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LOCATION: 5295 NW 163rd Street, Miami Gardens, FL

Mitutoya PH-A14 Profile Projector

Mitutoya PH-A14 Profile Projector, S/N 905017, Code # 172-810A, Previously Used to Examine Plastic Preforms (Located in Greenwood, IN) 

Sheet Line Sheer

Peck Stow and Wilcos 14 GA Capacity Shear, Model 14-U6C, S/N 611054, Extra New Shear Knife


64” Die Lip .040 -.080

64” Die Lip .120 – .160

Plastics Equipment

Polytruder Extruder, 2.5″, Missing Drive

Scheer & CIE Sheer, Model SG 550-E, D-7000 Stuttgart 30, 2 HP

Crusher Crusher/Grinder, Type DT-10, S/N 90550, 10 HP

Wayne 1″ Extruder, Single Screw with 3-1/2″ Sheet Die

Chill Roller

64″ S/S Take Off Chill Roller

Sewing Machines

Consew Model 230 Sewing Machine, Capable of Sewing Leather, Vinyl, Fabric and More

Mitsubishi Model DB-199 Sewing Machine, Light to Medium Weight Sewing


Brother Model DB@B705-503, High Speed, Single Needle Lockstitch, Thread Trimmer, Self Oiler, Foot Lifter, Needle Positioner

Brother Model DB2-B755-100, Single Stitch Sewing Machine

Juki DNU-241H-7 Sewing Machine, Leather Walking Foot Machine

JUKI Model LUH-521 Sewing Machine, Dual Needle Walking Foot  Sewing Machine

Mitsubishi REX Model 312-140 Sewing Machine

Sunstar Model KM-740BL Sewing Machine, High Speed, Twin Needle, Needle-Feed, Lockstitch


Sterelco Temperature Controller

Sterelco Temperature Controller, Model SX9422-FX, S/N 95B5556, 460 V/3Ph/ 60 Hz, 1800 Watt Dual Temp Controls

Dust Collectors

Delta Model 50-851 Dust Collector, 1500 CFM, 2 HP, 230 Volt

UAS Dust Cat Air Cleaner / Smoke Eater, model DA, Single Stage, Mechanical


UAS Dust Cat Air Cleaner / Smoke Eater, model DA, Single Stage, Mechanical

S/S Water Baths

96”x18” S/S Water Bath

96”x18” S/S Water Bath

62”x16” S/S Water Bath

120”x13” S/S Water Bath


6-Section Locker Set, 72″X36″X18”


6-Section Locker Set, 72″X36″X18”


6-Section Locker Set, 72″X36″X18”