Moving Sale: Food and Beverage Packaging and Processing Equipment



Cheraw, SC

List Below is Very Abbreviated and Preliminary. Please Check Back Soon for Updates.

2010 Watec RO System

2010 Watec CI250-2 RO System, New Never Used, 250,000 Gallons Per Day, Protec Membrane Vessels, 15 Stage Pumping System with a 200HP Motor, 316L Stainless Steel Construction, Ultra Pure Water for Phar, Process Water for Food and Beverage or Desalination of sea water at 250,000 GPD, Model: CI250, Serial Number: CI250-0006


Crown 45 Valve Filler with 6 Head Crowner, Setup for Glass. Perfect for Soft Drink or Beer, Model: 45 Valves – 6 Head Crowner, Serial Number: D-45-6-UB-75

AVE and Zalkin Bottle Rinsing Filling and Capping Line (Triblock), Complete Spirit Rinsing Filling and Capping Line (Running Glass), Running 0.2L Flasks, 0.75 Round Bottles 1L and 1.75L at Speeds Between 300BPM and 216 BPM depending on Bottle Sizes, Cap Sizes 36×52 Ropp, Prima 36 and 30x44mm Caps Plus the Flame Arrest Insert, This Line Includes the following Items, Triblock Rinser AVE Uniblock Model RAI-V-60/80/12/XX, 300BPM, 60 Head S/N 991904, Triblock Gravity Filler AVE, Uniblock Model 60/80/12, 400BPM 80 Heads with 14mm Valves, 80BPM For 1.75L, Cap Elevator Fowler Model BDC-24, Cap Sorters (3), Service Engineering Mod 24CCW Year 2009, Zalkin Model U1299 Year 2008, Zalkin Model U1200 Year 1999, Cappers (2) Zalkin Mod ZTRO-12/576 Year 2008, 12 Heads S/N T6635, Zalkin Model 12, 12 Heads, Includes Tooling For all the above bottle Sizes. Also includes the Flame arrest inserter for High Proof Products, Model: 60/80/12, Serial Number: Filler 991904, Capper: 5288

Fogg 36-10 Filler Capper, Setup for 16oz PET Bottles with 28mm Caps, Model: 36-10, Serial Number: N/A

H&K Delta 66 Valve Filler with Alcoa 11 Head Capper with Double Pre Evac, 66-valve Filler With 11-head Capper, Setup for 20oz 28mm caps, H&K Delta 600-66-11 66-valve Filler With 11-head Capper. Capper New Main Bushing On Main Spindle, New Gear Box. Filler New Bull Gear, Model: 600-66-11, Serial Number VF66-84-71

H&K 92 Valve Can Filler, Rotary Can Filler last running carbonated soft drinks at 1300 cans/minute on 12oz. cans, Removed 2011 from production, Last ran with Angelus 121L Seamer, sits on mild steel base, includes transfer conveyor and spare parts, Model: CF-92-18

KHS 96 Valve Filler / Alcoa 16 Head Capper with Double Pre Evac, Double Pre Evac Monoblock Filler/Capper last setup for soft drinks, Will also fill PET Water Bottles with proper change parts, Neck Support Features, Capper setup for 28mm PTOC and 1881, Stainless Steel Shrouding, Allen Bradley PLC with Panelview 1000 Operator Touch Screen, Stainless Steel Construction, Cap Hopper/Blower included, In operation till April 2011, Annual PM performed – valve rebuilds, etc, Model: Delta 3600 96-85-60 Filler, I223-16-Capper, Serial Number: 76-Filler, 0014-Capper

Horix 64 Valve Filler, Stainless Steel Package, Model: 64 Valve, Serial Number: 102

Liqui-Box Automatic Bag in Box Filler, includes Accurate Flow Meter, Set-Up to Run 1/2 Gal. (LBA Filler) and Liquid Box S/S Filler Control Panel including Ohaus Digital Scale, MasterFlex Vitamin Pump and Eaton Dynamic AF1500 VFD (LBA Filler HM1), Model: CIT-A, Serial Number: PC-01

Liqui Box BIB Filler Semi-automatic filler, Model: 1000 CIT, Serial Number: 95425

Hartness Distilled Spirits Filler, Includes Hartness Arol Tri-Block Rinser Filler Capper currently setup for 750ml and 1L bottles with 28mm ROPP Caps, Tri-Block System 21-60-12, Model: Global Fill 8100, Serial Number: W8100003 *RIGGING $10,000*

Cappers, S/S Cap Elevators, Cap Hoppers

KHS Single Head ROPP Capper, Single Head Capper, Model: MCS-J216, Serial Number: J216

Sidel Crown Feed System with Elevator,Stainless Steel Frame, Setup for Crowns, Model: CF2024, Serial Number: C04-36-0001

New England Cap Torquer, Stainless Steel Frame, Automatic Height Adjustment, Model: SO3/540, Serial Number: 9213

Anchor Hocking (Crown-Cork) Metal Lug Twist Capper, 38mm Metal Lug Twist Cap, Stainless Steel Chain, Touch Screen, Stainless Steel Frame, PLC Controlled, Stainless Steel Hopper Included, Model: Metal Twist Capper, Serial Number: 183B

Arol Cap Sorter, Lats Setup for 28mm Caps, Model: Cap Sorter, Serial Number: N/A

Stainless Steel Cap Elevator

Aidlin Stainless Steel Waterfall Cap Hopper, Stainless Steel Package, Includes Control Panel, Plastic Belting, Last Setup for 38mm and 43mm Caps, Model: 2024, Serial Number: 45082-H


Serac Cap Rinser

2002 Serac Rionde SA Cap Rinser system, Rionde SA Cap Rinser system, Model WAP4 #100, Previously running cap 38VIJPlast Twist-Plus, 38MM, Rated 33000-36000 CPH, Used with H202 process, Model: WAP4, Serial Number: 100

Aries Drinkable Yogurt Packaging Line

Aries Packaging Over Wrapper (Sleever) Model 602. Taking bundles of drinlkable yogurt bottles and overwrapping a cardboard sleeve. Allen Bradley panelview 1000 operators station. Nordson Vista gluer, Model 602 Serial Number 41

Lane Diverter/Combiner: Series 47; Type 270. Rotary Placer for Sleeve. Wrap Around Station. Hot Melt Glue Nordson Pro Blue 7. This Applied the Overwrap/Sleeve to 4-6-8-12 Packs of Yogurt. Product Flow: Right to Left Type: 602. Series 133 Model 602 Serial Number 133

Single Pick and Place Head. Allen Bradley Servo Drives. Allen Bradley Panel View 1000 Touch Screen, Busch Vacuum Pump. Infeed Lane Conveyor 20 Inches Wide x 131 Inches Long. These machines were used for the loading of 4,6,12 packs of Yogurt. The pick and place units are capable of doing a double stack. The style of packaging is wrap around. It is a stationary presentation where the Flat sheets are formed around the placed Product and Glued (hot melt) closed. Servo pick and place Vacuum pick up heads can be re tooled for different product sizes. The Wrap around carton is the same. Carton size varies from product to product. The listings do include some infeed and exit conveyor. Model: Axiom Serial Number: M-10404

Hartness Dynac Accumulators

2007 Hartness Dynac 6400SE Accumulator, Stainless Steel Frame, Allen Bradley 5/04 PLC Controlled, AB Panel View 600, Model: Dynac 6400SE, Serial Number: W64885SE

Hartness Dynac 6400 Spiral Accumulator, 10 ft. Long 5-Tier Spiral Accumulation Conveyor, Stainless Steel Construction with Plexiglass Panels, Bypass Conveyor and Allen Bradley Panelview 550 Touch Screen Controls, Model: 6400, Serial Number: 64-101

Bottle Unscrambler

New England Empty Bottle Unscrambler, Stainless Steel Frame, Allen Bradley SLC 5/02,  Individual AC Variable Speed Belt Drives, 60 inch Sorting Bowl, Integrated 50 Cubic Foot Hopper with Vertical Elevator, 5-15 cfm. @ 80 psi, Model: NEHE -500, Serial number: 2116

Posimat High Speed Compact Unscrambler, Dual Chamber System, Last Ran 16oz and 32oz @ 650 BPM, 54 Pockets (28 per chamber) with Ptrans-Flex Conveyor, Machine Operation is to the Left,  300ft of Gebo Air Conveyor with control panel and incline hopper transfer from air conveyor to silo available, Excellent Condition, Model: BI- Posiswitch – 30, Serial Number 10321


2007 Krones Contiroll Roll Fed Labeler, State of the Art Roll Fed Labeler for Wraparound Labels, Dual Aggregate Machine for High Speed Labeling, Change parts for 16oz. PET Bottles, Fingerless Grippers, 20 Station Rotary Machine, Integral Machine Guarding Lift Up Door Design, Allen Bradley Servo Logix Controls with Touch Screens for Operators, Stainless Steel Construction, Model: Contiroll 960 – 20 Heads, Serial Number: K745M49

2003 Krones 18-Head Canmatic Wrap Around Rotary Labeler, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC, Last Ran .5L PET @ 350 BPM, Full Guarding, Full Wraparound Hot Melt Glue, Dual Nordson Pro Blue Glue Units with Allen Bradley Panel View 1000, Model: Canmatic 18 Station, Serial Number: 073-R29

Krones Autocol Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Setup for 50ml Bottles, 18 Station, Label Unwind Station, Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC, Model: Autocol, Serial Number: 747-167

Krones 12 Station Canmatic Labeler, Maltese Cross, Maltese Cam for Rectangular Bottles or Cans, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, Nordson Pro Blue 10, Nordson Eclipse Pattern Control, Model: 12 Station Canmatic, Serial Number: 73-F17

Krones Canmatic 24 Station Labeler, Includes Control Panel with Allen Bradley 5/30 PLC, Change Parts for 10oz 12 oz and 16oz Round Bottles, Upgraded in 2005 with new glue parts, label baskets and change parts, Right to Left In-feed, Last Ran 800 BPM with KHS Innofil 96/24 Hot Fill Juice Filler Capper, Model: Canmatic 24 Station, Serial Number: 73-D91

Krones 18 Station Roll Fed Labeler, Includes On- Board Glue Pod, Set-Up with 11 oz. Change Parts, Label Check System, Left to Right Machine, Model: Contiroll, Serial Number: 745-165

Krones Contiroll Roll Fed Labeler, Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC with AB PanelView 600, Setup for .5L and 20oz PET Bottles, Model: Contiroll 745, Serial Number: 745-170

Krones Combi-Solomatic Labeler, Change Parts for 12oz, 500ml, 20oz, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC, Cut and Stack Labeler with Pressure Sensitive Neck, Model: Combi-Solomatic, Serial Number: 019-377

Krones 42 Canmatic Labeler, Canmatic Style with a Solomatic Aggregate (never used), Allen Bradley SLC 5/02 PLC Controls. Has Auto Lube System, Krones Label Inspection System, Infeed Conveyor and Discharge Conveyors, Multiple Change Parts from Glass: 300ml, 12oz, 23oz, 1Liter to PET 1.25L and 18oz, Model: Canmatic 24, Serial Number: 071-529

Langguth 12 Station Cut and Stack Labeler, Nordson 3400V Glue Unit, Setup for .5L, 20oz, 24oz PET Bottles, Adjustable label basket with Continuous Loading for zero down time, 57-110mm min/max container diameter, Label Height 25-235mm min/max, Label Length 190-430mm min/max,  Model: E62  12 Station, Serial Number: 97094

Trine 6500 Roll Fed Labeler Nordson Glue unit, Stainless Steel Frame, Dual Unwind Station, Allen Bradley PLC, Model: 6500, Serial Number: 065M65186

PE Rotary Roll Fed Labeler, Applies Roll Fed Label with Hot Glue to Round Bottles, 810mm Diameter Carousel, 18 Bottle Plates, 2 Cutters, Container Diameters from 55mm to 115mm, Label Lengths from 180mm to 375mm, Currently setup for 32oz. or 1L PET, Programmable Formatting for Labels and Positioning, Servo Drives with Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 and Panelview 1000HMI, Servo Motors on Label Vacuum Drum and Cutting Drum, Stainless Steel Construction, NEW Vacuum Pump included, Manuals included, Model: Rollmatic S-810/18T/1S-1L (2-3-375), Serial Number: Y581010124

Tecma Pak Multi-Packer

Tecma Case Erector, Packer And Sealer System CE Marked, Case former model FM2501GC, with Allen Bradley Panelview 300 operators station, safety panels, Case sealer with Nordson Vistatech hot melt gluer, safety panels, Case packer with saftey panels, 20″ wide X 64″ long belt conveyor from case former to case sealer with 12″ wide bottom belt, 7″ X 6′ long belt conveyor from case sealer to palletizer, Model: FE 2400 Serial Number: 00876

Pearson Carton Combiner

Pearson C2240 Carton Combiner, Last Setup Glueing (2) 12 Pack Fridge Packs Together, Allen Bradley Compact Logix C31 PLC Controlled, Pneumatic: 3.0 SCFM @ 80 PSI (0.085 m3/minute @ 551.2 KPa), Nordson Pro Blue Glue Unit, AB Panelview 600 Model: C2240 Serial Number: 2005224010761

Case Erectors

SWF Model 201 RH Case Erector, Upgraded 2008 with Nordson Pro Blue 10, Allen Bradley Micro Logix, Allen Bradley MIcroview Capable of Erecting HSC, RSC and Wax Cases Box Range 5.57″x24″ Long / 5.75″ x 24″ Wide / 10″ x 33″ Deep

Moen Bliss Box Case Erector, Allen Bradley Panel View 1000 Touch Screen, Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC Controlled, Model: PF106-E FFB, Serial Number: 128-1890

Stone Bag in Box Case Erector, Setup for 5 Gallon Bag in Box, Speed up to 20 CPM, 440V 60HZ 3PH, Model: 1516, Serial Number: CE97G960

Loveshaw Padlocker  Packaging Systems Case Erector, Model: CF-40-T, Serial Number: 4173

Maxco Case Erector, Model: ME 600 BIB, Serial Number: L1030

Case Sealers

Pearson Random Case Sealer, Seals Random Case Automatically, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC Controlled ,RSC, CSSC, Split Minor Tray, Bliss Cases, 4.68 kVA Pneumatic: 0.82 SCF/Cycie @ 80 PSI (0.023 m3/cycle @ 551.2 KPa) Shipping Weight: 5200 Ibs (2363kg), Model: M475, Serial Number: 2003-0451068

Pearson Random Top Adjustable Case Sealer, With Dekka Sentry 4 Tape Head, Flap Folding Station, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC, Allen Bradley PanelView 300 Micro Display, Eco Drives, (2) VFD’s, 460 V, 3 Phase, Plexiglass Enclosure, Max Case Size 26in Long x 26in Wide x 19in High Min Case Size 12in Long x 8in Wide x 3in High, Model: N430 Serial Number: 10843

Pearson All S/S Top Level Case Sealer, With Dual Drives, Aprox. 18 inch W Belt x 8 foot L, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC Controls, Allen Bradley and 300 Micro Display and (2) ABB VFD’s, Model: 2250, Serial Number: 2003225010092

Klippenstein High Level Adjustable Tape Case Sealer Model SK600TH, Taped Two Fridge Packs Together to send to a palletizer, Year 2005, serial number 2505, dimensions 10ft Long x 3ft Wide x 5ft High, Speed 25-30 CPM, Electricity 240v 60hz 3ph, Model: SK600TH, Serial Number: 12505

2011 ABC Model 436 Glue Top Case Sealer, Includes Nordson Mesa Glue Unit, Nordson Eclipse Pattern Control, Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4, Stainless Steel Frame and Gull Wing Doors, Case Range (min/max) 8in/24in L x 6in/17in W x 4in/17in H

3M Bottom Case Taper, Adjustable Case Sealer, 115V 60HZ 1PH 3.8 amps, Model: 800ab, Serial Number: N/A

Case Packers

Hartness 825 Case Packer, Last Setup for 16oz 24 Pack Cans, “Soft Catch System”, Stainless Steel Frame, Hartness 2200 Laner available at additional cost, Model: 825, Serial Number: 8240-8653

Hartness Model 100 Case Packer Stainless Steel Frame, Last Ran .5L 20oz 24oz 12 and 24 Pack, 3.5ft Bottle Infeed Height, 1.5ft Case Infeed Height, Model: 100, Serial Number: N/A

Hartness 825 Drop Packer with PLC, Mild Steel Construction, Allen Bradley SLC 5/02 PLC, Very good condition, last running 64oz. PET Bottles, Model: 825, Serial Number: 8-541

Palletizers, Depalletizers, & Pallet Wrappers

Alvey 920 High Speed Case Palletizer, High Level, Includes Pallet Dispenser, Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC, Allen Bradley PowerFlex 70, Model: 920 Serial Number: 01-KL31119

Alvey 800 High Level Palletizer with Slip Sheet Inserter, Siemens S5 PLC Controlled, Touch Screen Slip Sheet Inserter, Pallet Feeder, 40×48 Pallets, Metering Belt, 200ft of 2008 Hytrol Case Conveyor available, Model: 800, Serial Number: 01-K4441112

PAI 6300 High Level Palletizer, Last Ran 20oz PET Bottles in 24 pack Plastic Shells, Includes Infeed and Discharge Conveyor, Line Divider, Case Turners, Pallet Dispenser plus much more, Model: 6300, Serial Number: 6300-67

Litton UHS Von Gal High Level Dual Lane Palletizer, Single Slip Sheet Feeder, Dual Pallet Magazine, Over Head Feed With Indexing, Dual Controls for Stacking Program, Dual Infrapak Pallet Wrappers; Model: SPLX-4840-LH-REPD Serial Number: 1885

Sentry Depalletizer Can Discharge Conveyor, Year 2005, Sentry Depalletizer Discharge Conveyor W/dust Off Suction. With NY Blower 100-153 AVF Year of Mfg. 2005, Model: Can Depal Discharge Conveyor, Serial Number: N/A

Lantech S1503 Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper, 110in Wrap Height, Allen Bradley SLC 5/01 PLC, Includes 20ft Pallet Conveyor, 35 loads per hour, Maximum Load Size: 56in Long x 44in Wide x 110in High, 460V 60HZ 3PH 15A, Power Roller-Stretch® Plus Film Delivery System 250% Stretch, 20in Film Size, Serial Number: SC001031

ITW Mima Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper, Semi-Automatic, Single 120 Volt, Single Phase, Small Footprint, Rotary Arm wrapping for unstable or heavy loads, Model: Cobra IV, Serial Number: 30187

Alliance Pallet Feeder/Stacker, Alliance Pallet Feeder/Stacker, Stainless Steel. 10’9 Long x 4’8 Wide x 8’1 High. Holds 240 volts 60 hz 480 amps. Type: 4x, 12 k CAT NO: HBLDS3, Model: Pallet Feeder/Stacker, Serial Number: 29460

(2) Klippenstein Independent Pallet Stacker, Klippenstein Independent Pallet Stacker,  7-1/2 ft L x 5 ft W x 7 ft H ,Model CSK894, Serial Number: 13809

Alliance Pallet Feeder/Stacker, Stainless Steel. 10’9 Long x 4’8 Wide x 8’1 High. Holds 240 volts 60 hz 480 amps. Type: 4x, 12 k CAT NO: HBLDS3, Model: Pallet Feeder/Stacker, Serial Number: 29460

Ambec Pallet Stacker, Ambec Pallet Stacker – 7 ft L x 5 ft W x 9 1/2 ft H, 3 ft x 3 ft Pallets

Hartness Octopick 3200 Uncaser

Hartness Octopick 3200 Uncaser, 8 head Linear continous motion uncaser, places bottles on 18″ wide thermoplastic table top chain at 52″ elevation, empty cases go out 32.5″ wide power roller conveyor, change parts for both 1.5ml and 750ml glass, machine runs at 86 cases per minute on 1.5ml and 48 cases per minute on 750ml, currently running at 86 cases per minute. Allen Bradley Control Panel. Guards/Doors. Automatic Central Lube, LH (Clockwise Rotation), HRS Painted Silver Metallic, DC Controls, Unit to be in operation until June 2011 with removal in July 2011. Available for immediate inspection and purchase. CAD Drawing available for download. Model: Octopick, Serial Number: 32-011

Bottle/Can Warmer

Convay Systems 8×35 Bottle/Can Warmer, BWA-835-B-S-CR 8′ X 35′ Package Warmer. Steam Or Hot Water, Model: 8×35, Serial Number: 94-12-EXO581

Conveyors, Air-Veyors, Switches & Accumulation Tables

Ambaflex SV-600-1600 Spiral Case Elevator. 24″ Wide Slats. 16′ Lift. Year of Mfg. 2005, Model: SV-1600 -600, Serial Number 4428-01

Alliance 8′ x 30′ Stainless Steel Accumulation Table, Center Drive, Model: 8×30, Serial Number: N/A

Ambec 10×30 Accumulation Table, Stainless Steel Frame, Bi-directional Center Drive  Intralox Plastic Belt, Includes Rails and Legs, discharge conveyor available at additional cost, Model: 8×30

Simplimatic 28mm Air Conveyor,120ft Straight, 7 Blowers, 2 Curves, All Stainless Steel, Model: 28mm, Serial Number: M3048

Can Lines Inc. Case Elevator, Stainless Steel Frame, with Infeed Conveyor and Control Panel, Infeed Conveyor 2-1/2ft H, Discharge 7ft H

Sasib Case Switch, 5 SCFM @ 65 PSI, Model: Horiz. SW 750-72, Serial Number: 002016-A1

Stewart Case Switch,Mild Steel Frame, 3 to 1 switch, Model: 750-48-1, Serial Number: DK62357-A

Hytrol Metering Case Conveyor, 6ft Long x 12in Wide x 2ft High, Model: Metering Conveyor, Serial Number: 442041

Hytrol Section Power Case Conveyor, Aprox. 91 inch L x 27 inch W Section Power Case Conveyor with 12 inch W Belt and Drive, 3 Phase with Leg Supports, Model: CH, Serial number: 432287

Tanks and Likwifiers

Chicago Stainless Equipment 3000 Gal. Horizontal Jacketed Tank, Model: 3000 Gal, Serial Number: 1837

2000 Gal Stainless Steel Mixing Tank, Top Mounted Drive, Dual Bladded Agitation Model: 2000 Gal

2002 Walker 300 Gallon Liquifier, 316SS, Top Manway, 2in Outlet, 316 Stainless Steel Tank with Frame, Tandem Mounted Motor, Model: Liquiverte 300 Gallon, Serial Number: SPG-30750-2

Date Coders

Domino DPX1000 Extraction System for Laser Coder, Includes HEPA Filter for Carbon and Chemical Particles with High Capacity Filter Bags, Independent Controller so it can be applied to any standalone Laser Coder, Model: DPX 1000, Serial Number: 082225-0521

Video Jet Excel 2000 Ink Jet Coder, Stainless Steel Frame and Cabinet, Single Printing Head, 100 psi, 50/60Hz, 1Ph, 100-240V

Video Jet Excel 273se Ink Jet Coder, Stainless Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Cabinet, Dual Printing Heads, 100 psi, 50/60 Hz, 1Ph, 100-240V

Video Jet Excel 273se/AF Auto Flush Ink Jet Coder, Stainless Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Cabinet, Dual Printing Heads, 100 psi, 50/60 Hz, 1Ph, 100-240V

Video Jet Focus S25 Laser Coder, High resolution, clear codes, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, Simple user interface with user definable, security levels, Dual printhead capability, print RSS/ Composite bar codes and 2D symbols, Font Sizes: Scalable from 0.01″ to 5.0″ (0.025 cm to 12.7 cm), based on lens

Video Jet Focus S25 Laser Coder, High resolution, clear codes, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, Simple user interface with user definable, security levels, Dual printhead capability, print RSS/ Composite bar codes and 2D symbols, Font Sizes: Scalable from 0.01″ to 5.0″ (0.025 cm to 12.7 cm), based on lens option, Mixed font capability, Hand-held terminal: 40-key, alpha-numeric keypad, Model: FOCUS 25, Serial Number: 062980001 WD

Domino A200 Ink Jet Coder, Stainless Steel Cabinet, Membrane Touch Pane, Includes Stand, Self-Cleaning Ink System, Flexible Applications Up to 4 lines in a variety of print formats, Model: A200, Serial Number: N/A

Video Jet Excel 270i Ink Jet Coder, Dual omni-directional print heads.  Prints up to three lines of code per head.  Suitable for a wide range of industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automative parts, steel products, electronics, and more, Model: Excel 270i, Serial Number: I291481136

Inspection Equipment

Filtec Fill Height Level Detector, Model: FT50,  includes a detection system that captures data both horizontally and vertically, then makes multiple, intelligent and accurate decsions to automatically identify and reject unacceptable containers, Model: FT 50, Serail Number: 110866

Filtec FT 50, Model: FT 50, Serial Number: 115065

Filtec Fill Height Level Detector, Model: FT50,  includes a detection system that captures data both horizontally and vertically, then makes multiple, intelligent and accurate decsions to automatically identify and reject unacceptable containers, Model: FT 50, Serial Number: 112289

Pulsar EX CO2 Quality Assurance System, provides real-time information on contaminant levels in carbon dioxide. With the Pulsar EX, you can detect contamination before it reaches the final product, The analyzers in the Pulsar EX use one of two measurement methods, Pulsed Ultraviolet Fluorescence (PUVF) or Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR). Both technologies are based on the absorbance or emission of light (optical spectroscopy) and require no additional chemicals or external gas cylinders, Detection Capabilities:  Total Sulfur, Total Volatile Hydrocarbons, Total Aromatic Hydrocarbons Acetaldehyde Model: EX, Serial Number: 20015454

Heuft Case Inspector, overfill and underfill check with foam compensation, closure detection, residual air detection, leakage check, bottle burst management, label check, serial fault detection which emits a switch-off pulse, continuous monitoring of the filler valves and the closer heads, automatic sampling, reliable rejection of faulty containers, individually definable laning onto several lanes, Model: Spectrum TX, Serial Number: 9809065, 2MG009392

Shrink Wrappers

Arpac Shrink Wrapper Bundler with Heat Tunnel, Automatic Wraps Bottles/Cans with Clear or Print Registered Film, No Trays or Pads, Uses FILM ONLY, Includes Infeed Spacing Conveyor, Wrapper, Heat Tunnel, Discharge Conveyor, Allen Bradley PLC, Currently setup for 6 packs but able to run other packages, Model: B2-1C/2C, Serial Number: 2178

Poly Pack FIL 24 -32 CHL Tray Shrink Wrapper, Intermlttent Motion Sealing with total closure wraps for large rectangular or round products ranging up to 32 inches In diameter Speeds up to 25 cycles per minute, Stainless Steel Frame

Handle Applicator

Paktech A2001 Twin Pack Handle Applicator, New Never Installed, Allen Bradley MIcrologix PLC Controlled, AB Panel View 600 Touch Screen, Triple Head Design, Stainless Steel Frame, Skidded and Ready for Shipment, Model: A2001, Serial Number: TPA-2001

Mojonnier Carbo Coolers, Carbo Mixers & Deaerators

Mojonnier M56 Carbo Cooler, Allen Bradley PLC Controlled, 56 Plate Series 60 Carbonating Tank, Gravity Ammonia System, M Flow Mix, Hot CIP Capable, Updated DSI Controls, Mild Steel Tubular Frame, Model: M56, Serial Number: 9439

Mojonnier 72MM Carbo Cooler, Stainless Steel Frame, Includes Waukesha Model 30 PD Pump, Model MM Flow Mix, (2) 2in Mass Flow Meters, Ammonia Injection System, Hot CIP Capable, Model: MetraMix 72mm, Serial Number: 10613mm

Mojonnier Deaerator with Tri-Flow 5 Hp Pump, Stainless Steel Frame, Model: DA-3

Mojonnier Skid Mounted Carbo Mix, Complete w/ Centrifugal Pump rate at 115 PSI at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, Model: FE, Serial Number: T8962CM

Mojonnier Carbo Mix, Stainless Steel Frame, 6300GPH, TriFlo 5 Hp Pump, Hot CIP Capable, Includes Control Panel, Model: 2400K, Serial Number: 9876CM

Blister Packager

Alloyd Rotary Blister Machine Sealer, 36 inch diameter rotary table, 8 inch by 11 inch nesting tray size, Model: 4SC 6/9, Serial Number: 91-623


Knoll Progressing Cavity Pump,Stainless Steel Housing, Model: MX30S-60/10, Serial Number: 483180

Goulds / Bell and Gossett Water Transfer Pump, Size 3×4-8, Impellor Diameter 7 11/16, 60HP Motor, Model: 3×4 – 8, Serial Number: PH004986

GE Osmonics Tonkaflow RO System Pump, Nominal Pump Performance: Boost 565psi 39bar, Flow 140 GPM 31.8  m3/h, Max Inlet Pressure 200psi 14bar, Max Discharge Pressure 750psi 51bar, Max Liquid Temperature 125ºF, 75HP Motor, Model: SS12522KE, Serial Number: 129832399

GE Osmonics TonkaFlo Ro System Pump, 60 Hz – (3450 Rpm) , 50 Hz – (2875 Rpm), Model: SS24012KE, Serial Number: C39830919R-1

Waukesha Positive Displacement Pump Head comes w/ 2-1/2″ Clamp Type S/S Head (NOTE: Missing Rotors and Cover Assembly), Model: 60, Serial Number: 21290SS

ShipCo Duall Condensate Return Pump, Unit Model DSS – U X0353, 1.5 Hp, Voltage 460/3/60, Electrical Control Panel S/N 58944, Motor Voltage 460/60, 3Ph  Control Voltage 115/60, 1Ph,1.5HP, Model: DSS-U- X0353, Serial Number: 58944

Sperry Vickers 20 HP Hydraulic Pump w/ Oil Tank, Model:  20 HP Hydraulic Pump, Serial Number: 680870

Plant Support Equipment

Triple S Boiler BTU 1,800,000 Nat Gas

Ingersoll Rand Centac-1CV14M2 400-hp Centrifugal Air Compressor [s/n-M99-10371 ; Year 1999. Design: CFM 1852 ; PSIA 14.2 ; PSIG 115 ; RPM 3575. With Siemens 400-hp Induction Motor

LeRoi Air Compressor Package – Includes Air Dryer & Water Cooling System, 100 PSI air compressor with water cooler,  300 Hp Motor and hankison compressor air dryer model, CLD1550, S/N H1657926001-1, Model: A 219-238 G16, Serial Number: 4222X141

Boge – Air cooled Air compressor, Boge Ratiotronics, F.a.d. 322 CFM, Max service pressure 115 PSIG, Motor speed 3600 RPM, 75 HP, Model: S 75, Serial Number: 36051

Sullair 25Hp Compressor 230/460 Volts, 56.2/28.1 Amps, 60Hz, 3530 Rpm, Model: 8E25H, Serial Number: 003-93229

Atlas Copco Air Compressor, Air cooled, Max final pressure (e) bar 7.5, Free air delivery I/s 36.8, Motor power kW 15, Max speed r/min 1500, 20 HP, Model: GA 15, Serial Number: 769995

Ingersol Rand T30 5Hp Air reciprocating Air Compressor, Model: T 30, Serial Number: 810171

Ingersol Rand DXR25 Air Dryer, Model: DXR25, Serial Number: 96EDXR2583

Hankison Model HPR10-115 Air Dryer 10 SCFM @ 100PSIG &  100ºF  17.2m, Includes Controls and (2) 5HP Pumps, Model: 25CB15-30, Serial Number: QDU507 0441655

Richmond Engineering 100-1 400-Gallon Air Receiver Tank [s/n-K-41659. 96″Straightside x 36″Diameter], Model: 100-1 400 Gal, Serial Number: K-41659

Advantage Portable Glycol Chiller, Max Operating Pressure 100, R22 Refrigerant, Temp 48-70, Model: TIPS – 30W – 42HRX, Serial Number: 78602

Vilter A446 100-hp 6-Cylinder Ammonia Compressor. s/n-16708 AH R, includes control panel, Model: A446, Serial Number: 16708 AH R

Alfa-Laval A-15-BWFD Plate And Frame Ammonia Chiller, Model: A-15 BWFD, Serial Number: S 30107-98648

Century Ammonia Chiller

Evapco PMCA-1170, 830-Ton Evaporative Condenser, Model: PMCA 1170, Serial Number: 943064

BAC FXV-432 73-Ton Closed Circuit Cooling Tower, Model: FXV-432, Serial Number U071770401

Baltimor Aircoil Company Cooling tower. Has matching chiller if needed. 8’9 High x 5’2 Wide x 19’2 Long. Actual cooling pump runs 480 volts 5 kw and 3 PH. Fan runs 230/460 volts 60 Hz 15.0 HP 3 PH 1745 RPM and 40.0/20.0 FL Amps, Model: VTL-137-LVCX, Serial Number: 95200491

Baler Total Height (outside) 147″ (92 + 55) (Top 1 Down) ,Baler Width (outside) 77″, Baler Depth (outside) 37″, Up to Four Wire Strapping, 10HP Motor, 208-230v 60hz 3ph 28/13 amps, Fill Load 87.5%

Additional Equipment

BFT 28ft Long Inline Gripper Rinser, Stainless Steel Frame, Low in Low Out, Includes Control Panel,  Model: 28ft Long, Serial Number: N/A

Moen BL901 Case Lidder, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC. Quick Panel Touch Screen. Extended Lid 58 Hopper. Rate of Production: Up to 28 c.p.m, Size Capacity: Length 10in Min – 24in Max, Width lOin Min – 18in Max. Depth 8in Min – 14in Max, Air usage per cycle in SCFM 1.209, Model: BL901, Serial Number: 901-1490

Owens – Illinois Contour Applicator, Oi Contour Applicator Carrier Supply Chute Support-Adjustable Carrier Supply Chute Holds Approx. 500 Carriers Vac. Pump Rebuilt 1999. Stainless steel. 11’11 long x 4’6 wide x 7ft high. Holds 240 volts 60 hz 480 amps, Model: 104-200 series, Serial Number: 104-235

IAC Full Depth Uncaser Head, Stainless Steel Frame, Includes Portable Rack, Model: 3×4, Serial Number: 93-270-008

Fanuc Robot, Includes Control Panel

Moorfeed 30″ S/S Vibratory Feeder System, Includes 30″ x 24″ S/S Feed Hopper Mounted on Base w/ Controls, Model: 73006, Serial Number: 441620

Tri-Star Systems/Camco 6-Station Rotary Pick at Place Automatic Indexer, Complete w/ Omron Sysmac C200HG PLC Controller and (2) Vari-Pak VFD’s, Model: 240LPP2H24-4H24, Serial Number: 00145551

ACS Tamper Evident Foil Sealer,ASP Series, Previously Ran 34.4 MM @ 550 CPM, Model: Triple Tab, Serial Number: P2616

API Heat Tunnel, 8ft Long x 2ft Wide x 6ft High, Model API, Serial Number: N/A

AGC Engineering AR5M-S1 Plate Heat Exchanger, Max Temperature: 250F,Max Pressure: 200, 82 x 17 x 62 Tall Plates 4 Inch Inlets and Outlets, Model: AR5M, Serial Number: 06326

US Filter Media Filter Tanks, 3ft Diamter x 7ft High, Model: Media Filter, Serial Number: N/A

Signode Table-Tyer Changeable leg  height, Strapping size 1/4″ – 1/2″ – 3 ft L x 2 ft W x 3 ft H, Model: Table-Tyer, Serial Number: TT – 4409

Southworth Pallet Lift Table, Stainless Steel Frame, Model: TL L-6/36 Serial Number: 44936-01

Stainless Steel Pallet Lift Table, Includes Small Compressor, Model: SS, Serial Number: N/A

Artos CS600 Wire Stripper/Crimper, Strips the ends off wire and crimps on a terminal, (2) crimp presses w/ Eurodrive motors, Model: TU8M 96, Serial Number: 51243-003