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Date: June 18 – 25, 2020

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2009 Stork 16-Station Aseptic Filler, Model ASEP-TEC 1612, S/N N.00246.01 with Nitro Dose System; PLC Control with Beckhoff Touchpad Display; Hepa Filtration System and Sterilization System, S/N 411143 with Stork 900 ltr. Aseptic Buffer Tank, S/N N.0024.0129 with Agitator and (3) Valve and Pump Stations with Blower and Filters (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)

2006 Posimat 2-Station Access Series 2XN-20 Bottle Unscrambler, Type 2XN-20, S/N 11399.3.01 with S/S Bottle Hopper Elevator, Siemens PLC Touchpad Display and Operators Platform (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)

Aprox. 50′ Airveyor Conveyor System with Blowers and PLC Controls (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)

Fords Foil Press/Tamper Evident Sealer, Model 330MD, S/N 21344, 440 Max. Caps/Min., Cap Size 031.0 x 4.5 (Cap Closure System) (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)

Heuft Spectrum TX Bottle Inspection System, Type 2VG029055 from Fill Height Container Pressure, Closure and Labels (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)

Heuft Spectrum TX Bottle Inspection System, Type 2VG029055 from Fill Height Container Pressure, Closure and Labels (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)

Inspx Scantrac X-Ray Imagining Bottle System, Model 215, S/N 53795 (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)

Sentry Aprox. 200? S/S Bottle and Product Conveyor System, Single Filer Section, 7-Bank Control Panel with PLC Controls, SEW Drive, VFD, Micro-Switches and Reject System & S/S Operators Platform (Located in Yorba Linda, CA)


Dairy Heritage 1,000 Gallon Multi-Zone Slope-Bottom Vat Pasteurizer, S/N 31001109H2, Top-Mount Sweep Agitation, Dual CIP Spray Ball, Side Wall Baffle, Leak Detect Valve, Air Gap & Thermometer, Approx. Dimensions: 5’5” Internal Height, 6’1” Internal Diameter, 9’ Total Height (Bottom of Legs to Top of Agitator), 6’6” External Diameter, Pastuerizer Bottom Jacket Was Patched and Pressure Tested at 100-120 PSI ($500 Rigging and Loading Fee)(Located in Newville, PA)
Semi-Automatic Debagging Table (Located in Newville, PA)
New Back Flow Preventer, Still in Shipping Crate (Located in Newville, PA)
(3) S/S Filter Housings with Filters, 2″ Outlet, (2) 4′ L (Located in Newville, PA)
Osmette Precisions Systems Micro Osometer, Model 510, S/N PP12110, 110 Volt (Located in Newville, PA)


Continental 40 hp Hydraulic Unit, with Baldor 1765 RPM Motor, with 120 Gal. Reservoir (LOCATED IN PASO ROBLES, CA)
S/S Mesh Conveyor Belt, Aprox. 12′ L x 6′ W, with Various (3) S/S Shafts, with UHMW Gears to Match Conveyor Belt
Misc. Inline Industries Inc. S/S Butterfly Valves wtih Actuators (LOCATED IN PASO ROBLES, CA)
Delta 3 hp Dust Collector, S/N CFV 012993, 1300 RPM, Mounted on 55 Gal. Drum


Koss Industrial all S/S shell and tube heat exchanger: 6”Diameter Shell; 9’Long, with ½” Internal tubes; 2 ½” clamp liquid ports; 150 PSI rated. Loading Fee $50 (Located in Wisconsin)
Mini Dose Filler: Operates with 2 adjustable pulsation pumps; Includes 13’ long table top chain conveyor with adjustable side rails; Loading Fee: $100 (Located in Wisconsin)
Motion pack 2 lane in-line cup filler designed to fill juice or water cups, fills 4-6 oz. Cups, Dispenses lids & cups, seals with pre-cut foil, 4 head fill system with controls, on casters, 11’long x 3’ wide x 7’ high; like new: Only used for tests. (Located in Wisconsin)


Ajax High Pressure Steam Boiler, Model SNGIOC-W, 9.5 HP, 328 pound per hour, Rated 399,000 btu/hr Max Input – 319,200 btu/hr Max Output, 209,000 btu/hr Min Input – 167200 btu/hr Min Output, 50 Sq.Ft. Heat Surface Area, Natural Gas Fired, Rated for 100 psi, 120 volt 60 cycle 1 phase, S/N 53311, National Board Number 53311, 1998(Item 11722-006) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
 Aprox. 75 Gal. Vertical S/S Sanitary Tank, with Slight Cone Bottom, Flat Top, (3) Legs, Aprox.. 28″ Dia. x 30″ Straight Side, Aprox. 2″ Center Bottom Outlet (Item #12585-021) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Waukesha Pump, Size 30 with Sanitary Steel Construction, 2 hp Motor, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 1730 RPM Motor, Reeves Vari-Speed Drive, S/N 665966 (Item #12585-013) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Ertel Gear Pump, S/S Construction, Aprox. 1.75″ In and Out Connections Mounted on Base with 1.5 hp Motor, Includes D&D Filtration System S/S Vertical Tank Filter, Mounted on Cart (Item 12585-017) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
KEK Kemutek Kibbler Mill, Model M303C, S/S Construction, 3KW Textron Motor 1725 RPM with Radikon Gearbox, S/S Rotor Base Housing and Screens. Cantilever design. S/N A16879 (Item 12585-001) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Dispermat Dissolver, Model AE6MS, 3.7 kva. 3 phase, 230 volt, 50/60 cycle, Amp 16, Built 1999. S/N 02588599 (Item 12450-007) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Alfa Laval Model 10BFG Plate Exchanger with (28) Plate, Plate Dimensions Aprox. 14.5″ W x 34″ Tall, Unit is 18-1/2″ W x 40″ H x 40″ L, Has 4″ Inlets/Outlet Nozzles, 61.2 Sq.Ft., Rated for 100 psi at 200°F, S/N 9581, (Item 11109-008) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Ingersoll Rand 40 HP Air Compressor, Model SSR-EP 40SE, 153 CFM, 125 PSI, 40 HP Nomical Drive Motor, 3 HP Nominal Fan Motor 230/460 V, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, S/N 62222U93354 with Air Tank (Item 12141-011) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
FTS Chiller, Model RC-300. 1 HP, 208/230 V, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, Refrigerant Type 22, 100 PSIG. S/N RC-4-85-56 (Item 11480-038) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Advantage Chiller, Model RC-2AD-635-21HFX, 2 Ton Capacity, Media Glycol/Water, Rated 100 psi, Temp 48-250 Degrees F, Water Supply Required 20. 6 kw/zone. 3/4 hp, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle. 230 V, Control Volts 115, Refrigerant 22. Lbs. 4, Built 2000, S/N 51153 (Item 12450-017) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Legacy Drake Refrigeration Unit, Model PACT48S2-T4-HA, Package Configuration. Air- Cooled Condenser, Integrated Fluid Tank, 48,000 BTUH, 4 Tons, Single Stage, R22, 460/480/3/60 (Item 12008-021) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer, Model FC750, LSL Secfroid, All S/S Contacts, 6 shelves 18″ X 36″, Providing 27 Sq.Ft. Surface Area – Stoppering – Coil Condenser S/S, S/N 32062 (Item 11190-002) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Vector Hi Coater, Model HCF-130 Tablet Coater, S/S, 52″ Dia. Drum with (4) Rows of Perforations and (4) Baffle Plates, Automatic Trap Door for Emptying and Cleaning the Pan. The pan is included, Drum Rotates 4-16 RPM, Manifold Spray Bar, Batch Input Capacity 120-140 kgs, Batch Coated Product Output 140-160 kgs, 3 HP Motor, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 460 V, S/N 43343-HC244, Allen Bradley Digital Controls, Model Computab HCD, 110 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Cycle (Item 11477-001) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Blue M Oven, Model 0V-520C-2, Temp Range 38 Degrees C to 260 Degrees C, 1/6 hp, 1 Phase, 240 Volt, 60 Cycle, 1600 W, S/S Contacts, 15” X 18” X 18” CHAMBER, S/N 0V3-21896 (Item 12466-004) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Blue M Oven, Aprox. 18″ X 18″ X 12″ Deep, Model SW-17TA, Memory Ring Dial 40 – 200 deg. C, S/N 54-3515, (Item 11613-006) (Located Hammonton, NJ)
Industrial Parts/Glass/Dish Washing Machine, S/S Construction, 24″ x 36″ Base, Single Door, XP Controls (Item 12585-015) (Located Hammonton, NJ)