Norland Bottling Line Auction – Absolute Above Opening Bid!

AUCTION DATE: October 30th at 11am EST  
: Mechanicsville, VA 










Call 412-521-5751 for more info!

Norland Bottle Water Filling Line

  • Line is currently operated at 60 bottles per minute
  • Line Fills 2 to 3 different size bottle daily: 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz., & liter
  • Components of the line include:
  1. Norland 8-Head Filler, M/N BF3000 XLT, with 1/2 hp Centrifugal Pump
  2. Norland 10-Bottle Rinser, M/N BR3000, with S/S Clamp Attachment and Spray Nozzles
  3. Norland S/S Capping Machine, M/N LC3000, with S/S Incline Cap Feed (NOTE:  Machine has the capability of running a label feature; this feature is currently turned off), Includes Cap Reservoir & Elevator Infeeds 
  4. Norland S/S 4-Station Cap Tightener, M/N T5000, Mounted on S/S Stand
  5. S/S Accumulation Table, with Rotating Infeed, Aprox. 26″ Dia., Other Features Includes Single Bottle Feeding Feature, Attached S/S Table that is Capable of Handling (1) Full Pallet 
  6. S/S Conveyor, Aprox. 30′ L with Aprox. 7″ W Belt, Includes Additional Straight and Curve Section of Conveyor, Aprox. 50″ L with 3″ W Chain