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Data Recording

Omega OM-SQ2010 Portable Data Logger with components, software/installation guide and protective hard carrying case. Unit was purchased New in 2016 and used only briefly for a short project that was cancelled. Included also is Aprox. 200 – 250 ft of Omega Cabling for use with Omega OM-SQ2010 Data Logger and is compatible with other devices as well. Cable is insulated with fiberglass and has a deviation of 0.5 degrees F (Located in Pittsburgh, PA)

Other Featured Equipment

Stephan S/S VCM, M/N VM 300, S/N 723.288.01, 220 Volts, 60 Hz, Mounted on S/S Frame, with S/S Panel, with 33-1/2″ Dia. x 21″ Deep Bowl with Blade (W918) (Rigging & Loading Fee $200.00) (Located in Pittsburgh, PA)


Groen 316 S/S 125 Gal. Kettle, M/N TA-125 SP, S/N 38565-1, Max. WP 90 PSI @ 388 F, MAWP 20 PSI @ 300 F, NAT’L Board: 135026, with Top Mounted Motor, Mounted on S/S Legs (W917)

Groen 316 S/S 100 Gal. Kettle, M/N DN/TA-100SP, S/N 39798-3, Max. WP 45 PSI @ 300 F, NAT’L Board: 134956, with Tilt Frame and Pour Spout, Top Mounted Agitation Motor (W914)

Lee S/S 100 Gal. Kettle, M/N 100D7-T, S/N B5443A, MAWP Jacket 90 PSI @ 332 F MDMT -20 F @ 90 PSI, NAT’L Board: 4882, Top Mounted Agitation Motor, Mounted on S/S Legs with S/S Air Valve (W913)

Lee S/S 100 Gal. Kettle, M/N 100D7-T, S/N B1699A1, Jacket 90 PSI @ 322 F 140 PSI, NAT’L Board: 3691, Mounted on S/S Legs, with Top Mounted Agitation Motor (W912)

Lee S/S 40 Gal. Kettle, M/N 40D9MS, S/N A8592 C2, Jacket 50 PSI @ 300 F 77 PSI, NAT’L Board: 3209, with Anderson Chart Recorder, AJ-300, with Steam Piping and Valves, with Top Mounted Agitation, Mounted on 48″ x 48″ Portable Frame. (W915) 

Cherry Burrel Aprox. 75 Gal Hinged Lid S/S Processor / Kettle, SN E-458-90, with Dual Motion Agitator with Scrape Surface, SEW 1 hp @ 1760 rpm Drive Motors, Pneumatic Bridge, S/S Bottom, S/S Legs, 230/460 V 3 Phase, max working psi 150 psi @ 400 degree F, (Overall Diam. – 66″ W x 78″ H)(C4/W556)


Approx. 2,000 Gal. Dome Top S/S Processor, with Bottom & Side Scrape Surface Agitator, 3/1.5 hp 1735/865 RPM Drive Motor, 230 V 3 Phase, Baffle, Dual Sprayball, S/S Bottom, Top Hinged Manway Door, (6) 1.5″, 2″ & 3″ Top Port Connections, 2.5″ Side Port Connection (W932)

Approx. 1,000 Gallon Cone Bottom Jacketed S/S Tank, with Bottom Sweep Agitator, with SEW Drive Motor, with Baffle, Dual Sprayball, Top Access Door, with S/S Legs, (Approx. Overall Dim. 80″ W x 152″ H), (W765)

Homogenizer & Separator

2003 GEA/Niro-Soavi Homogenizer, M/N NS5132H, S/N 4888, with (4) Pistons (W937)

Separator Skid with Alfa Laval Small Separator, Type MAB 104B-24-60/4108-5, Mfg # 4066571, Includes Bowl Wrench, with Heatpac Mfg # 12461, with Lines, Valves & Controls Mounted on Cart, (Overall Dim. 67″ L x 40″ W x 79″ H), (W977) 

Meat Processing Equipment

RMF Challenge S/S Meat Massager / Vacuum Tumbler, Model PM3000, SN 1223, with 80″ W x 82″ L S/S Drum with Mounted Hydraulic Reducer Drive Model KKK & Hinged Side Door, Mounted on S/S Frame, Includes Skid Mounted Hydraulic System, with 5 hp Vacuum Pump, (W885)


Skid Mounted S/S CIP System with Aprox. 150 Gal. or 38″ H x 34″ W S/S Tank, Enerquip 70″ L x 8″ W S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Tri Clover 20 hp / 3525 rpm Centrifugal Pump, Tri Clover Air Valve & Butterfly Valve, Steam Control Valve, S/S On-Board Control Panel with Anderson ACR700 Chart Recorder with Solonoid Controls, (Overall Diam. 8 ft L x 6 ft W x 100″ H), (W562)

3 – Compartment Rectangular S/S CIP Tank with 6’L x 3’W x 54″H Tank, with Valves, (W832)

Filling Equipment

XM.N. Engineering Piston Filler, M/N DR92, S/N 1, 3″ Clamp Type Inlet/Outlet, with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100, with Steam Piping & Valving

S/S 2-Lane Cup Filler, with 2-1/2″ Dia. Cups, 10″ L x 3″ W Plates, (4) Filler Heads, with Tamper Evident Station, Overall Dims.: 142″ L x 53″ W x 92″ H (Filler #5)

WCB Half Gallon S/S Ice Cream Carton Filler, Model 588, with Emerson Servo Drive, with Electro Cam 6,000 Senes Controller, Includes Neopolitan Filler Head, with Spare Parts – Includes New Spare Servo Drive, (W772)

Assorted Food Processing & Packaging Equipment

Barry Wehmiller / Thiele / Forpak Sheet Inserter / Dough Stacker, Model – Reciprocating Placer, SN T7300A414, 4 – Lane Design, with 38″ W Intralux Infeed Conveyor, Includes STI 9 ft 10″ L S/S Out-Feed Product Conveyor with 4 – Lane Design @ 8″ W Intrulux Conveyor, Running Into 32″ W Adjustable Single Filer Section with (6) 1/ 3/4 hp S/S Clad Drive Motors, 208/230/460V, Includes 39″ x 8″ Outfeed Conveyor, (2) S/S Control Panels with Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC Racks, (1) with 5561 PLC Card, Panelview 1250 Display, (2) Powerflex 700 VFD’s, Ultra 3000 Servo Drives, 460V 3 Phase, (Stacks & Inserts a Pad Between Two Sheets of Cookie Dough), (C1/W425)

2009 MTC 57″L Portable Powerbelt S/S Incline Conveyor Model: MTCB-24-4 S/N: 099263 with 24″ W belt, .5 hp 1765 rpm 230/460V 3 Phase, S/S Clad Drive Motor, with a 16″ x 13″ Mounted S/S Hopper, Mounted on 51″ High S/S Frame, with Adjustable Side Rails, (C1/W139)

2009 MTC 56″L Portable Powerbelt S/S Conveyor Model: MTCB-24-4 S/N: 099262 with 24″ W Belt, .5 hp 1765 rpm 230/460V 3 Phase, S/S Clad Drive Motor, with a 24″ x 15″ Mounted S/S Hopper with Release Lever, Mounted on 51″ High S/S Frame, with Adjustable Side Rails (Note: Left Rail & Hopper Dented), (C1/W140)

Kirk-Rudy Box Labeler, M/N 219V-36, S/N 1201-1660, 220 Volts, 1 Phase, 60 Hz, Includes Zebra Print System, M/N 170 PAX4

G-Tronix Ink Jet Coder, M/N Ci700, S/N 0410200A, with Ink Head, Mounted on Portable S/S Frame (W928)


Compressors, Pumps, Valves & Related

2013 GEA Freon Screw Compressor Head, Model YR-42655S-28, Y1732, R22 Refrigerant, (Possibly Rebuilt)(C22/W979)

12-Valve Tri-Clover 2″ S/S Air Valve Manifold /Cluster, with Model 761 Valves (C1/W178)

12-Valve Tri-Clover 2″ S/S Air Valve Manifold /Cluster, with Model 361 Valves 

Warren Rupp Portable S/S Pneumatic Diaphram Pump with 2″ and 1.5″ Clamp Type Connections (C1/W1001)

(6) Assorted G & L Centrifugal Pumps, Models SST, SSh and Others, From 5-10 hp, 3500, 3450, and 3480 rpm, with S/S Heads, all 575V 3 Phase (C1/W1009)

General Warehouse & Material Handling Equipment

2016 Aaon Heating Cooling Unit, M/N RN-010-8-0-EB09-121, S/N 201604-ANEJ13939, 208 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, Overall Dims.: Aprox. 7′ L x 80″ W x 44″ H, Includes Greenheck Blower Unit

Meto Corp. 12’H Pneumatic Lift Station, Model M2310-10, S/N 6904, 150kg/330lb, (C1/W797)