MacDermid / Autotype 2 Plant Liquidation

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Middletown, DE & Bridgeview, IL

Web Converting, Bulk Chemical, Lab & Plant Support Equipment 


(39) S/S Metal Craft 470 G. Portable Stackage Totes

Middletown, DE


  • Aprox. 700 Gal. Dome-Top Dome-Bottom Jacketed Reactor/S/S Tank with Thru Floor Design with 14/5 hp Lightnin Dual Triple Prop Agitator, 1725 RPM, 460 V, Dimple Jacket, Related Valves (Mix System) (Interior Dimensions Aprox. 64” H x 59” W)
  • Aprox. 700 Gal. Dome-Top Dome-Bottom Jacketed Reactor/S/S Tank with Thru Floor Design with .30 hp Lightnin Triple Prop Agitator, 290/1755 RPM, 460 V, Dimple Jacket, Related Valves (Work Tank) (Interior Dimensions Aprox. 64” H x 59” W)
  • (2) Aprox. 500 Gal. Dome-Top Dome Bottom Jacketed Reactor/S/S Tanks with Thru Floor Design with 3 hp Lightnin Triple Prop Agitator, 1760 RPM, 230/460 V, Sprayballs, Related Valves, Mounted on Load Cells with Mettler Toledo Digital Read-Out, (1) Tank has Top Mounted S/S Infeed Hopper with Inline Filter (Interior Dimensions Aprox. 76” H x 47” W) (Tank V1 and V2)
  • Aprox. 20 Gal. Dome-Top Dome-Bottom S/S Powder Blend System with Aprox. 2 hp Mixer/Agitator and Related Valves (Dimensions Aprox. 20” H x 20” W)
  • Mix Room Control System includes Siemens Micro-Master VFD Controls
  • (2) Application ENG Tank Process Water Heaters (located in Dryer Room)

Other Items in Mix Blending Department (2nd Floor)

  • Aprox. 500 Gal. Dome-Top Dome-Bottom Solvent Tank with Top Mounted Hatch and Tank Valve (Dimensions Aprox. 60” H x 52” W)
  • Aprox. 300 Gal. Dome-Top Dome Bottom Solvent Tank with Side Mounted Bolted Man Door, Foxboro Liquid Level Transmitter, Dimple Bottom Jack and (1) Wilden Pump (Dimensions 66’ H x 36” W)
  • Givaudan Corp. Aprox. 90 Gal. Dome-Top Dome-Bottom S/S Tank, S/N SE50 with 15 psi Jacket and Wilden Pump (Dimensions Aprox. 30” H x 30” W)
  • S.M.C. G.P. 10 hp High Pressure Wash System with Explosion Proof Electrical Boxes and Mercoid Gauges


  • Aprox. 150 Gal. Reactor/S/S Tank with Aprox. 5 hp Triple Prop Lightning Mixer, Jacketed, Related Valves (Dimensions Aprox. 32” H x 36” W)
  • (4) S/S Inline Filters
  • (6) Diaphragm Pumps, Goulds Centrifugal Pump and Related Valves and Piping
  • Ultima Gas Monitoring System Throughout Batch Process Area

Mix Room – Process Control System

  • Process Control Cabinet with Siemens VFD’s, (Located in Coating Lamination Control Room)



Complete line available for immediate sale!
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Polyester Film Coating Lamination – Coater #1 Area

  • Black Clawson Braked Winder/Unwinder Splicing Station and #1 Pull Roll Web Path, Model 20, S/N 307N283747, Currently Operating with 52” W Rolls, Will Extend to 66” W includes Drives, Winder includes Hydraulic Operated Side Shift with (2) Fife Hydraulic Systems, Controls and Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 Display
  • Aprox. 7 ft. 10” H x 68” W Pneumatic Splicing Station with Some Controls
  • Aprox. 66” W Pneumatic Top Mounted Roll Feeder
  • Nip #1 Pull Roll Web Path with 66” W Roll Area, 2/5 hp Drive, 230/460 V with 44” Rotator and 30” Spacing
  • “W” Aprox. 13 ft. 4” L Accumulator with 66” W Rolls, Drive Motors, Idlers, Plexiglass Enclosure, Allen Bradley Controls with PanelView Plus 1500 Touchpad Display, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 9 ft. H x 9 ft. W
  • Beta Scanner, #G-856-1, (1 of 2), (Note: Isotopes Properly Removed)
  • Fife Web Bridge/Edge Guide Base Roll #CDP-01 with 68” W Rolls and Fife Controls, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 9 ft. L x 66” W x 8 ft. 2” H
  • Bachofen + Meier AG Bulach (BMB) Reverse Roll Coater, S/N 15’084/87 with 68” W Roll, Drive Motor, Reverse Roll Coater, Metering Bar, Air Knife LB 3-D, Catch Pan, Vacuum Roll and Controls
  • Teknek 63” W Film Cleaner Station with Diaphragm Pump
  • Coater #1 with Zink Associates Inc. Coating Process Consultants Coater System 66” W Roll, 62” W Ultracoat Extrusion Die, S/N 92-14553 with Drives, Diaphragm Pump, Valves, 240 V, 2 hp (Upgraded Die at a Cost of $80,000.00)
  • Beta Scanner, #G-856-1, (2 of 3), (Note: Isotopes Properly Removed)

Polyester Film Coating Lamination – Coater #3 Area

  • Coater #3 with Direct Stat Tandem Coating Web Path, 70” W Roll, 68” Fixed Die, Model Fife-Symat-300A/Stand, Technical 703073-M309759, Ref #W)-303541 – 11/2007 with 5 hp, 1740 RPM Drives, 208-230-/460 V, 3 Phase, Diaphragm Pump and Operator’s Platform

Polyester Film Coating Lamination – Area #2

  • Black Clawson Winder, Model 20, S/N 303D283534 with 54” Rotate, 4-Roll 38” Centers, 69” L Rolls with Drives
  • Black Clawson Turret, Model 521, S/N 283E284212 with Drives and 64” Rolls
  • (W) Aprox. 13 ft. L Accumulator with 69” W Rolls, Drive Motors, Idlers, Plexiglass Enclosure, Controls, Overall Dimensions Aprox. 9 ft. H x 8 ft. 8” ft. W
  • ZNK – Zink Associates Nip Roll and Inspection Station, Order #157-83-172-84, S/N 538D-100591 with 66” W Rolls, Controls, Drive, 2 hp, 1760 RPM, 240 V, 3 Phase
  • Black Clawson Web Winder/Unwinder Roll Stand Dual Positioner, Model 10, S/N 229D283958 with 66” W Rolls, Drives, Motalvo System 3000 Controls, S/N 8459
  • Zink Laminating Station, Model 157-88172-84, S/N 588P-100582 with Rubber Rolls and Heated or Cooled Steel Roll, Drives, Controls, (2) Fife Guide Hydraulic Pump, 67” W Rolls, 5 hp, 1750 RPM, 240 V, 3 Phase
  • Brimrose Luminar 2020 A0TF NIR Film Analyzer
  • Image Automation Limited Fast Scan Retro Reflective Laser System
  • Beta Scanner, #G-856-1, (3 of 3), (Note: Isotopes Properly Removed)

Lamination Line Process Controls

  • Operators Console
  • 2-Door Coater and Drying Line Process Control System with (3) Allen Bradley PLC Controller/Remote Panels, (Located on Lamination Production Floor)
  • Control Panel with Allen Bradley Master PLC Controller, (Located in Control Room)
  • 2008 Upgraded – 6-Bank Electro Flyte Control Panels with Siemens VFD’s, (Located in Control Room)


  • ZNK Aprox. 200 ft. L UV Curing Coating Line Inclined Tunnel Dryer, Order #157-83170-84, S/N 1115R-100256, Metal Constructed, Aprox. 66” W, 8-Section Unit includes (8) DC Drive Motors with Allen Bradley 1336 VFD’s, Idlers, AEC Temperature Control Systems, Automation Inc. Exhaust Controls

Coating Line Tunnel Dryer Controls

  • 2-Door Control Cabinet with Direct Logix 205 PLC Controls, (Located in Control Room)


  • 2004 Magnum Oil Heating System Super Radiator Coils, S/N 16555-1 with MAWP 150 psi @ 400 Degree F, Min -20 Degree @ 150 psi, (Located Outside)
  • (8) AMG Heat Transfer Fluid System Forced Hot Air Handlers, (Located Throughout Dryer Area)



  • Oxidizer System Includes Vertical Vessel, (2) Circulating Pumps & Related Valves
  • 4-Door Oxidizer Control Panel with Allen Bradley PLC, Direct Logix 205 PLC Controller (Located in Control Room)


  • (3) Carrier Air Handlers with (3) Carrier 2-Fan Chillers, Model 38AKS034601, S/N 3804F59728; Model 38AKS024621, S/N 1203F22367 and Model 38AKS034601, S/N 3604F56943 460 V, 3 Phase
  • 2005 NYB 36” Blower, Size 136, Type AF, S/N Z02741, 23,800 CFM with 200 hp Circulating Fan, 1785 RPM, 460 V, 3 Phase
  • 2005 NYB 23” Blower, Type 105 2308, S/N Z02741 NALUM with 15 hp Circulating Fan, 3450 RPM, 208-230/460 V, 3 Phase
  • Pall Air Dryer with Vertical Receiver



  • 2006 MEE Industries Mee-Fog Humidification System, Model FM-060-B230, S/N 060174 with GE RO Systems, Model E2-1690-DLX, S/N 06-1227002 and Filters, Water Softening System, Poly Holding Tank with Pump, CAT High Pressure Wash System and Harmsco Filter


Semi Clean Room #1

  • Rosenthal 60” Sheeter, Model WA-S-5-HIBUBTEVAAA, S/N 73007 with Inverter Drive System, TSB Air Brake, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC with PanelView 300 Touchpad Display, 120 V
  • Diplomat Gerhard Zoll Aprox. 39” W x 64” L Air Positioning/Shaker/Jogger Table, Model 701, S/N 6171869
  • (3) Additional Air Positioning Tables – Aprox. 39” W x 39” L, 29-1/2” W x 49” L, 35-1/2” W x 71” L and 49” W x 49” L
  • Wohlenberg 70” Guillotine Cutter, Model 180, S/N 3013-011 with Aprox. 101” L x 70” W Air Bed Discharge Table, Light Safety Curtain and DigiKut Positioner Programmable Controls, 220 V
  • Clamco Heavy Duty L-Seal Packaging Machine, Model 5348, S/N 2545 with Aprox. 48” L x 26” W Sealing Area, 34” Tubing, 220 V, Single Phase
  • Durant 60” Rewind Machine with Hydraulic Positioning Table, Hydraulic Pump and Square D Controls

Clean Room #2

  • John Dusenbury 60” Slitter Rewinder/Winder, Model 835-AT, S/N 59432 with Mitsubishi Melsac FX-48HMR Controls, ITW Simco Ion IQ BPS Power Supply, Richmond Pulse Flow Static Controller, 10 hp, 460 V, 3 Phase including Change Parts
  • SHM 63” L Sheeter, Type 1400 DK SHEETER, S/N 3A518 with Auto Square Adjust, Web Guides, Trim Salvage Winder, 480 V, 3 Phase includes EDM Aprox. 66” L x 56” W Discharge Table, Model HDAT, S/N38305 includes Blower, Canatran Transformer and Operator’s Platform
  • Wohlenberg 61” Guillotine, Model 155 (MCS), S/N 3091-010 (PLC) with Air Bed Table, Aprox. 78” L x 61” W Air Bed, Aprox. 49” L x 38” W Discharge Table, Light Safety Curtain and Micro-Cut Programmable Controls
  • (2) Additional Aprox. 25” W x 50” L Air Positioning Tables
  • Seal-A-Tron L-Seal Packaging Machine, Model S-3260, S/N S326098C11P with Aprox. 64” L x 26’ W Working Area, 120 V and Infeed Skate Conveyor
  • Vibac Robopac Case Sealer, Model Sealast 65TBV, S/N KN/013078, Single Phase
  • Uline Semi-Automatic Poly Strapping Machine, Model H-959, S/N 608106535, 110 V, Single Phase


Tank Farm – Outside

  • Feldmeier 12,000 Gal. Vertical S/S Tank, S/N A07799-A1 with Bottom Exterior Dimple Jacket, Bottom Side Bolted S/S Man Door, Tank Valve and Ladder, MDT -20 Degree F @ 50 psi and Jacket MAWP 50 psi @ 200 Degree F, Overall Tank Dimensions Aprox. 15 ft. 11” H x 134” W (MEK Tank)
  • Schmidt 6,500 Gal. Vertical Binder Tank, Board No. 1207, S/N E3686 with Bolted Side S/S Man Door, Level Sensor and Ladder, MAWP 50 psig @ 150 Degree F, Overall Tank Dimensions Aprox. 19 ft. H x 98” W (Note:  Sediment inside Tank)

Auxiliary Equipment Throughout Tank Farm Area

  • Goulds 3/2 hp Centrifugal Pump
  • Sterling 10/7-1/2 hp Variable Speed Positive Displacement Pump

4-Story Building

Items Located on 4th Floor

  • Aprox. 1,200 Gal. Cone-Bottom S/S Weigh Tank with 1 hp Dual Prop, Mounted on Load Cells, with Fairbanks 3052 Digital Read-Out, Tank Valves, Safety Screen, Tank Dimensions Aprox. 6 ft. H x 73” W (Unit WT41)
  • Aprox. 1,200 Gal. Cone-Bottom S/S Weigh Tank with 1 hp Single Prop, Mounted on Load Cells, with Fairbanks 3052 Digital Read-Out, Tank Valves, Safety Screen, Tank Dimensions Aprox. 6 ft. H x 73” W (Unit WT42)
  • (3) Aprox. 63” H x 66” W Dome Top, Cone Bottom Poly Tanks
  • Aro 3,000 lb. Pneumatic Electric Hoist with Trolley
  • NYB Exhaust Blower with Ceiling Support Mount
  • (2) Inline Filters; Diaphragm Pump; Pallet Jacks; Barrel Dolly; Foreman’s Desk and Emergency Eyewash Station
  • Respirator Gear Cabinet with Supplies

Items Located on 3rd Floor

  • Aprox. 500 Gal. Dome-Top Reactor Tank with Jacket, 5 hp Motor, Tank Valves, Bolted Top Man Door (Unit R31)
  • Aprox. 375 Gal. Reactor Tank with Jacket 15 hp Motor, Glass Line Stainless, Bolted Top Man Door, Pfaudler Tank, S/N E3-71-1600 with Agitator – 3315/7015; Valves and Jacket, Jacket MAWP 90 psi @ 40 Degree F, MAWP 100/FV psi @ 100 Degree F (Unit #R34)
  • Huckepack Vacuum Pump, Type 433002, S/N 22041, 250 cfm, Code S012CS with Busch Receiver
  • Budgit ½-Ton Mac Pneumatic Hoist System with Trolley
  • Fairbanks Portable S/S Scale with Fairbanks 3052 Digital Read-Out
  • Pack Master Pneumatic Barrel Press
  • Control Room with Brain Child includes VR18 Paperless Digital Recorder, Honeywell Digital Read-Out and Other Digital Control
  • Respirator Gear Cabinet with Supplies

Items Located on 2nd Floor

  • Schold S/S Mixer, S/N S18121 with 10 hp, 600/3600 Speed Motor and E-Z Arm Extractor System Dust Collection with Air-Flow System Exhaust (Mixer Dimensions Aprox. 52” W x 38” H)
  • JNC 20” 3-round cartridge Quick Pack SS Filter Housing
  • CMC 45 liter Media Mill, Aprox. 14” W x 34” L, SN# CMC-45-012, with 40HP, Class 1/Div 1 Group D, 3 phase/60Hz/460volt, 1800 rpm drive motor.  Disc speed 994 RPM/2482 FPM.
  • Gould Positive Displacement Pump with Variable Speed Drive
  • Portable Diaphragm Pump
  • CM Shop Air Pneumatic Hoist Barrel Lifter
  • (2) Portable Platform Scales with Mettler 3052 Digital Read-Outs, Model H90-3052D
  • Aprox. 5,000 lb. Platform Scale with Aprox. 48” W x 5 ft. Platform and GSE Digital Read-Out
  • Hydraulic Pallet Jack

Items Located on 1st Floor

Pack-Out Filling Room

  • Alfa Laval Plate Press, S/N 30100-60319 with Painted Exterior and Recently Upgraded New Plates
  • Alfa Laval Plate Press, S/N 30100-60320 with Painted Exterior
  • Aprox. 4 ft. x 12” Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • (2) Vari Temp Surge Tanks with Centrifugal Pump
  • Surge Tank with Pump
  • Surge Tank with (2) Pumps
  • Aprox. 5,000 lb. Capacity Infloor S/S Digital Platform Scale with 48” x 48” S/S Platform with Rice Lakes 320 Digital Read-Out
  • (6) Aprox. 11” W x 39” H Inline Filters with Valves
  • (2) FSI Aprox. 1 ft. W x 30” H Inline Filters with Valves
  • NCB High Pressure Wash System, Model 875E-11/8EP, S/N U802250-2 with 75 hp Motor, Explosion Proof Cabinet and Spare Motor includes 480 V Control Panel Located in R12 Room
  • General High Pressure Wash System

R12 Bulk Filling Room – Mezzanine Area

  • M-Coat Reactor, Cat #100B, S/N 0616700143, Aprox. 28” W withy Feed Apparatus, Mounted on Load Cells with Digital Read-Out, Model AD-4327B, Mfg. Terre Haute
  • Knight Ware Filter Crock Tank, Aprox. 34” W x 36” H, WG 285C30PP, Mounted on Stand
  • Aprox. 48” H x 36” W Poly Tank
  • Busch Vacuum Pump, Type RAU040.A005.1001, S/N C8820-1, 28 cfm with Aprox. 56” H x 24” W Vertical Receiver
  • XN ½-Ton Electric Hoist with Barrel Lift Attachment
  • Encon Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station

R12 Bulk Filling Room – Main Floor

  • Bulk Filling Line: Crandall Int. Bulk Filler, Model DN2-25-RD, SN 1222 with Mounted Digital Platform Scale, Survivor Hostile Environment IQ700SS Controls and Aprox. 36” L x 26” W Conveyor, Autolabe Dual Labeler System Mounted on Aprox. 76” L x 12” W Conveyor, Aprox. 5 ft. W Rotary Accumulation Table with S/S Table
  • (2) Portable Scales with Fairbanks 3502 Digital Read-Outs, Model H90502D
  • (3) USF S/S Inline Filters Mounted on Portable Stand – (1) Aprox. 41” H x 12” W and (2) Aprox. 42” H x 9” W
  • M3 TurboAir 2-Door S/S Fridge, Model M3R47-2, S/N M3R4L46024
  • Speakman Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station
  • VWR Refrigerator
  • Bulk Filling Station includes FWC Controller, Model DWM IV with Filling Valve
  • Digital Platform with 5 x 5 Platform and Fairbanks 3052 Digital Read-Out, Model 590-3062D (Utilized for Totes and Drums)
  • Aprox. 4 x 4 Platform Scale with GSE 355 Digital Read-Out
  • Aprox. 30” H x 8” W Portable Dual Filter System Mounted on Stand
  • CRO Diaphragm Pump



  • (2) 09 Fulton Rectangular Boilers, MOD/ PHW-2000, BN 109562 & 109567, NAT Gas Fired, MIN BTU input hr 400k, MIN BTU output hr 360k, MAX BTU input hr 2000k, MAX BTU output hr 1800k, 150 PSI Design PSI, With Honeywell Valves, Valves & Controls & MOD SYNC Sequencing System


  • York 4-Fan Chiller, Model Y14EN44A6EDNDBC, S/N (S) NKHM129726 with R22 Refrigerant, High Side 450 psig and Low Side 190 psig


  • Ingersoll Rand 100 hp Screw Air Compressor, Model Sierra-H100A, S/N TS160U00089, Air Cooled, Forced Air, Oil Free, 125, psig, 460 V, 3 Phase
  • Zeks Air Dryer, Model 500ZPA1HE00A, S/N 312581, 115 V, Single Phase
  • (2) Brunner Vertical Air Receivers


  • MCS Master Fire Pump System, Model DCFRA, S/N 31265 with Cummins Diesel Engine, 5000 GPM


  • 2010 Toyota 5,500 lb. Capacity Propane Forklift, Model 8FGU30, S/N 15216 with 3-Stage 187” H Lift, Side Shift, Weather Enclosure (ID #VF13)
  • 2001 Toyota 5,000 lb. Capacity Electric Forklift, Model 30-7FBCU30, S/N 60091 with 3-Stage 187” H Lift, Side Shift, EE Hazardous Rating (ID #VF12)
  • Raymond 4,500 lb. Capacity Electric Pallet Lift, Model 8210, S/N 821-15-10288 with EE Hazardous Rating (VF22) (Located in Photopolymers Building – 4th Floor)
  • Yale 4,000 lb. Capacity Electric Stand-Up Forklift, Model NR040ADNM24TE095, S/N B815N01554V with 3-Stage 200” H Lift (ID VF16) (NOTE: Needs Battery)
  • Multiton 2,000 lb. Capacity Walk Behind Electric Forklift, Model SM20-74, S/N 0802230479 with Roll Lift Attachment and 12 V Battery
  • 2006 Multiton 1,000 lb. Capacity Walk Behind Electric Forklift, Model SM20/63, S/N 200601029 with Roll Load Attachment and 12 V Battery
  • Ripco Ride-On Electric Pallet Jack (Inoperable)
  • Hydraulic Pallet Jacks
  • Liberty Rotary Stretch Wrapper, Model 500 Series with 60” Platform
  • Wulftec Stretch Pallet Wrapper, Model WHP-150, S/N 145-4-1-04-04 with 50” x 50” Platform, 120 V, Single Phase
  • Gorbel 2-Ton Jib Crane with Electric Hoist and Spreader Beam
  • Spanco 1-Ton Aluminum Portable Gantry Crane System
  • Portable Boom
  • 512A Material Lift, Vermette Machine Co., Inc., 500# cap. with Stabilizers, Manually Operated
  • McClain Hydraulic Compactor (Note: Box Not Included)


  • John Dusenberry 44” Core Cutter, Model 765AB, S/N 559432
  • Miller Arc/Tig Welder, Model 330A/BP with Foot Control
  • Thermadyne Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 50 Plasma Cutting System
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill, Model DR46-82 with Vise
  • Ridgid 535 Pipe Cutter and Pipe Threading Equipment
  • Dake Hydraulic Press
  • Craftsman 7” Metal Cutting Band Saw
  • (2) Rockwell Orbiter Grinder/Sanders, (1) Cat #31-125, S/N 8411229 and Rockwell and Baldor Double End Grinders
  • Sears Craftsman ¾ hp Bench Grinder
  • Rockwell Pedestal Drill Press, Cat #37-540 and Sears Craftsman 15-1/2” Drill Press
  • Task Force Miter Saw with Delta Shop Master Table
  • Burning Cart with Gauges and Torches
  • Welding Table with Wilton Vise including Welding Curtains
  • Workbench with Vise and Additional Wilton Vise
  • Flammable Storage Cabinets
  • Miscellaneous Hand Tools


  • New in Box 1.17 hp Lightnin Agitator; (6) Stanley Vidmar Cabinets; Assorted Spare Parts for Most Major Equipment including: Assorted Drives and Motors, Valve Parts;  Pump Parts; Asko Valves; Chart Recorder Parts; Foxboro Spare Parts; Fife Parts; Pullie-Drive Parts; Light Supplies; V-Belts; Hose Supplies; Conveyor Parts; LoveJoy Couplings; Bearings; Filter Supplies; Nut and Bolt Hardware; Load Dock Parts; Plumbing Supplies;  Assorted Safety Supplies; Miscellaneous Bander Parts; Piping Parts; Steel Stock with Rack; Hoist and Scale Parts; Port-A-Way Parts
  • Coating Line Spare Parts include Idler Rolls

Additional Surplus Equipment

  • Several Diaphragm Pumps; Viking Pump Heads; Dayton and Other Electric Hoist; Spare Motors and Drives; Busch R5 Vacuum Pump; Sahara Barrel Drum Hot Box, Model 10E4-C5, S/N J129207
  • (2) Aprox. 46” H x 41” D S/S Portable Tanks – (1) with Lightnin Agitator
  • M & W Portable Chiller, R408A Refrigerant (Uninstalled)
  • AEC Portable Chiller, Model DSA-3CH, S/N 84C086, R22 Refrigerant, 460 V, 3 Phase (Uninstalled)


  • Aprox. 9 ft. W x 7 ft. L x 10 ft. H Clean Air Entry Module, Model AS810-MP/NF/SP, S/N 9555 with (2) Hepa Aprox. 24” x 24” x 11.5” Filters, (2) Rapid Power Doors, 460 V, 3 Phase


  • MSA Gasgard 8 Oxygen and Legal Explosive Level Council Gas Monitoring Systems – Throughout Several Areas


  • Aprox. 48” x 48” Platform Scale with GSE 350 Digital Read-Out
  • Mobile Cool Portable Air Unit, Model MOB-42hp with Cooling Capacity BTU/HR 42,000, Heating Capacity BTU/HR 40,000, CFM 1400, 230 V, Single Phase
  • Assortment of Portable Cage and Other Racks; Steel Stock Racks, Steel Cabinets; Collapsible Totes; Banding Carts; Tape Machines; Portable Stairs; Positioning Racks; Foreman’s Desk; Rubbermaid Trash Cans; Ladders; Dollies; Shop Vacs; Lift Attachments; Barrel Lifts; Barrel Dollies; Scaffolding; Portable Boom; Scissorlift Platforms; Locker Sections


  • Solar Beam Screen Maker with Aprox 38” L x 28” W Plate Area and Digital Light Integrals
  • Sericol Screen Printing Wash System
  • Aprox. 64” L x 44” W Drafting Light Table

Additional Equipment Throughout Coating Department

  • Hoffman Central Vac, Model P1E-MOD, Filter Bag No. 002-0102
  • Straight Line Pneumatic Portable Sealer with Aprox. 24” W x 36” L Heat Seal Area and 51” L Table
  • Western Magnum Laminator/Hot Shoe, Model XRL300, Type Laminator Photoresist, S/N Proto with 24” Rolls, 240 V, Single Phase
  • NatGraph Light Table, Type MOD1HSDC, S/N 400001 with Aprox. 5 ft. L x 52” W Light Section, 240 V
  • Quasar Aprox. 39” W x 49” W Inspection Light Unit


  • (3) Rooms of Lab consisting of Lab Furniture and Cabients with Acid Resistant Tops, Center Island, (6) Fume Hoods, Ovens, Incubators and Other Testing Equipment, Flammable Storage Cabinets.
  • Schimadzu Gas Chromatograph, Model GC-8A with CR3A Chromatopac Printer
  • Olympus Microscope; VWR Scientific Hot Water Bath; Mettler AC100 Analytical Balance Scale; Despatch Oven
  • Additional Lab Equipment to be Added – Check Back for Details
  • Hach Sigma 950 Flow Meter Ultra Sonic Water Tester


  • 1996 Ford 4×4 F150 Pick-Up Truck, VIN #1FTDF18W2VLA26135 with Automatic Transmission, 8 ft. Bed, Snow Plow and Salt Spreader, Odometer Reading 100,425 Miles
  • 1976 Fruehauf Tandem Axle Trailer, Model FB8-F2-40ST, S/N FPX538827 (Unit #593-22) – (NOTE: I-Beams and Racking Components on Trailer)
  • Additional Storage Trailer

Bridgeview, IL


Assorted Storage Tanks and Reactors 

  • Various Mix / Reactor / Storage Tanks, Most with Lightnin & Cleveland Mixers.
  • Assorted Plastic Storage Tanks, Most with Cleveland Mixers

Ribbon & Paddle Blenders

  •   4,000lb. S/S Ribbon & Paddle Blenders

Auxiliary Processing Equipment Including:

  • Large Selection of Centrifugal Pumps by Thompson & Others




  • 2014 Aldrich Model AHFR-3000-G Boiler, Nat Gas

Air Compressor

  • Air Compressor by Quincy

Fume Scrubbers

  • (4) CPS / Heil Fume Scrubbers, Models (2) 730 and (2) 4000CFM


  • MCC Room



  • (3) Filter Presses
  • (3) DI Holding Tanks up to 4,000 Gal.
  • Settling Tank, Slope Tank
  • 500 Gal. Poly Tank
  • (2) DI Water Pumps, 60gpm, 480v



  • Selection of Electric Drum Pumps, Fire Extinguishers, Class ABC, Class BC, and Flammable Storage Cabinets



  • Drill Press
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Bandsaw



  • Assorted Lab Counters and Hoods