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Battlecreek, MI

Aida 66-Ton Press, Model NC1-60(2), S/N 00206-6495, Speed 45 -85 SPM, Stroke 6.69″, Bolster Area 34.2″x 20.4″, Slide Area 18.8″ x 15.7″, Shut Height 15.1″, Adjustment 1.5″ (Located Battle Creek, MI)

Ontario, CA

Aida 66-Ton Press, Model NC1-60(2), S/N 00206-613, Speed 45 -85 SPM, Stroke 6.69″, Bolster Area 34.2″x 20.4″, Slide Area 18.8″ x 15.7″, Shut Height 15.1″, Adjustment 1.5″ (NOTE: Ready To Be Loaded Onsite) (Located Ontario, CA)

Los Angeles, CA

Manesty 16-Station Betta Press, 4-Ton Compression, 5/8″ Max. Tablet Diameter, 11/16″ Max. Depth Fill, B-Tooled, Rated up to 650 Tables per minute, Keyed Upper Punch Guide, Includes 48 x 65 x 48 inches (Located Los Angeles, CA)

Houston, TX

Sidel 20-Head Cavity Universal PET Reheat Stretch Blow Molding Machine, Model SB0-20, S/N 5551, Year 2003, Nominal Speed 30,600 Bottles Per Hour, 11.25 mm Neck Finish Preform/Bottle – 500 ml Spec (8.3g – 8.4g – 8.45g), Pre-Form Orientor, UV Pre-Heat Tunnel, Sidel Operator Touch Screen Control with HMI Windows Operating System and Siemens PLC, Program Version V2.02R1 (Located Houston, TX)

Stockton, CA

APV S/S Twin Ribbon Blender, M/N DR-15, S/N E-4877, Shipping Dims.: Aprox. 95” L x 44” W x 57” H/Aprox. 4,000 lbs., with Dual Motors & Drive Mounted on S/S Frame (LOCATED IN STOCKTON, CA) (RIGGING, LOADING, & SITE MANAGEMENT FEE: $1,500.00 USD)

Aprox. 300 Gal. S/S Mix Tank, with S/S Agitation, with Baldor 5 hp Agitation, 1725 RPM Motor, Mounted on S/S Legs (LOCATED IN STOCKTON, CA) (LOCATED IN STOCKTON, CA) (RIGGING, LOADING, & SITE MANAGEMENT FEE: $1,000.00 USD)

Mt. Pleasant, WI

Promach Filling line for ESL – Extended Shelf Life, Model KWS4/36.15Z, 36‐station sanitary triblock rotary level filler equipped with a WAB sanitizing turret; Zalkin 15 ‐station pick‐and‐place capping turret and bulk cap feeder; Claranor Ventris Pulsed light cap decontamination system additionally $147,500.00 cost.; Line includes: (2)x 40 gripper bottle cleaners – 40 gripper turret with diameter of 1500mm.; 2nd Turret works in conjunction with the original turret and set for rinsing/ sanitizing; FIller -CIP system with changeover tray -additionally $29,0000.00 cost.; Originally built in 2019 for “milk ” based shelf stable product. OEM price $ 1,700,000.00 (Never Used) (Located Mt. Pleasant, WI)

Woonsocket, RI

Ultra-Sonic Mask Manufacturing Line, Includes Mask Weave Machine, Nose Bridge and Ear Loop Machine, with (2) Straight Sections of Conveyor, with Aprox. 7” W Belt, includes Small Table Ultra-Sonic Welder,M/N DS-1BYCT10, S/N 220313471, 110 Volt, Includes Automatic Multi-Functional Pillow Packaging Machine, M/N 320F, Speed 200 Pack/Min,Weight 500 kg, Mounted on Frame (NOTE: Used to Fix Masks if Machine Has Miss Fire) Includes (10) Pallets of New 100% Virgin PP Rolls for Mask Production, GSM: 25 g/m 2, Color: White, includes (16) Pallets of New 100% Virgin PP Rolls for Mask Production, GSM: 25 g/m2, Color: Blue, with (5) Rolls of White, includes (23) Pallets of NEW 100% Virgin PP Rolls for Mask Production; GSM: 25 g/m2, Color White, includes (6) Pallets of NEW N/M Nose Bridges and Ear Loops for Mask Production (NOTE: Enough Material to Mfg. 4,000,000 Masks!) (LOCATED IN WOONSOCKET, RI)

ADS SA 3-Cavity Blow Mold, Model G063, S/N 73310, 1 to 2-1/2 gal. Capacity, 50 BPM, Inline Heating Oven, 86 Preform Spindle, AB Controls, ADS Touch-Pad Display, 74 gram Preforms, 46 mm Head, 48.1 BPM, Less than 5,000 HRs, Includes Three Sets of Molds (Loading Fee $3,000) (Located in Woonsocket, RI)***CCS***

Gardner, KS

Busch RAO 100 Vacuum Pump – 5 hp – Recently Rebuilit (Load Fee $150) (Located Gardner, KS)

Busch RA0 630 Pump with Stand and Starter Box, – Good Pump – Ready to Run (Loading Fee $325) (Located Gardner, KS)

Trim Can from Multivac — Can Be Used on Other Packaging Machines (Load Fee $100) (Located Gardner, KS)

Busch 100/131 Pump – Unique Housing Made for Multivac Packaging Machine But can be used on any Application (Load Fee $100) (Located Gardner, KS)

Savage, MN

Make: Taizhou BAFU Machinery, Model: FWM800, Type: Confectionary Packing Machine (High Speed Flow Pack Machine), Serial Number: N/A, Output Speed: uo to 800 packs/Min, Bag Length: 45-80mm, Power: 220V, Rated Power: 3.5KW, Machine Size: 2700x1350x1450mm, Weight: 800 lbs, Approx Dims: 101 x 62 x 62, ($50 Basic Lift & Load , $150 To Palletize For Shipment) (Located Savage, MN)

Automatic Sticker Wrap Around Bottle Horizontal Labeling Machine, 4 in Conveyor Belt , Siemens Smart Line PLC Touch Control, Infeed Hopper, Sunrun Drive Type: NMRV, Size: 050, NO. .1612, 3 Phase, 220V , Approx Dims: 80 x 22 x 55, ($50 Basic Lift & Load, $150 To Palletize For Shipment) (Located Savage, MN)

Make: Quantitative Liquid Filling Machine, Model: 280-1, Serial Number: 9937, Type: Stainless Steel Quantitative Liquid Filling Machine, Single Head, Filling Volume Range: 20-280 ml, Fill Type: Paste, Digital Controls, 220V, 3 Phase , Air Pressure: 0.4 – 0.7MPa, Pallet Dims: 48 x 48 x 30, (Basic Loading $75) (Located Savage, MN)

Stainless Steel Elevator Conveyor w/ Hopper, Portable, 6 in Conveyor Belt , 170mm Discharge Height, Approx Dims: 72 x 30 x 70, ($50 Basic Lift & Load, $100 Palletize For Shipment) (Located Savage, MN)

Stainless Steel Unscrambler Station, Approx Dims: 43 x 30 x 43, ($25 Basic Lift & Load, $100 to Palletize For Shipment) (Located Savage, MN)

Year: 2019, Make: Shanghai JiaoBan Machine Co., Ltd, Type: Two Head Automatic Filling Machine, Serial Number: 009JB19188, Siemens Smart Line PLCTouch Control , 220V, 3 Phase, 2700 lbs, Approx Dims: 87 x 40 x 76, ($75 Basic Lift & Load, $250 To Palletize For Shipment) (Located Savage, MN)

Make: PAC Packaging Aids Corporation, Model: PIS-GA12, Type: Impulse Sealer, Serial Number: GMA10120-125302, 100-120V 50/60 hz, 10A 1-PH, Seal Lengths: 12”, Seal Width: 5/16”, Bi-active jaws (top and bottom heated bars) with selector switch permitting heat from either or both jaws, Pneumatically operated sealing jaws for high pressure sealing, Independent digital seal and cool timers, Digital sealing pressure switch with adjustable band to set high and low tolerances, ($50 Basic Lift & Load, ,$150 To Palletize For Shipment) (Located Savage, MN)

Lewisville, TX

Galfab 20 Cubic Yard Enclosed Waste Container, Model OS2244, SN 2515, with Top Mounted Hinged Door &Top Mounted Power Auger, (Box Diam. 22 ft L x 7 ft W x 64″ H) (Rebuilt 2017) (110) (Located Lewisville, TX)

Galfab 20 Cubic Yard Enclosed Waste Container, with Top Mounted Hinged Door &Top Mounted Power Auger, (Box Diam. 22 ft L x 7 ft W x 64″ H) (Rebuilt 2017) (110A) (Located Lewisville, TX)

Union Grove, WI

Groen 40 Gal. S/S Kettle, S/N 19391, 40 WP with Lightnin Air Mixer, Model XDA-33, S/N 86780-262 (Rig Fee $75) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Admix Rotostat Mixer, Model XP-01, S/N 01560 with Baldor 1 hp Motor, Cat # VL3509, S/N F1090, Frame 56C, 3450 RPM, 115/208-230 V, Single Phase and an Adjustable S/S Stand (Rig Fee $75) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Ampco Centrifugal Pump with 2.5″ x 2″ Outlets (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Ampco 5 h p Centrifugal Pump with S/S Motor (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Fristam 10 hp Pump, Model FPX7429 with 2″ Check Valve (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Fristam 20 hp Pump, Model FPX3542 (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Fristam 10 hp Pump, Model FPX3532 (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Fristam Pump, Model FP3522 (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Aprox. 23″ x 47″ S/S Drain Table (Loading Fee $75) (Located Union Grove, WI

Aprox. 24″ x 48″ S/S Drain Table (Loading Fee $75) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Shelco Micro Guardian Filter with 2″ Inlet/Outlet and Butterfly Valve (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Shelco Micro Guardian Filter with 2″ Inlet/Outlet (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

(30) 3″ S/S Clamps (Loading Fee $25) (Located Union Grove, WI)

(65) 2.5″ S/S Clamps (Loading Fee $25) (Located Union Grove, WI)

(2) Lots of (100) 2″ S/S Clamps (Loading Fee $50) (Located Union Grove, WI)

(88) 1.5″ S/S Clamps (Loading Fee $25) (Located Union Grove, WI)

Hortonville, WI

PMR (Packaging Machinery Resources) Dual Lane Continuous Container Filler, Sealer, Lidder, Model 1300, S/N 20070207, with All S/N Sanitary System, 440 Volt, Allen Bradley Micrologic Controller, Allen Bradley PowerFlex Speed Controller, Allen Bradley Panelview 300 Control Pad, Unit is on Casters, System is rated at Aprox. 30 Containers Per Minute, Current Container Diameter is Aprox. 6″, — This System Denests the Containers, Fills the Containers, Puts a Protective Seal on the Container and then Lids. (NOTE: This System will need to Ship Via Flatbed so please inquire for shipping costs) (Located Hortonville, WI)

CSE S/S Sanitary Steam Injected Screw Cooker / Blancher, Model CCS.2014.W, S/N 85002, Aprox. 20″ Dia. x 14 ft. with Aprox. 20″ Dia. x 14 ft. L Auger, 10 Bottom Steam Injected Ports, 3-Hinged Covers, Insulated Sidewalls, 2.5 hp, 208-230/190 Volt Motor thru Reducer, Chain and Sprocket. This unit was last used in the food industry. This unit will need to ship via Flatbed due to the length (Loading Fee $500) (Located Hortonville, WI)

Fords Holmatic 8-Station S/S Sanitary Rotary Cup Dispenser Filler, Sealer and Coder — This system was last used in the dairy industry doing yogurt and remains in excellent working condition. Was purchased by RA Jones and replacement parts can be ordered through them, Side panels were removed for pictures and will be attached prior to shipping, We can only put in 12 photos here so we have numerous additional photos should you want to see something in particular. We have video of the system under power upon request. This system is plug and play with no issues and is ready for immediate shipment. (Crating Fee and Loading Fee $850) (Located Hortonville, WI)

Urschel S/S Sanitary Dicer, Model RA-D, S/N 1643 – Portable on Casters. This unit was last used in the dairy industry. This unit will be set-up with the cutting parts shown in nthe photos. There is 1/4″ Cross-Cut with 3/16″ Circular, Unit has a 5 hp Drive Motor with All the Disconnects. This System will require a couple of guards and an Infeed Hopper, Otherwise the System is Complete. (Please Inquire For Shipping Rates) (Crating – Loading Fee $250) (Located Hortonville, WI)

200 CU FT Stainless Steel Liquids/Powder Paddle/Ribbon Blender, (111 cu ft capacity to top of agitator arm, Trough measures: 48″W x 96″L x 80″ deep overall, Agitator is 46″ dia with 3-1/2″ wide blades x 3/8″ thick, Single shaft, No mfg tag, 3 inch end bottom drain; 21-1/2 clear to ground, 2 hp SEW Eurodrive, 1720 rpm, Gearbox tag info: 1720 7.4 232.29 109.2, Unit has counterbalanced lid, Lid has (3) 3 inch inlets and (1) 2 inch inlet, OADS: 77″W x 120″L x 108″H (add 30″ to height if lid installed), Unit last used in the food industry, Used in excellent working condition, Blender will need to ship via flatbed (Loading Fee $1,000) (Located Hortonville, WI)

Safeline Mettler Toledo 3 x 40 S/S Sanitary Metal Detector, System was last used in a Tyson plant on breaded fish fillets coming out of a spiral freezer. Unit was just removed from service in Oct 2021. Unit is in excellent working condition. Apparature opening is 3 inches high X 40 inches wide, Product clearance is a little over 2 inches high, Belt is hydraulic driven, Automatic belt pull back reject to hopper below the system, All stainless steel sanitary construction, Overall dimensions are 106 inches high X 66 inches long X 62 inches wide, System could be lowered by 48 inches if the bottom frame with hopper was removed. (Crating and Loading Fee $750) (Located Hortonville, WI)

DCI 1,000 Gal. S/S Insulated Vertical Agitated Silo, Unit has Side Bottom Agitation, Unit Measures 53″ Dia. x 144″ H, Overall Height with Legsis 14 ft., Side Bottom Manway, Ladder with Top Sightglass, This vessel was last used in the dairy industry and remains in excellent condition, Unit will Need to Ship Via Flatbed (Loading Fee $500) (Located Hortonville, WI)

Belam RMF 2500 lb.Capacity S/S Sanitary Vacuum Mixer Massager, Model VMM 2500, S/N 11907 with Trough is 45″W x 78″L x 32″ deep, Dual shaft massaging paddles, Twin hydraulic motors, Vacuum pump, Complete with stainless steel cover, OAD’S: 72″W X 120″L X 84″H –Last used in the meat industry on hams, Unit is in very good condition (This system will need to ship via flatbed — we can help arrange shipping (Loading fee $750) (Located Hortonville, WI)

Cherry Burrell 100 Gal. Jacketed Agitated Kettle, National Board #3574, S/N E-487-90 with 2 hp S/S Washdown Drive Motor, 3/60/230/460 V, Single Motion Scrape Agitation Sides and Cone, 2-Zone Jacket Rated for 100 psi @ 350 degree F, 2-Piece Hinged Covers, 3″ Center Bottom Outlet with Vvle, 12″ Clearance from Outlet. This could be raised with Casters or Additional Length Added on. Overall Dimensions Aprox. 42″W x 42″ Deep x 94″ H including the Drive Motor, (Will Crate Unit at No Charge to Ship Common Carrier – Please inquire for Shipping Rates) (Located Hortonville, WI)

Sine Tote Unloading System, Model TPP-T-0401 with Sine MR135 Pump, S/N 106330704 (2004), Unit last used in the food industry, Tote Pump Platform Raises Up to Allow Tote Unter it, Pump Platform then decends into tote to Pump Product Out, All S/S Sanitary Design, Extra Pump Parts will be included in the sale. Specifications Max. Flow Rate 138.7 gpm, 31,500 lph, Max. Working Pressure 150 psi 10 bar, Operation Temperature Range 250 Degree F (130 Degree C) (Crating and Loading Fee $600) (Located Hortonville, W)

Weston, OH

Lewco Oven, Model NS-WIT05ED, S/N 040399-001, Max. 450 Degree F, 480 V, 3 Phase, Outside Measurements Aprox. 9′ W x 23′ L x 8′ H (Located Weston, OH)

(7) Tray Carts – Aprox. 26” L x 20” W x 70” Tall (Located Weston, OH)

Pulaski, WI

2-Tank CIP Skid consists of (2) 150 Gal. Single Shell Tank with Wing Top Covers,-(1) Tank is New and (1) Tank is Used, 3″ Overflow Pipes, 5 hp Pump, 230/460 V, 3450 RPM, 3 Phase, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Model HX-U-15-4-X72, S/N 1064, Year of Mfg. 2004, Shell Side – MAWP 150 PSIG at 400 Degree F; MAWP 150 PSI at -20 MDMFT; Tube Side MAWP 150 PSIG at 400 Degree F; MAWP 150 PSIG at -20 MDMTF, CIP Return Spring Check Valve, 3″ Actuated Bll Valve, Inside Dimensions Aprox. 30″ Dia. x 39″ Deep, Overall Dimensionis Aprox. 56″ L x 106″ W x 73″ H (Some Additional Plumbing Required) (New/Refurbished) (Unit #3251) (Prep Fee $500) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Aprox. 6′ COP Tank (Clean Out of Place Tank) with Baldor 5 hp Motor, 230/460 V, 3500 RPM, 3 Phase and 2-1/2″ 3-Way Valve, Inside Dimensions Aprox. 75′ L x 19-1/2″ W x 17″ Deep, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 79″ L x 29″ W x 41-1/2″ H (Working Condition as of June 2022) (Unit #3403) (Prep Fee $500) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Ultra Vacuum Sealer, Model UV2100-B, S/N 3764 with Double Chamber, 7.5 hp Motor, 240 V, 1745 RPM, 3 Phase, Mfg. 2003, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 77″ L x 42″ W x 41″ H, (Working Condition of 6/1/22),(Unit #3392) (Prep Fee $500) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Aprox. 250 Gal. S/S Kettle with Agitator, 1/2 hp Motor, 230/460 V, 1725 RPM, 3 Phase; Paddle, Steam Heat (No Tag), Has some imperfection on the Inside, Inside Dimensions Aprox. 48″ Dia. x 29″ Deep, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 53″ W x 64″ H (Working Condition – Held Pressure as of 5/24/22) (Unit #3390) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Vacuum Sealer, Model 600A, S/N 03067 with Double Chamber, 208 V, 3 Phase, Control Panel, Heating Elements, Swivel Chambers, Plastic Blocks, Mfg. 1998, Inside Dimensions Aprox. 25-3/4″ L x 19-1/2″ W, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 67-1/2″ L x 35″ W x 43″ H, (Working Condition of 2-15-22),(Unit #3362) (Prep Fee $500) (Located Pulaski, WI)

20 hp Pump with Reliance Motor, 230/460 V, 1760 RPM, 3 Phase and 4″ Tri-Clamp In/Outlet, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 75″ L x 36″ W x 43″ H, (Working Condition as of June 2022) (Unit #3406) (Prep Fee $100) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, S/N 4460, Shell Side: 150 psig @ 375 Degree F, Tube Side: 150 psig@ 375 Degree F, Shell Side: -20 Degree F @ 150 psig, Tube Side – 20 Degree F @ psig,3″ In/Outlet, Built 1999, Held Pressure, Overall Dimensions 72-1/2″ L x 12-1-2/” W (Working Condition as of June 2022) (Unit #1456) (Prep Fee $100) (Located Pulaski, WI)

3M Taper Adjustable Case Sealer, Model 2995, S/N 7844 with 4-Casters, 115 V, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 43-1/2″ L x 31″ W x 70″ H (Working Condition as of June 2022) (Unit #3397) (Prep Fee $100) (Located Pulaski, WI)

CM Casadei Marino SNC Kneading Fork Machine, Model F12RV, S/N l1298028, Year Mfg. 1998, 400 Volts, 3 Phase – Tank Capacity Aprx. 120Lt (31.7006 Gal.); Flour Capacity 60Kg (132.27 lbs.), Kneading Capacity 84Kg (185.188 lbs.); E-Stop, (4) Casters, Aprox. Inside Dimensions 30″ Diameter x 11″ Deep, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 48″ L x 34″ W x 48-1/2″ H (NOTE: Nonworking Condition) (Unit #3426) (Prep Fee $100) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Bread Extruder with (2) Augers, Aprox. 26″ L x 1/2″ H Outlet, Ladder, Platform with Rail, (2) 1/40 hp Motors, 115 V, 1280/1380 RPM, Working Condition (Prep Fee $500) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Rannie Copenhagen-Denmark Homogenizer, S/N 1-87-268, Previously Used for Mixing Ingredients Together includes Baldor 75 hp Motor, 230/460 V, 1200 RPM, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 124″ L x 46″ W x 54″ H, Has Extra Parts (Unit #3438) (Prep Fee $50) (Located Pulaski, WI)

Carlisle, PA

Konig Bun Line with Full PLC Controls – Upgraded 2011 to 2013. Includes Rotary Divider, (4) Die Sets, 7-Tier Intermediate Proofer, Transfer Belt, 15-Nozzle Water Split and Dusting Station, Off Loading Conveyor, Konig Programmable Controller (Load Fee $2,000.00) (Located Carlisle, PA)

Middleton, MA

Quadro Y Tron Hi Shear Unit, Model XC1, S/N XC1-0058, 7.5 HP Drive. ($250 palletizing / shrink wrap fee) (Located in Middleton, MA)

(2) SPX / Lightnin Mixers Model MS5S2 with 3/4 hp, 230/460 V Motors, 6″ Tri-Clamp Connection and 90″Long Shaft (Installed on Tanks But Never Used) (Loading/Palletizing Fee $275) (Located Middleton, MA 01949)

Factory New SPX/Lightnin Mixer, Model MS52S with 3/4 hp, 230/460 V Motor, 6″ Tri-Clamp Connection and 90″ Long Shaft (Loading/Crate Fee $275) (Located Middleton, MA 01949)

Gaulin 3000 psi Homogenizer, Model MC45 3TPS Cylinder, Two Stage Hydraulic Valve Assembly (Loading Fee $675) (Located Middleton, MA 01949)

West Chester, OH

Omegasonics Parts Washer. Model: OMG4430, Serial: APOMG4430-255, Age: Purchased in 2015, Power Requirements: 240/50, Does machine work? Yes. As shown in photos. (Located West Chester, OH)

DC Dimplex Thermal Solutions Chiller. Model: LKV2000, Serial: 30389, 460 Volt, 12.4 Amps. Machine is in working condition. As shown in photos.(Located West Chester, OH)

Hartsville, TN

Federal 40-Valve LIGHTWEIGHT LEFT HAND FILLER, Model ESWSS 40.20, S/N 2252ESWSS 5/40.20 GL844, J-Series, Spring Style Valves with Removable Sleeves, CIP Rings, PST Level Controller, Tall Bowl Design, Screw Infeed, 3-Pin Bottle Handling Equipment for 14 oz. Containers, 20-Head Capping Turret with Gear Driven Cappers for Screw Caps, Contains Velocity Cap Hopper, Orienter and Cap Chute, Cable Emergency Shut Off, Aprox. 124”W X 93”L X 108” O.A.H. (Rigging Fee $3,000) (Located Hartsville, TN)

Holmatic Tub Filler – Recently Rebuilt wih Safety Seal and Lid Applicator, Model PR1 (Load Fee $1,500) (Located Hartsville, TN)

Krofta Waste Treatment System, Model MFV-80, Krofta #12-K05, S/N 91362, Mfg. 2012 with DAF 40 GPM Grease and Solids Separator, Chemical Injection Tube, (2) Diaphragm Pumps and Electrical Control Panel (Located Hartsville, TN) (Load Fee $2,500)

Evapco Inc. 6-Coil Evaporator, Model TFC12-388143-500L36, S/N 971583, 250 psigwith (3) Defrosting Pans (Rigging Fee $3,000) (Located Hartsville, TN)

Paoli Poultry Deboner, Model 20, S/N 876 with 25 hp Motor (Rigging Fee $250) (Located Hartsville, TN)

Roots Blower Package, Model VL-30D, S/N 6103 – 1V94 by LR Systems, Model 33-U-RAL 06L, S/N 1411996300 (Rig Fee $150) (Located in Hartsville, TN)

Hammonton, NJ

Used Getinge Clean Steam Autoclave, Model P27 91415 ARB2 35 x 57 x 60, S/N 69187-02-01, National Board #1873,Chamber 45 psi @ 300 degrees F. Jacket Rated 45 psi @ 300 degrees F, Power 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 480 V, Built 1992 (Item #10944-001) (Note: Flatbed Truck Required for Removal) (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Used Silverson LR4 Lab Mixer with No Heads, Stainless Steel Contacts (Item #12963-027) (Skid Fee $50) (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Used Industrial Washing Machine, Stainless Stee Construction, 24″ x 36″ Base, Single Door (Item #12585-015) (Skid Fee $50) (Located Hammonton, NJ)

Central New York, NY

Countec Electronic Lane counter, model DMC-120, Serial: CT-24-075, 24 lane, stainless steel construction, rated up to 100 bottles/minute at 100 count, 20-100mm container diameter, up to 250mm max container height. (Located Central NY, NY)

LSI Pressure Sensitive Wraparound Labeler. Model 1500. 120V, 60Hz, 1Ph, 15A. As shown in photos. Video available upon request (Located Central NY, NY)

Bellatrx Secure Chuck Capper-Model SCC, Serial: 111215006, 120 Volts, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 10 Amp, Mfg 2012. As shown in photos (Located Central NY, NY)

Schaefer Technologies Capsule Bander and Slat Loader. Capsule Bander: Model: Lab Top Capsule Banding Machine, Serial: LB-18-203.2, Slat Loader: Model: Slat Loader, Serial: SL-18-115. As shown in photos. (Located Central NY, NY)

Retsch Camsizer XT Particle Analyzer. Unit comes with Computer and Software. As shown in photos. (Located Central NY, NY)

All Fill Semi Automatic Filler. Model: B-350E-3322. Comes with Foot Pedal And Control Panel. 480 Volt, 1 Phase. As shown in photos. (Located Central NY, NY)

Grundy Center, IA

1100 Gallon (approx.) Stainless Steel Single Wall Tank-72″ diameter, 72″ straight side, top entering Scrape Surface Mixer with motor and gear box installed above. Flat top and bottom with various openings on top and 3″ bottom outlet (LOCATED IN IOWA, Free

Viking Pump Model KK124A Stainless Steel wet parts on base, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) installed with Gear Box and Dual Voltage (230/360) 1740 RPM 2HP Motor, Stainless Steel Guard on Coupler, 2″ Inlet/Outlet and On/Off Switch on Base. (LOCATED IN IOWA, Free RIGGING and Loading INCLUDED WITH SALE PRICE) — Optional Palletizing Fee $75.00***EUSA***

Charlotte Colloid Mill Model SD-40 Stainless Steel, 50HP 3750 RPM Ge Motor (LOCATED IN IOWA, RIGGING INCLUDED WITH SALE PRICE) — Optional Palletizing Fee $75.00***EUSA***

Tri-Homo Colloid Mill, Stainless Steel Wet Parts, 30HP 230-460V drive, (LOCATED IN IOWA, RIGGING INCLUDED WITH SALE PRICE) — Optional Palletizing Fee $75.00***EUSA***

Ribbon Blender 85 CuFt (approx.) 12″ Square bottom discharge, On 30″ legs; gear box and drive shaft, missing motor (LOCATED IN IOWA, RIGGING INCLUDED WITH SALE PRICE) — Loading Fee $275.00***EUSA***

Stainless Steel Pump and 50HP Drive Motor on SS base (LOCATED IN IOWA, RIGGING INCLUDED WITH SALE PRICE) — Optional Palletizing Fee $75.00***EUSA***

Cryolator Stainless Steel Scrape-Surface Heat Exchanger with 2HP motor and gear box (LOCATED IN IOWA, RIGGING INCLUDED WITH SALE PRICE) — Optional Palletizing Fee $75.00***EUSA***

Gardner Driver Air Compressor, 75HP Motor Model #24CA3013 (LOCATED IN IOWA, Free RIGGING and Loading INCLUDED WITH SALE PRICE) — Optional Palletizing Fee $475.00***EUSA***