Inventory Reduction Auction of Beverage Processing & Packaging Equipment

ONLINE AUCTION  |  DATE & TIME: November 1 – November 16, 2018
South Carolina

15 Fillers – from Small to 66 Valve

KHS 96 Valve Filler / Alcoa 16 Head Capper, Double Pre Evac Monoblock Filler/Capper, last setup for soft drinks, Capable of filling PET Water Bottles with proper change parts, Neck Support Features, Capper setup for 28mm PTOC and 1881, S/S Shrouding, Allen Bradley PLC with Panelview 1000 Operator Touch Screen, S/S Construction, Cap Hopper/Blower included, In operation till April 2011, Annual PM performed – valve rebuilds, etc., Serial Number: 76-Filler, 0014-Capper, Dims: 13 ft Dia. x 10 ft H, Speed: 20 oz – 700 BPM, 2L – 350 BPM, Electricity: 460v 60Hz 3ph

Crown Alcoa 60-16 Filler with Capper Setup for 1/2 Liter, 20oz, 24oz

Meyer 78 Valve Can Filler, Last Ran 202/211 Cans, Dims: 10ft L x 8ft W x 7ft H, Speed 1300 CPM, Electricity: 460v 60Hz 3ph

35 Pieces of Packaging Equipment including Case Packers, Wrappers, Palletizers, Coders, Labelers (Sleeve & Roll Fed)

Aries Model 602 Overwrapper Sleever, Includes Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC, AB Kinect Servos, AB Panelview 1250, Lane Diverter/Combiner: Series 47; Type 270. Rotary Placer for Sleeve. Wrap Around Station. Hot Melt Glue Nordson Pro Blue 7. This Applied the Overwrap/Sleeve to 4-6-8-12 Packs of Yogurt. Product Flow: Right to Left, Type: 602. Series 134, S/N: 133, Dims: 414in L x 58in W x 107in H, Speed: 30 CPM, Electricity: 230V 60HZ

Arpac Shrink Wrapper Bundler with Heat Tunnel Automatic Wraps Bottles/Cans with Clear or Print Registered Film, No Trays or Pads, Uses FILM ONLY, Includes Infeed Spacing Conveyor, Wrapper, Heat Tunnel, Discharge Conveyor, Allen Bradley PLC, Currently setup for 6 packs but able to run other packages, S/N: 2178, Dims: 50 Ft L x 6 Ft W x 8 Ft H,Speed: Up to 60 Cycles/Minute (120 on Dual Lane), Electricity: 460v 60hz 3ph

Krones Contiroll Roll Fed Labeler, S/N: 745-170 & 745-171, Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC with AB PanelView 600, Setup for .5L and 20oz PET Bottles, Speed: 300 BPM, Electricity: 460V 3PH 60HZ

Orion MA44 Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper, S/N: 4054162, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Includes Wrap Station, 10ft of Pallet Conveyor and Control Panel, Dims: 14′ L x 12′ W x 10′ H, Speed: 50-60 Loads/Hour, Electricity: 460V 3PH 60HZ 15a

PDC R300 Sleeve Labeler, S/N: 073, S/S Frame, Touch Panel, Speed: 300 BPM

KHS Carmichael Model 920B Roll Fed Labeler, S/N: 2412-B5-0034-SP-CW, Dual unwind station, S/S frame, Nordson Glue Unit, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Change Parts for .5L 20oz and 24oz PET Bottles, Dims: 12′ L x 9′ W x 8′ H, Speed: 400+ BPM, Electricity: 460V 3PH 60HZ

S/S Tanks, Pumps, Presses & Related Items

Mojonnier 36M48 Carbo Cooler 36 Plate Series 60 Chiller Tank, 48 Plate Series 60 Carbonating Tank, M Flo Mix, Hot CIP Capable, Gravity Ammonia System, Tubular Base, S/N: 9858, Dims: 12ft L x 7ft W x 8ft H, Max Speed: 5000 GPH, Electricity: 460v 60hz 3ph

RDM Blending System, Includes Mojonnier Carbo Cooler Tanks, Gravity ammonia system. U/V light mounted on base

ShipCo Duall Condensate Return Pump – Unit Model DSS – U X0353, S/N: 58944 1.5 Hp, Voltage 460/3/60, Electrical Control Panel, Motor Voltage 460/60 3Ph, Control Voltage 115/60, 1Ph, 1.5HP

Holland Applied Technologies S/S Free Standing 200 Gallon Tank, S/N: 030100-01, 2.5′ Dia x 5.5′ H and S/S Frame with Control Panel, Fristam 5Hp Pump, 208-230/460V, 60Hz, 3Ph, Overall Dims: 5ft L x 4-1/2ft W x 9-1/2ft H, Asset Number: 2516Electricity: 5Hp 208-230/460V 60Hz 3Ph


Bottling & Can Handling Equipment including 24′ Tunnel, Metal Detectors, & Conveyor Systems

Posimat High Speed Compact Unscrambler, Year 2002, S/N 10321, Dual Chamber System, Last Ran 16oz and 32oz @ 650 BPM, 54 Pockets (28 per chamber) with Ptrans-Flex Conveyor, Machine Operation is to the Left, 300ft of Gebo Air Conveyor with control panel and incline hopper transfer from air conveyor to silo available, Excellent Condition, Dims: 20ft L x 9ft W x 8ft H, Speed: 16oz @ 650 BPM, Electricity: 460v 60hz 3ph

Alliance 8′ x 30′ S/S Accumulation Table, Center Drive, Dims: 30ft L x 8ft W x 4ft H, Electricity: 460V 3PH 60HZ

BFT 8 x 24 Accumulation Table, Overall Dims 24′ L x 12′ W x 3.5′ H, 8′ x 24′ Matte Top Chain, S/N: J-0186, Dims: 24ft L x 12ft W x 3-1/2ft H

BFT 8 x 24 Hydraulic Bottle/Can Warmer, S/N: J-0186, Overall Dims: 26′ L x 12′ W x 6′ H, Dims: 24ft L x 8ft W x 6ft H, Asset Number: 2497

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