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2003 6-Head Uniloy Milacron R-2000 Blowmold, 60 HP AC Motor, Siemens AC VFD with Siemens Drive Controller, Air Barrel Cooled, Heater Bands, Bimetallic Barrel, 7-1/2” Head Center Spacing, 800 Gram Total Shot Size, 510 LBs/HR Throughput (.96 Density, .7 MI), 45” x 12” Platen Size (Single Clamp), 12 – 6” Mold Shut Height, 90 Tonnage Clamp, Rotac Energy Efficient Toggle with Full Lock-Up, Adjustabel Clamp “Daylight,” Siemens 505 Series Programmable Controller, Balanced Flow and Temperature Control Design, Pneumatic Prefinishing System with Double End Cylinders, Bleed Screw, Stripper Assembly, Front Die Adjust, Screw Diameter 80 MM, L/D Ratio 24:1, 460/3/60