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May F&B Processing & Packaging Consignment Auction

FEATURED AUCTION  |  ONLINE  |  May 16th – 30th, 2019



Groen 316 S/S 125 Gal. Kettle, M/N TA-125 SP, S/N 38565-1, Max. WP 90 PSI @ 388 F, MAWP 20 PSI @ 300 F, NAT’L Board: 135026, with Top Mounted Motor, Mounted on S/S Legs

Groen 316 S/S 100 Gal. Kettle, M/N DN/TA-100SP, S/N 39798-3, Max. WP 45 PSI @ 300 F, NAT’L Board: 134956, with Tilt Frame and Pour Spout, Top Mounted Agitation Motor

Lee S/S 100 Gal. Kettle, M/N 100D7-T, S/N B5443A, MAWP Jacket 90 PSI @ 332 F MDMT -20 F @ 90 PSI, NAT’L Board:  4882, Top Mounted Agitation Motor, Mounted on S/S Legs with S/S Air Valve

Lee S/S 100 Gal. Kettle, M/N 100D7-T, S/N B1699A1, Jacket 90 PSI @ 322 F 140 PSI, NAT’L Board: 3691, Mounted on S/S Legs, with Top Mounted Agitation Motor

Lee S/S 40 Gal. Kettle, M/N 40D9MS, S/N A8592 C2, Jacket 50 PSI @ 300 F 77 PSI, NAT’L Board: 3209, with Anderson Chart Recorder, AJ-300, with Steam Piping and Valves, with Top Mounted Agitation, Mounted on 48″ x 48″ Portable Frame



Stephan S/S VCM, M/N VM 300, S/N 723.288.01, 220 Volts, 60 Hz, Mounted on S/S Frame, with S/S Panel, with 33-1/2″ Dia. x 21″ Deep Bowl with Blade


Cheese Vat System

Damrow 40,000 lb. Double O S/S Cheese Vat, Jacketed, with 5hp 1725 rpm 208/230-460V 3 Phase Drive Motor, with Safety Door and Hinged Lid, Includes Starter Panel, Related S/S Air Valves, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 12’W x 13’H), Auto Vat # 1

Damrow 40,000 lb. Double O S/S Cheese Vat, Jacketed, with 5hp 1725 rpm 208/230-460V 3 Phase Drive Motor, with Safety Door and Hinged Lid, Includes Starter Panel, Related S/S Air Valves, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 12’W x 13’H),  Auto Vat # 2

Damrow 40,000 lb. Double O S/S Cheese Vat, Jacketed, with 5hp 1725 rpm 208/230-460V  3 Phase Drive Motor, with Safety Door and Hinged Lid, Includes Starter Panel, Related S/S Air Valves, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 12’W x 13’H), Auto Vat # 3

Double O Cheese Vat Control System Includes 2-Door Oakes Burger Panel, with (2) 6’L x 90”H x 21”D AB Remote Racks, Cat 1771-P7B,  15 Slot, (1) with Input and (13) Output Cards, with 30”L x 30”W x 12”D S/S Control Panel, with Hope Industries 23” Touch Pad Display, (Note: PLC Panel Located Upstairs & Touch Pad Display Panel Located on Deck)

Double O Cheese Vat Control Panel with 7’H x 38”w x 18”D Vat Temp Panel, with Yokogawa Controls and Switches, (Located on Deck)

S/S Operator’s Platform, 24’ 4”L x 6’W x 76”H, with (2) Sets of Stairs, S/S Handrail, L-Channel Support, Fiberglass Grating

Tri Clover PR300 Positive Displacement Curd Pump, with 4” CT S/S Lead, Approx. 5hp Drive Motor

Ampco 15hp Centrifugal Pump, Model AC-4410MD2ST-S, S/N CC-81010-1-1, 1765 rpm, 230/460V 3 Phase, 4” x 4” CT S/S Head

CIP System

Past CIP System 3-Tank (Not Skid Mounted), 5’H x 4’W S/S Single Wall Tanks, 450 Gallon, with Hinged Lids, with Ampco 15hp 13500rpm Centrifugal Pump, Model 316-DG-210TC, S/N 1829265-5-1, 2.5” x 1.5” CT Head, (12) TLC + 2’ x 4” S/S Air Valves, with Control Panel with Partlow MRC 7000 Recorder

Ampco 15hp 1760rpm Liquid Ring Centrifugal Pump, Model ASP225-2525-25, S/N CC-63770-1-1, with 2” x 2.5” CT Head, 230/460V 3 Phase

Tank Room

Approx. 3,500 Gallon Horizontal S/S Jacketed Tank, with Painted Exterior, Vertical Agitator, Side Hinged Door, with Tank Valve and Top Mounted Air Valve, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 14’L x 8’W x 10’H to Top of Agitator)

Chester Jensen Approx. 2,000 Gallon DT CB Insulated S/S Tank, S/N 1026, with Top Mounted Hinged Lid, Tank Valve Ladder, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 10’H x 8’ W)

Boiler System

Highlander 350p Horizontal Boiler, Model 350WB10S, S/N 1551, 150 psi, 8,400,000 BTU, with Industrial Combustion Burner, Natural Gas Fired, with Related Valves and Controls (Approx. Overall Dimensions 18’L x 6’ 6” W x 7’H)

Mepco Deaeration System / Feed System, with 7’L x 42”W S/S Tank, (2) Grundfos Pumps Valves and Controls, Chemical Feed Pumps

Cheese Room

8’L x 20”W x 19”D Jet Spray S/S Wash Trough, with Fristam 5hp Centrifugal Pump, Mounted on Casters

(2) Kusel 10-Station Pneumatic Cheese Pressing Stations, with 12” Press Plates, Press 57”H, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 91”L x 42”W x 88”H)

4’ H x 20”W S/S Cheese Cyclone, Mounted on S/S Bracket, Stoelting Curd Blower System, with 25hp Blower, with 1755rpm Motor, 230/460V 3 Phase

24”H x 22”W S/S CIP Tank, Mounted on S/S Legs, (For Cyclone System)

S/S Cheese Pressing Station, with 13”L x 10”W Press Area, 15”W Mounted Conveyor, with 18”: x 14”W S/S Rice Lake Platform Scale, with Digital Readout, Mounted on Casters (Approx. Overall Dimensions 80”L x 28”W x 82”H)

Cryovac 14”W S/S Bagger, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 37”L x 21”W x 38”H), Mounted on Casters

200 LB Cheese Block S/S Cutter, Pneumatic, with 33”L x 12”W S/S Plate, Mounted on Casters, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 100”L x 42”W x 86”H)

2016 Johnson Industries 2-Way S/S Cheese Cutter, Model 4002, S/N 8408-01, with (3) Cutting Plates, Controls, Mounted on Casters, Plate Cutting Area 15.5”L x 8”H, Includes Johnson 3’L x 14”W Portable Conveyor Model 1500, S/N 8559-01


Vacuum Packaging Line

Old Rivers/Cryovac 4-Station Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine, Model 8610-14, S/N 0724105, 460V 3 Phase, with Controls (Set up to do 5 7 10lb. Cheese), (Capable of Packaging 20lb. with New Plates-Not Included), (Vacuum Pump Not Included)

Nercon 2 Piece Infeed and Outfeed Conveyor, Approx. 11’L x 18”W, 180 Degree Inclined Conveyor, with Intralox Belt and Drive Motor, 31” to 42”H, Other Section 4’L x 18”W, Port, No Drive

Cryovac 30”L x 12”W x 10”H S/S Steam Shrink Tunnel

2018 Mettler Toledo Safeline S/S Metal Detector System, Model 400103, S/N 520334, 12’W x 6.5”H Opening, Mounted on 90”L x 12”W x 47”H Power Conveyor with SEW Drive Motor

Tray Former, (Located on 2nd Floor)

2012 Combi Horizontal Tray Former, Model HTF, S/N HTF07249943, 240V, 3 Phase, with AB MicroLogix 1400 PLC, (2) AB VFD’s, with Panelview C400 Display, Set Up For Tray Size 15”L x 6”W x 5.5”D, 10lb Box For Deli Swiss, (Approx. Overall Dimensions 174”L x 63”W x 99”H)

Surplus Equipment

(4) Universal 200 lb. S/S Swiss Cheese Vats, Inside Dimensions 184”L x 33”W x 24”D, with Screens

Wauk PDP, Model 130, S/N 89753SS, with 4” CT S/S Head, Approx. 10hp Motor, Mounted on S/S Frame

TLC 20hp Centrifugal Pump, with 4” x 4” CT S/S Head, 1760 rpm, 230/460V, 3 Phase

Nercon S/S Conveyor, 92”L x 18”W x 32”H, with Drive, Intralox Belt

5’L x 16”W x 33”H Conveyor, with Drive (Note: Belt Not Included)

S/S Air Vacuum System with Attachments

(2) 14” S/S Star Power Valves, (For Curd Transfer), with 7” x 7” Duct and 4” CT Connector, Mounted on S/S Frame

24”W x 22”H Portable S/S Tank (Cheese Rennet Tank)

5’H x 36”W S/S Single Wall Vertical CIP Tank with Hinged Lid

APV  35”H x 10”W S/S Plate Press, S/N 19512, with (40) Plates


2004 International 4300 Tanker / Water Truck, VIN 1HTMMAAL45H116866, with DT 466 with Diesel Engine, Air Brakes & Automatic Transmission, 241,830 Metered Miles, with 2007 Curry Supply Company 2500 Gallon S/S Tanker, Model 902138, 5 Position Sprayer, with On-Board Pump, (Yellow)

1998 Ford 4-Axle Tanker Trunk, VIN 1FDZS96M9WVA20223, with CAT C12, Diesel Engine, 8 – Speed Transmission, Air Brakes, 155,216 Metered Miles, with 1990 Walker 5,500 Gallon S/S Tanker, Model BPC-158, (Blue)

1995 Bar Bel Fab Inc 6,500 Gallon Tandem Axle S/S Tanker, Model 103SM, VIN 4BUEFD1B7SB955425