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Food & Beverage Auction at the MDG Auction Showroom in Pittsburgh – Surplus to the World’s Largest Packaging Companies

DATE: August 7 – 14, 2019
: Pittsburgh, PA









Check Back for Additional Equipment to be Added!!




Cherry Burrell 5,000 Gal. S/S Horizontal Single Wall Tank, M/N HC, Equipped with Horizontal Agitation, Dual CIP Spray Ball, S/S Front, Temp Probe, 8′-3″ W x 16′-6″ L x 9′-6″ T 

Crepaco 550 Gallon S/S Jacketed Tank, S/N C8652, Heat Exchange Jacket 50 PSIG, with CIP Spray Ball, Top Mounted Agitation Motor, Internal Dims.: Aprox 66″ Dia. x 39″ Deep 

Mueller 2-Comparment 500 Gallon S/S Jacketed Flavor Tank, S/N 301421-1, with (2) Top Mounted Agitation Motors

Jenson S/S 300 Gal. Jacketed Vertical Tank, S/N CRST-101-DR, with S/S Slope Bottom, Mounted on S/S Legs

Damnrow 150 Gallon S/S Jacketed Tank, with Top Mounted Agitation, Internal Dims.: Aprox. 43″ Dia. x 30″ Deep 


Groen 350 Gallon S/S Kettle, with Top Mounted Agitation, Mounted on S/S Legs, Internal Dims.: Aprox. 51″ Dia. x 40″ Deep 

Groen 150 Gallon S/S Kettle, M/N DN/TA-150, MAX. W.P. 45 PSI @ 300 F, NAT’L BD Number: 99129, with Top Mounted Agitation

Lee 150 Gallon Steam Jacketed S/S Kettle, S/N A1133 with Bottom Side Scrape Surface Agitator with 3 hp / 1750 RPM Drive Motor, 208/230 – 460 V, 3 Phase with Hinged Lids and Tilt Capability, Mounted on Steel Frame, BN 1230, Jackete 90 psi @ 350 Degrees F

Groen 100 Gallon S/S Steam Jacketed Kettle, Model DN/TA-100, S/N 54606-1, with Bottom Inside Scrape Surface Agitator, SEW 3hp Drive Motor at 1720 rpm, 208/360V 3 Phase, Tilt Capability, Includes Hydraulic Power Pack, Max WP 100 psi @338 Degrees F, Mounted on Steel Frame

Groen 80 Gallon S/S Kettle, M/N AH-80, NAT’BD #: 37444, MAX. W.P. 30 PSI @300 F 

Lee 50 Gallon Jacketed Kettle, S/N 715-S, Equipped with Top-Mount Sweep Scrape Agitation, 1-1/2 HP, 1710 RPM, 90 PSI @ 330 Degree F, 3 Phase


(2) MTC 3,000 lb. S/S Dual Motion Blender, M/N SC-3000, with (2) Drives, with Hydraulic Lid Opening System 

Cherry-Burrell 500 Gallon S/S Batch Pasteurizer, M/N WPDA, S/N 500-76-3708, Mounted on S/S Legs, with CIP Spray Ball, Dome-Top with Agitation (NOTE: Missing Agitation Motor)

S/S Aprox. 100 Gallon Likwifier, with Bottom Mounted Motor, Mounted on S/S Legs with Hinge Lid

Cherry Burrel Aprox. 75 Gal Hinged Lid S/S Processor / Kettle, SN E-458-90, with Dual Motion Agitator with Scrape Surface, SEW 1 hp @ 1760 rpm Drive Motors, Pneumatic Bridge, S/S Bottom, S/S Legs, 230/460 V 3 Phase, max working psi 150 psi @ 400 degree F, (Overall Diam. – 66″ W x 78″ H)

Stephan S/S VCM, M/N VM 300, S/N 723.288.01, 220 Volts, 60 Hz, Mounted on S/S Frame, with S/S Panel, with 33-1/2″ Dia. x 21″ Deep Bowl with Blade


Watson / OCS Aprox. 30 Gal. Portable Pressurized S/S Reactor Tank, SN 2342-2, MAWP 100 Psi @ 350 Degrees, with 1 hp High Shear Agitator, 1150 RPM, 230/460V 3 Phase, Includes Top Mounted S/S Funnel & Sight Glass, Bottom 1 1/2″ CT Discharge Line with Butterfly Valve & Allen Bradley Powerflex 70 On-Board VFD Controller

IKA Works Dispax-Reactor, Type DR3-6A, S/N 0666, Reliance 7.5 hp, 3520 rpm, 230-460V 3 Phase, Mounted on S/S Cart, with Casters, with Allen Bradley Controls

Janke and Kunkel Dispax-Reactor, Type DR3-6-6, S/N 164, 1.5″ x 1.5″ Threaded S/S Head, Reliance 5 hp, 3485 ppm, 230-460V 3 Phase Motor

Ice Cream Equipment

St. Regis 2-Barrel S/S Ice Cream Freezer, S/N KRM240-3102, with Gauges and Valves, Includes Some Spare Parts

Crepaco 3-Barrel S/S Ice Cream Freezer, S/N D-4645-W3126, with Gauges and Valves, Includes Some Spare Parts

Product Moving & Material Handling

(15+) 2013 Loos Portable S/S Round Column Dump Tote, Model 1121-001, S/N 1121-001-1212-36, with Plastic Lid, Aprox. 49″ W x 24″ Deep (Aprox. 200 Gal. Each), (Total Weight Aprox. 290 lbs Each)

Southworth Pallet Lift, M/N ZLS2-35, S/N 78589-100/1241656-01, Internal Dims.: Aprox. 4′ L x 4-1/2′ W, with Hydraulic Motor 

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