of charge; palletizing $75.00

Mix Tanks

(2) 2000 Gallon Mild Steel Jacketed mix tank with sweep agitation. 6ft diameter, 10 ft straight side, Total height 14 ft. 5HP motor and gear box on top – requires flatbed to load. Loading fee $200.

500 Gallon Mild Steel Jacketed mix tank with sweep agitation. 6ft diameter, 10 ft straight side, 5HP motor and gear box on top. Total Height 12 FT. Loading fee $150.


Heavy Duty Viking Pump Model M-125, 6” Inlet-Outlet, flanged inlet and outlet 11”, gear box is Link-Belt In-line Helical Drive, and 60HP electric motor. – Loading at no charge, palletizing $75.00

Heavy Duty Viking Pump, Model M-125, 4” Inlet/Outlet, 9” flanged inlet/outlet, 60HP electric motor, SM-Cyclo Gear Box Reducer – Loading at no charge, palletizing $75.00

Pharma Quality Dual Pump Drum Pump : Air and Hydraulic Operated. The piston Disks are 12″ in diameter each suitable for pails or kegs. Loading free of charge.

Filling & Capping Equipment

Piston Filler – Toyo Jidoki Stainless Steel Food Grade Quality – Liter Size. high-quality filler with two other attachments one for applying vacuum or nitrogen and the other is for induction sealing of plastic bags. Those extras can be removed if not needed. Maximum fill volume is one liter adjustable to smaller sizes – uses a dripless fill tip. Width is 32”; height of table is 32”; height of the filler is 3ft for a total height of 6 ft; 32” long and 36” wide. The machine is on casters and can roll around easily. Induction sealer jaws are 18” wide; Comes with two food operated pendants for manual activation– will load free of charge – Palletizing fee $75.00

Resina Model P22 87, cap feeder (pump inserter) with cap torquer, comes with an extra vibratory feeder and two extra shoots; 4/5” belt for infeed/outfeed conveyor.

Westfalia MSD 300 Separator – UNDER AGREEMENT OF SALE

Westfalia MSD300 S/S CIP Milk Separator / Centrifuge, SN 1701 215, 10/38 KW, 460V 3 Phase, (W912) (Located in Pittsburgh)

DCI / G.S 1,200 Gal. Vertical S/S Carbon Filter Tank

DCI / G.S 1,200 Gal. Vertical S/S Carbon Filter Tank, S/N MS274, Rated @ 85 psi to 250, with Bottom Side Access Door on S/S Legs, (Overall Diam. 15 ft 3″ W x 62″ W), Includes Butterfly Valves & Filter (Located in Phoenix, AZ)

National Water Systems Aprox. 4,000 Gal. S/S Carbon Filter Tank

National Water Systems Aprox. 4,000 Gal. S/S Carbon Filter Tank, S/N 98-8094-836, Rated @ 65 psi at 200 Degrees F with High, (Aprox. Overall Diam. 17 ft H x 7 ft W) with 6″ Valves & Manifold, (400 GPM) (Located in Phoenix, AZ)

2008 Bryan Boiler System

2008 Bryan Boiler System, Model RV350-S-150-FD0-LX, S/N 96994, Natural Gas, 3500 MBH Output with Monarch Burner, Touch Pad Controls, Feed System with (2) Grundfos Pumps & Water Softener, (Boiler Over All Diam. 8 ft 5″ H x 5 ft 2″ W x 11 ft L) (Located in Phoenix, AZ)