Food & Beverage Auction at the MDG Auction Showroom in Pittsburgh – Surplus to the World’s Largest Packaging Companies

DATE: August 13 – 20, 2019
: Pittsburgh, PA









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Cherry Burrell 5,000 Gal. S/S Horizontal Single Wall Tank, M/N HC, Equipped with Horizontal Agitation, Dual CIP Spray Ball, S/S Front, Temp Probe, 8′-3″ W x 16′-6″ L x 9′-6″ T 

Crepaco 550 Gallon S/S Jacketed Tank, S/N C8652, Heat Exchange Jacket 50 PSIG, with CIP Spray Ball, Top Mounted Agitation Motor, Internal Dims.: Aprox 66″ Dia. x 39″ Deep 

Mueller 2-Comparment 500 Gallon S/S Jacketed Flavor Tank, S/N 301421-1, with (2) Top Mounted Agitation Motors

(2) LHE 310 Gal. S/S Jacketed Vertical Tank, M/N 310GAL.CJ, S/N 6564-1 & 6564-2, with Bottom Half Dimple Jacket, Nat’l Board Number: 1190, Jacket 50 MAX. PSI @ 300 F, Shell Thickness .109, Mounted on S/S Legs, Overall Dims.: Aprox. 52″ H x 51″ Dia. (2)

Jenson S/S 300 Gal. Jacketed Vertical Tank, S/N CRST-101-DR, with S/S Slope Bottom, Mounted on S/S Legs

Damnrow 150 Gallon S/S Jacketed Tank, with Top Mounted Agitation, Internal Dims.: Aprox. 43″ Dia. x 30″ Deep 


Groen 350 Gallon S/S Kettle, with Top Mounted Agitation, Mounted on S/S Legs, Internal Dims.: Aprox. 51″ Dia. x 40″ Deep 

Groen 150 Gallon S/S Kettle, M/N DN/TA-150, MAX. W.P. 45 PSI @ 300 F, NAT’L BD Number: 99129, with Top Mounted Agitation

Lee 150 Gallon Steam Jacketed S/S Kettle, S/N A1133 with Bottom Side Scrape Surface Agitator with 3 hp / 1750 RPM Drive Motor, 208/230 – 460 V, 3 Phase with Hinged Lids and Tilt Capability, Mounted on Steel Frame, BN 1230, Jackete 90 psi @ 350 Degrees F

Groen 100 Gallon S/S Steam Jacketed Kettle, Model DN/TA-100, S/N 54606-1, with Bottom Inside Scrape Surface Agitator, SEW 3hp Drive Motor at 1720 rpm, 208/360V 3 Phase, Tilt Capability, Includes Hydraulic Power Pack, Max WP 100 psi @338 Degrees F, Mounted on Steel Frame

Groen 80 Gallon S/S Kettle, M/N AH-80, NAT’BD #: 37444, MAX. W.P. 30 PSI @300 F 

Lee 50 Gallon Jacketed Kettle, S/N 715-S, Equipped with Top-Mount Sweep Scrape Agitation, 1-1/2 HP, 1710 RPM, 90 PSI @ 330 Degree F, 3 Phase


(2) MTC 3,000 lb. S/S Dual Motion Blender, M/N SC-3000, with (2) Drives, with Hydraulic Lid Opening System 

Cherry-Burrell 500 Gallon S/S Batch Pasteurizer, M/N WPDA, S/N 500-76-3708, Mounted on S/S Legs, with CIP Spray Ball, Dome-Top with Agitation (NOTE: Missing Agitation Motor)

S/S Aprox. 100 Gallon Likwifier, with Bottom Mounted Motor, Mounted on S/S Legs with Hinge Lid

Cherry Burrel Aprox. 75 Gal Hinged Lid S/S Processor / Kettle, SN E-458-90, with Dual Motion Agitator with Scrape Surface, SEW 1 hp @ 1760 rpm Drive Motors, Pneumatic Bridge, S/S Bottom, S/S Legs, 230/460 V 3 Phase, max working psi 150 psi @ 400 degree F, (Overall Diam. – 66″ W x 78″ H)

Stephan S/S VCM, M/N VM 300, S/N 723.288.01, 220 Volts, 60 Hz, Mounted on S/S Frame, with S/S Panel, with 33-1/2″ Dia. x 21″ Deep Bowl with Blade

Packaging Equipment

Hayssen VFFS, M/N 12-16HR, S/N X17319, 115 Volts, 1 Phase 

Paxall Package Sealer, M/N V22MA8C, S/N 1001, 200 Volts, 3 Phase, with Aprox. 24″ W Inlet/Outlet Conveyor 

Doboy Mustang IV Flow Wrapper, S/N 96-19004, 220 Volts, 3 Phase, with Aprox. 106″ L S/S Infeed, Mounted on Portable Stand 

Axon Axon EZ-Seal, EZ-100, S/N A-80353, 110 Volts, Mounted on S/S Stand 

2010 Adept Quattro Parallel Robot, M/N s650H, Robot ID: 721-00321, Single Phase, 200-240 VAC, Overall Dims.: Aprox. 6 ft. W x 6 ft. L x 101″ H with Smart Controller CX, Mounted in All S/S Frame Housing

2010 Adept Quattro Parallel Robot, M/N s650H, Robot ID: 721-00304, Single Phase, 200-240 VAC, Overall Dims.: Aprox. 6 ft. W x 82″ L x 6 ft. H with Smart Controller CS and Control Box with Carlo Gavazzi SPD24480 AC/DC Converter, Mounted in All S/S Frame Housing

S/S Omega Unscrambler, M/N 3D-ST, S/N 04-J343000, with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 Control in Mounted Control Panel

S/S Omega Unscrambler, M/N 3D-ST, S/N 93.J16164, with Allen Bradley SLC 500 Control in Mounted Control Panel

Linx Ink Jet Coder, M/N 4900, with Ink Head 

Linx Ink Jet Coder, M/N 4900, S/N BZ160, with Ink Head

Linx Ink Jet Coder, M/N 6900 P692, S/N EH966, with Ink Head

Linx Ink Jet Coder, M/N 4800, S/N BF108, with Ink Head 

Little David Case Sealer, with Top & Bottom Tape Units, with Guide Rails

Damark Shrink Tunnel, with Aprox. 19″ W Conveyor Belt

S/S Corrugated Caser, with Allen-Bradley 3-Input PLC, with Allen Bradley PanelView 600 Touchscreen 

Palace Packaging Parallel Orienting Belt Assembly, M/N D-4-PR5/H-25, S/N 5008, 120 Volts, 1 Phase, with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 Control 

Pharmaceutical Production 

2009 Manesty 16-Head Rotary Tablet Press, M/N D3B, S/N 4D173, with Start/Stop Switch 

Deitz S/S Tablet/Capsule Counter, M/N TCA2-R, S/N M2012, 115 Volts 

Kramer Tablet Debuster, M/N C810, S/N 3.400 Type E2000-750, 110-240 Volts, Aprox. 52″ H with 2″ Clamp Type Inlet 


Watson / OCS Aprox. 30 Gal. Portable Pressurized S/S Reactor Tank, SN 2342-2, MAWP 100 Psi @ 350 Degrees, with 1 hp High Shear Agitator, 1150 RPM, 230/460V 3 Phase, Includes Top Mounted S/S Funnel & Sight Glass, Bottom 1 1/2″ CT Discharge Line with Butterfly Valve & Allen Bradley Powerflex 70 On-Board VFD Controller

IKA Works Dispax-Reactor, Type DR3-6A, S/N 0666, Reliance 7.5 hp, 3520 rpm, 230-460V 3 Phase, Mounted on S/S Cart, with Casters, with Allen Bradley Controls

Janke and Kunkel Dispax-Reactor, Type DR3-6-6, S/N 164, 1.5″ x 1.5″ Threaded S/S Head, Reliance 5 hp, 3485 ppm, 230-460V 3 Phase Motor

Filling Equipment

Prodo-Pak 8-Head Pouch Filler, with Infeed Film Station, with Control Adjustments 

Prodo-Pak 4-Head Pouch Filler, M/N 601-TW8, S/N 968, with Infeed Film Station, with Control Adjustments 

2012 Altamat Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH Sandusweg 17 VFFS, Type: SVKL-300-S-H, S/N 012-002, with Schnerder Magelis Touchscreen Display 

Ice Cream Equipment

St. Regis 2-Barrel S/S Ice Cream Freezer, S/N KRM240-3102, with Gauges and Valves, Includes Some Spare Parts

Crepaco 3-Barrel S/S Ice Cream Freezer, S/N D-4645-W3126, with Gauges and Valves, Includes Some Spare Parts

Product Moving & Material Handling

(15+) 2013 Loos Portable S/S Round Column Dump Tote, Model 1121-001, S/N 1121-001-1212-36, with Plastic Lid, Aprox. 49″ W x 24″ Deep (Aprox. 200 Gal. Each), (Total Weight Aprox. 290 lbs Each)

Southworth Pallet Lift, M/N ZLS2-35, S/N 78589-100/1241656-01, Internal Dims.: Aprox. 4′ L x 4-1/2′ W, with Hydraulic Motor 



Bottle Cleaner

Kaps All Bottle Cleaner, Model AC-12, SN 1628, Single Phase, Can Operate on Various Size Glass or Plastic, Up to 80BPM, New Installed PC Controller (Located 30 Miles from Pittsburgh in Natrona Heights, PA)



Filling Equipment

Modern Packaging 4-Wide Cup Filler, SN MP637, with Yogurt & Milk Nozzels, ~12- Cups Per Minute, Run Speed is 14 – 22 CPM (4 cups x 14/minute which equates to 56 to 88 CPM, Depending on Size). Set Up to Run 314 Cups from Polytainer 314 Cup Size, it is ~96mm. (Ran 8oz. & 16 oz. Cups, but an also do 6 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz. Cups), Roll Over Capper for Flat Lids, Shrink Seal Film with Cutters for Flat Lids, Shrink Sela Film with Cutters and Heat Seal, Spare Drive Motor, Additional Parts & Manual Available



Packaging Equipment

(1) NEW 2012 Multivac H050 Handling Module & (1) Slightly Used 2012 Multivac H050 Handling Module, SN 158614 & 158611, 208/120V, 60Hz, 3 Phase. This space saving machine automates pack separation for Multi-track packaging systems cost effectively and hygienically. Accurate positioning allows denser loading of conveyor belts, and downstream processes achieve maximum output. Optimized for end-of-line packaging activities, High speed and precise, Quick Changeover. Can be customized to individual requirements. Can be used to load roll stock machines.  Also, can be used downstream in seal scanning applications.  (***NEP/LOCATED IN MISSOURI***)

Multivac M855-EPC Rollstock Thermoforming Machine, SN 1187/100, with Bell Mark Code Dater, (2) Pallets of Tooling, Extra Blades and Film. 220V, 3 Phase, Manufactured in 1989. (***NEP, LOCATED IN MISSOURI***)

Multivac MR Series Labeler, in working condition. (***NEP/LOCATED IN MISSOURI***)

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor, Model UP6-15CTAS-125W/D, 3 Phase, Ideal for Small Packaging Plant or Body/Mechanic Shop (***NEP/ LOCATED IN MISSOURI***)



Packaging Equipment

Robopac Portable Electric Stretch Wrapper, with Interstate Battery, with Remote Control

Like NEW Floor Mounted 10 ft. L Roller Conveyor, with 7″ W Rollers



Processing & Packaging Equipment

Ulma Taurus Tray Sealer, M/N 570N, S/N 721 0060, Capable of Trays Listed Below: 

                 # 10 Tray            #3 Tray    # Family Pack        Family Pack Large

Width              360                 445              405                         405

Chain Adv.      642                 659              645                         645

Lid 1050 Supplier Cryovac

Enviro-Pak Single Rack Smoke House, with One Rack & Smoke Generator, M/N CVU-490E, Series Mini-Pak, S/N 93J-6271-145, 240 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, F.L. Amps 91.43, KW 13.5

Vortron Single Rack Smoke House, with One Rack & Smoke Generator, 240 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz 

Vortron Single Rack Smoke House, with One Rack & Smoke Generator, 240 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz (NOTE:  Previously Ran Peanuts in 4 Oz. Bags) 

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