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Date: February 28, 2023


• (2) Aprox. 45,000 lb. Capacity Double O Vats, Dimensions Aprox. 12 ft. tall x 10 ft. wide x 16 ft. long, Last in Operation 2 years ago, Nice Condition (Load Fee $650) (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
• Darifill 4-Lane Offline Lidder, S/N OLL01001, 480 V with Spare Parts (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
• Sanimatic Aprox. 8’7” Overall Length x 29” Overall Width x 43” Overall Height S/S Jet Trough on Casters (Located Harrodsburg, KY)
• Anderson-Negele AJ300 Chart Recorder, S/N 2159768 – Brand New in Box (Located Harrodsburg, KY)


• DCI / MUELLER 7,000 Gal. Jacketed Silo, S/N JS3582C (Located Leominster, MA)
• Paul Mueller 1,000 Gal. Multi-Zone S/S Processor with Top Mounted Agitation (Located Leominster, MA)
• Crepaco 6,000 Gal. Horizontal S/S Tank with S/S Front (Not Jacketed) (Located Leominster, MA)
• PDC Sleeve Labeler, Model R300, TS-ERT, S/N 163 with Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 CPU PLC Controls (Located Leominster, MA)
• Modern Packaging 6-Wide Cup Filler with Allen Bradley SLC CPU PLC Controls (Located Leominster, MA)
• Axon Sleever, Model Leister / Dist Box, S/N E-100916 (Located Leominster, MA)
• A & F Case Packers (Located Leominster, MA)


• Micro Motion CMF 200 Flow Sensor Enhanced Core Processors – 2” 300# and 2” 600# (Located Springfield, NH)
• Micro Motion CMF100 Sensor Enhanced Core Processors – 1-1/2” 150# (Located Springfield, NH)
• Micro Motion Transmitters, 2700 R12 3B 2EZZZ and 1700 R12 AB CEZZZ (Located Springfield, NH)
• Endress Hauser 3” Flowmeters, Model 63FS80-FTW00A2591W Promass 63F (Located Springfield, NH)
• United Conveyor Crusher Grinder, Model 2102 – 27” x 20” (Located Springfield, NH)
• Tonkaflo 3” Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump, Model SS8510KB (Located Springfield, NH)
• PJE Grundfos 1” CRN1-6 Centrifugal Pump with ¾ hp Motor (Located Springfield, NH)
• Alfa Laval Tri-Clover 3” x 1-1/2” S/S Centrifugal Pump Volutes (Located Springfield, NH)
• Lewa Ecodos ½” EEC 0025 S13 Diaphragm Metering Pump (Located Springfield, NH)
• NPT Chromalox 3” Steam, Air, Gas Circulation Heaters, Model GCHI-06-020—E4 (Located Springfield, NH)
• Allegheny Bradford SS HE423300 Heat Exchanger (Located Springfield, NH)
• Anderson 4” S/S Magnetic Flow Meters (Located Springfield, NH)
• Allen Bradley, AB, VAMP, Bently Nevada Miscellaneous Controls (Located Springfield, NH)
• Fisher 1” 300# Control Valves (Located Springfield, NH)


• Krones Autocol Labeler, Model Autocol 747, S/N 279 with Hot Stamp Coder, Bar Code Reject, High Speed Reloader. There are 5 sets of change parts for round containers ranging in size from 50ml to 500ml bottles. All Manuals and Programs are included. AB Controls are completely upgradeable. (LIKE NEW NEVER INSTALLED) (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
• Kiss 6-Spindle Capper, Model ACT-06 with Waterfall Sorter (Fully Rebuilt) (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
• Mouvex S/S Pump Head, New, Model SLS 24 (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
• Raque 9-Head Piston Filler, Model PF1-9 with Traveling Head and Positive Shut-Off Valves, (New Old Stock)(Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
• (4) Irinox 4-Cart Capacity Aprox. 12 ft. L x 5 ft. W x 7 ft. 4″ H Blast Chillers, Model HCM 602/450 (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
• Hobart Dishwasher, Model FT900 with Tray Conveyor (Completely Refurbished) (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County
• Cames Cork Sorter, Model P7-15, 480 V, Made in Italy (Located Glouster, OH) Athens County


• Krones VarioJet Rinser, S/N 562-256, 480 Volts, 3 Phase, with Double Door Control Cabinet, with Allen-Bradley PLC & Allen-Bradley VFDs (LOCATED IN NEW BRIGHTON, PA) (RIGGING, LOADING, & SITE MANAGEMENT FEE:  $3,000.00 USD)


• Groen 500 Gal. Jacket Mixing Tank, Model RA-500, Type 316 SS, S/N 55363-1 with 8.6 / 4.3 HP Motor, 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase (Located Fort Worth, TX)
• New Allegheny Bradford 7 Gal. S/S Reactor, Model VE449200, S/N 034483-1-1-1, Year 2012, Volt 120 (Located Fort Worth, TX)
• Macau Laser System, Model K-1030 SP, S/N 04652FL3030 0703, Volt 115 (Located Fort Worth, TX)


• Groen 470 Gal. S/S Processor, S/N 64279 (Located Lewisville, TX)
• Champion Industrial Dough Roller (Located Lewisville, TX)
• Acme Bench Dough Roller, Model MRS20, S/N 1207 (Located Lewisville, TX)


• (3) Great Dane Aprox. 48 ft. Tandem Axle Trailers, Model 7211TZ with Roll-Up Rear Door, Aluminum Dairy Floor and with Thermo King SB-190 or Carrier Reefer Units (Located Cabot, VT)
• 48 ft. Tandem Axle Trailer with Roll-Up Rear Door, Aluminum Dairy Floor and Carrier Reefer Unit (Located Cabot, VT)


• Johnson Cheese Shredder, Model 9600, All S/S Sanitary Construction, Dual Lane Feed to Handle Up to 40 pound blocks, Each Lane measures 24″ L x 8-1/2″ W x 8-1/2″ High. System is rated up to 10,000 lbs. per hour depending on feed rate, System has Speed Control, Portable on Casters, NOTE: Tetra Pak purchased Johnson Industries so all parts and services is now supplied by Tetra-Pak, Manual Included – Last Used at McCan Foods to Shred Mozzeralla, System remains in excellent condition (We will crate the unit for $400 dollars to ship common carrier) (Loading Fee $100) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• Blentech S/S Sanitry Batch Steam Cooker, Model SM-4848-PJS, Year Mfg. 2002, Lasted utilized in the food industry, MAWP PSIG 45 at 292 Degree F, MDMT 45 PSIG at -25 Degree, Pressure Jacketed and Live Steam Bottom Injection, Scraped Surface Agitation with Paddles, Aprox. 22 cu. ft. working (630 Litres), Unit was recently Ultrasound Tested for Jacket Integrity. (Replacement Cost today is Aprox. $200,000). NOTE: Unit will need Top Steam Cover Lid and Shaft Sears in Rear– The Photo shows 2 Units There is Only One Available – One Has Been Sold) If You Need Additional Information Please Ask, and we will get whatever you require. (Loading Fee $500) (THIS SYSTEM SHOULD SHIP VIA FLATBED – PLEASE INQUIRE FOR SHIPPING RATES) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• PMR (Packaging Machinery Resources) Dual Lane Continuous Container Filler, Sealer, Lidder, Model 1300, S/N 20070207, with All S/N Sanitary System, 440 Volt, Allen Bradley Micrologic Controller, Allen Bradley PowerFlex Speed Controller, Allen Bradley Panelview 300 Control Pad, Unit is on Casters, System is rated at Aprox. 30 Containers Per Minute, Current Container Diameter is Aprox. 6", — This System Denests the Containers, Fills the Containers, Puts a Protective Seal on the Container and then Lids. (NOTE: This System will need to Ship Via Flatbed so please inquire for shipping costs) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• Multivac T400 S/S High Speed Tray Sealer, Model T400, S/N 116900, Mfg. 09/2007 — System last used in the dairy industry doing containers of Cheese. The Multivac T400 Tray Sealer is a high performance tray sealer combining speed and flexible output to produce up to 60 trays per minute. Wide Range of Sizes it is fully automatic, gas-flushing tray sealer and can accomodate materials such as plastic, barrier foam and paperboard; Suitable for use in high speed continuous operation food production such as Soups, Sauces, Fresh and Cooked Meat, Small Goods, Stocks, Powders, Cheese and More, Medical or Consumer Goods Facilities. System will require a vacuum pump as this system had a remote Busch RA250 Vacuum Pump with a Panda Booster. System will come with a Multivac WW700 Tool Chaning Cart; 3- Different Size Change Parts will also be included with this system; Attached are some schematics from Multivac along with a line card for the unit. System will need to ship via flatbed. Please inquire about shipping rates. (Loading and Crating Fee $600) (Located Hortonville, WI)BC Cast 800 Gal. S/S Sanitary Dome-Cone Processor, Model BC-PWP800, S/N 19824-17388-14-02, Scraper Agitated, 3-Zone Jacket, 2-Side Zones, 1 Zone Cone, 5 hp, 230/460 V Drive, Single Motion Scrape Agitation Sides and Cone, 2″ Ball Valve Outlet, Sprayball with Baffle, Side Ladder, 20″ Manway, Aprox. 64″ Diameter x 60″ Straight Side x 15″ Cone, Overall Dimensions 64″ Diameter x 130″ High, Adjustable Foot Pads, (THIS UNIT SHOULD SHIP VIA FLATBED) (Loading Fee $300) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• BC Cast 800 Gal. S/S Sanitary Dome-Cone Processor, Model BC-PWP800, S/N 19824-17388-14- 02, Scraper Agitated, 3-Zone Jacket, 2-Side Zones, 1 Zone Cone, 5 hp, 230/460 V Drive, Single Motion Scrape Agitation Sides and Cone, 2″ Ball Valve Outlet, Sprayball with Baffle, Side Ladder, 20″ Manway, Aprox. 64″ Diameter x 60″ Straight Side x 15″ Cone, Overall Dimensions 64″ Diameter x 130″ High, Adjustable Foot Pads, (THIS UNIT SHOULD SHIP VIA FLATBED) (Loading Fee $300) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• CSE S/S Sanitary Steam Injected Screw Cooker / Blancher, Model CCS.2014.W, S/N 85002, Aprox. 20″ Dia. x 14 ft. with Aprox. 20″ Dia. x 14 ft. L Auger, 10 Bottom Steam Injected Ports, 3-Hinged Covers, Insulated Sidewalls, 2.5 hp, 208-230/190 Volt Motor thru Reducer, Chain and Sprocket. This unit was last used in the food industry. This unit will need to ship via Flatbed due to the length (Loading Fee $500) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• 200 CU FT Stainless Steel Liquids/Powder Paddle/Ribbon Blender, (111 cu ft capacity to top of agitator arm, Trough measures: 48″W x 96″L x 80″; deep overall, Agitator is 46″; dia with 3-1/2″ wide blades x 3/8″ thick, Single shaft, No mfg tag, 3 inch end bottom drain; 21-1/2 clear to ground, 2 hp SEW Eurodrive, 1720 rpm, Gearbox tag info: 1720 7.4 232.29 109.2, Unit has counterbalanced lid, Lid has (3) 3 inch inlets and (1) 2 inch inlet, OADS: 77″W x 120″ L x 108″ H (add 30″ to height if lid installed), Unit last used in the food industry, Used in excellent working condition, Blender will need to ship via flatbed (Loading Fee $1,000) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• Fords Holmatic PR-15 Inline Cup Filler, Sealer and Overlidder. System is currently set up for a 6.75″ Dia. Container 32 oz., Capable of Speed 10 – 30 Containers per minute depending on fill, Can use containers up to 7″ Tall., 240 Vac, 60 hz, 3 Phase, 20 Amp, System is portable on casters and can be moved easily, Overall length of the unit is 16 ft. Long, This will need to ship via flatbed due to the length of the system. Please inquire about shipping rates. System was last used in the food industry and remains in excellent working condition. Original owner purchased new. Complete folder with everything ever done to this system. Manuals included as well. There is also a crate of spare parts for the system. (Loading Fee $300) (Located Hortonsville, WI)
• Grote S/S Sanitary Slicer/Applicator, Model S/A, We have Many Different Sizes of Tooling for this Slicer; Product Size up to 6″ (152.4 mm) Dia., Slicing Zone – 22″, 30″ or 48″ Wide; Slice Thickness up to .5″ (12.7 mm) standard, up to 1.5″ (38.1 mm) Optional; Slicing Zone Widths 22″ (558.8 mm), 30″ (762 mm), or 40″ (1016 mm); Electrical 200 – 575 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase; Water 40-100 PSI (required with some products) — The Slicer/Applicator slices and applies a wide range of products directly onto your processing lines in multiple lanes with rpecise targeting; customize to your operation with head and lane configuration, slicing zone size, left or right hand orientation and cantilevered design. Continuous product loading with gravity feed and optional low-level sensor reduces downtime and maintains slice quality. Its new sanitary design features an open channel frame and easy access for fast and thorough cleaning. Slice and apply or bulk slice up to 150 strokes per minute, per lane; stack and shingle up to 120 strokes per minute, per lane; Custom Height, Frame Orientation, Head and Lane Configurations; Continuous Product Loading Reduces Downtime; Sanitary Design with New Open Channel Frame, Watershed Enclosure and Easily Removable Parts; Last Used in the food industry slicing cheese, Used in excellent condition. (Loading and Crating Fee $700) (Located Hortonville, WI)
• Dixie Evolution Thermoformer, Model Evolution, S/N EVO.0211, Mfg. 1998 — System last used in the dairy industry doing cheese — Unit is in excellent condition and comes with numerous spare parts. This system will need to sheep via flatbed (Loading Fee $250) (Located Hortonville, WI)