Food, Dairy & Fluid Processing Equipment Auction

FEATURED AUCTION  |  ONLINE  |  DATE & TIME: August 23, 2017 10am EDT
Various Locations

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Late Additions

2011 Barry-Wehmiller Flash Pasteurization Skid S/N 61180, Setup for Juice or Lightly Carbonated Cider, 100 Gallons/Minute, Incoming Product Temperature 65ºF minimum – incoming product temperature max is 85ºF, Target Hold Time 15 seconds, 460 Volts, 3PH, 60HZ, Water 40 PSIG, Air 80 PSIG, Steam PSIG, Includes APV Multi-Section Plate Heat Exchanger – Model R5 R-15, 150 PSIG at 293ºF Max Temperature, Holding Tube for Pasteurization, Control and Steam Valves, Stainless Steel Construction, Fristam High Pressure Pumps, Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC with PowerFlex Frequency Drives and Operator Panelview 1000 Touchscreen, Optimum Filter Stainless Steel Flash Buffer Tank at 250ºF, Used 6 months before change in production requirements(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Miura Steam Boiler Model: LX-200 Serial: 47S472153, Last used in Hot Fill Bottling Plant for Plant Steam Requirements. 200 Horsepower, 6,900 Pounds/Hour Steam Capacity, Maximum Working Pressure – 170 PSIG, Heat Output – 6,695,000 BTU per Hour, 85% Fuel to Steam Efficiency, 387.7 Heating Surface Area, Weight is 8,600 Pounds, Design Temperature 400ºF, Combustion is Proprietary Forced Draft, Step Fired Modulation Hi-Low-Off, Electric Spark Ignited, 575 Volts, 3Phase, 60HZ, Electrical Consumption of 24KVA, Fuel Type is Natural Gas or Propane, Gas Consumption is 7,850 SCFH, Main Steam Outlet Valve is 3 inches, Chimney Diameter is 20 inches, Ultraviolet Flame Eye Sensor, Adjustable Pressure Transducer and Switch, Excellent Condition, Last in Operation December 2016(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Deamco 6′-11″ S-Shape Bucket Elevator, Model BES-09P-T-X-“s Configuration, S/N 11325 BES-NBG-01, 9 Cu. Ft. Hopper, 240/480VAC 3PH 60Hz (New / Never Installed) (Located in Oregon)***RSFRM***

Image In-Line Auger Filler, Model 2000, S/N IF S2000606, 8-Gallon Hopper, 208/240/460VAC 3PH 60Hz (Located in Oregon)***RSFRM***

Lead Technologies Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoner, Model MP-50, S/N 65907, 45 PPM, 380VAC 3PH 60Hz (Located in Oregon)***RSFRM*** Click For More Information


Cherry Burrell 8,900 Gallon S/S Vertical Mixing Tank, M/D CVC 8900, S/N E-174-94, Last used as Fruit Mash Storage Tank, Side Manway, 5HP Top Agitation with Blades, Dual CIP Sprayball, Dome Top, Cone Bottom, 12 Gauge, (4) Full Length Baffles, Center Discharge on Bottom with Multiple Inlets at Top, Anderson Temperature Controller, Mounted on SS Legs(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Dairy Craft 6,000 Gallon S/S Vertical Silo with Agitator, S/N 77J3387, Double Insulated and Refrigerated, Top Mounted Agitator, Side Alcove with Manhole, Last used in a Beverage Plant, Last ran Orange Juice Concentrate, Refrigeration only held temperature – did not chill the product(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

SFI 3,000 Gallon Insulated Storage Tank, S/N: 4378-5, Made by Sanitary Fabricators, Insulated Fermentation Tanks, Last used in Yogurt Plant, Multiple Inlets on Top of Tank, Cone Bottom with S/S legs, Top Manway opening of 18in, Projectile Well for RTD and Thermometer, #4 Finish, CIP Spray ball, 3in Chloride and Asbestos Free Fiberglass Insulation, 108in Diameter x 156in Height(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Mueller 800 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Processing Tank S/N: F39026-2, Jacketed Processor, last used in food production plant, Dish Head, Dish Bottom, 90 PSI, 250 Deg F, Vertical Agitator, 55″ Diameter x 127″ Height, CIP Spray ball(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Sanitank 350 Gallon MixingTank, S/N 28499, Side Mounted Prop Agitation 120V (Located in Oregon)***RSFRM***

Drop Packer

Hartness Drop Packer, Model # 2800, S/N 28-190, stainless steel unit with servo drive / AB PLC / last used on round glass jars

Hartness Drop Packer, Model # 900-AT, S/N 9-074, high-speed laner / servo drive / AB PLC / last used on small cosmetic cartons

Hartness Drop Packer, Model # 850-D, S/N 8D-027, stainless steel unit with single- or dual-head drop grid ability / AB PLC

SECO Drop Packer, Model # DP50, S/N P2552, last used to drop large plastic bottles of juice into case in 2 x 3 pattern

Bottling Equipment

Federal 26 Valve Rotary Filler with 6 Head Screw Capper Model: GWS 26-6 Serial: 1331GWS266L552, 26 Valve Monoblock All SS Rotary Bottle Filler with 6 Station Rotary Capping Head for 38mm screw caps, System is originally designed to run gallons every valve at 120 Bottles per minute, Control Panel for Raise/Lower Bowl and Capper controls, Charge Parts for One Gallon Dairy Style HDPE Bottles, Will run water, juice, tea – cold or hot fill, Right to left machine – Counterclockwise rotation of filler bowl, *Unit is missing Cap feeder/sorter*(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Fogg 10 Head Filler with 4 Head Screw Capper Model: FG10-4, Left to right flow, Cap feeder and chute included, Capable of water, milk, hot fill juice, Stainless steel construction, Last running Gallons with 38mm screw caps, Control panel, 460 Volts (Located in TX)***FBEV***

Cap Snap Water Bottling Equipment, Model # Adapta 225, S/N WE18781, Complete Rinser / Filler / Capper System (3 or 5 Gallon Drinking Water)

Parts Washer

Hotpack Parts Washer, Model G-D125-S, S/N 85141, 230 V, Phase-3, 95 Amps, 60 hz, Metler Toledo 200CRS Control Panel (Never Used) ***JWLS***(Located in Kentucky)

Tray Formers

KlikLok Tray Former, Model # SR4S, S/N 451, single forming head for self-locking style trays

Doboy Bosch Tray Former, Model # 7510, S/N 98-20203, single forming head for self-locking style trays (converted from hot melt)

SWF Tray Former, Model # TF400V, S/N 6407, hot melt glue closure with large glue pots

SWF-Padlocker Tray Former, Model # TF-6-BSF, S/N 4416, mechanical setup with high-capacity hopper and Nordson hot melt glue

Southern Tray Former, Model # TE700-VF, S/N 6244, full frame / Nordson hot melt glue

Doboy Tray Former, Model # 751, S/N 94-16695, single forming head with Nordson hot melt glue

Nigrelli Tray Former, Model # CMTF-100, S/N TF99 -1838-3, very high speed with Nordson ProBlue10 hot melt glue / AB PLC

Econocorp Tray Former, Model # 8417, S/N 8581-1, single forming head with Nordson hot melt glue / AB PLC

MGS Tray Former, Model # CFG-250, S/N 4604, dual forming heads with Nordson hot melt glue / last running corrugated food trays

PMS Tray Former, Model # GF60D, S/N 551, dual forming heads with dauber-style hot melt glue closure

Southern Tray Former, Model # TE700-VF, S/N 5531, small frame for beverage trays (needs some work) / Nordson hot melt glue

Randles, AE Tray Former, Model # 22-44, S/N VF-6013, single forming head for self-locking style trays


Klik Lok Concorde Cartoner, Model # HSK-CCI, S/N 17, carton erector / side-loader / sealer with Nordson hot melt glue

Klik Lok Genesis Tri-flap Carton Sealer, Model # GLC, S/N 165, stainless steel unit for tri-seal cartons / Nordson hot melt glue

Econocorp Spartan Cartoner, Model # n/a, S/N n/a, auto-cartoner with loader and self-locking closure / AB PLC

Econocorp Spartan Cartoner, Model # 9087, S/N 9352, stainless steel auto-cartoner with accumulator / loader / Nordson hot melt glue / AB PLC


Kisters KHS SP040 Shrink Wrapper Bundler S/N 2443, Uses Film Only – NO Tray, Last packing 6 pack and 12 pack juice bottles with print registered film, Allen Bradley controls with Panelview 600 Touch Screen, 40ft total length, Speeds up to 40 cases per minute(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Arpac Shrink Bundler, Model # 1058-50, S/N 2799, right angle infeed with 50″ wide film capability / AB PLC

Arpac Shrink Bundler, Model # 1058-24, S/N 1396, stainless steel / last running round cartons of ice cream in clear film

Arpac Shrink Bundler, Model # 106-16, S/N 3442, small carton accumulator / stacker into film shrink wrapper / AB PLC

Shrink Wrappers

Kisters KHS SP040 Shrink Wrapper Bundler Serial: 2443, Uses Film Only – NO Tray, Last packing 6 pack and 12 pack juice bottles with print registered film, Allen Bradley controls with Panelview 600 Touch Screen, 40ft total length, Speeds up to 40 cases per minute(Located in North Carolina) ***FBEV***

Douglas Shrink Wrapper, Model # SR4-724, S/N M-4813, registered film shrink wrapper and tunnel for trays of bottles or cans / AB PLC

Shanklin Shrink Wrapper & Tunnel, Model # F-5AHSS, S/N F9923, stainless steel high speed wrapper with model T-7HSS heat tunnel

Shanklin Shrink Wrapper, Model # HS-1, S/N H9501, wrapper with lug infeed and scrap unwinder / AB PLC

Orion Stretch Wrapper, Model # M-67-7, S/N 3053600, floor-mounted rotary arm pallet wrapper with security fence