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Equipment Located in Various States

Date: February 18th @ 11am ET

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Assets Located in Commerce, CA

Kaeser Compressor System includes Compressor, Dryer and Receiving Tank — 2013 Kaeser 40 hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Model BSD 40 Sigma / Part No. 101282.0, S/N 1006 with 3570 RPM, Psig 125.0 / cfm-193, 460Y/266 V, 3 Phase, Package FLA-54 Hz 60 / Drive Motor FLA 48, Short Circuit Currnt 50 KA rms sym / 480 V max, Supply Fuse (Field Provided) _ Class AJT/600 Vac/80A, Enclosure Type Rating – Type 1, Wire Diagram – SBSD-U3010.00 – Made in Germany  (Located in Commerce, CA)

2013 Kaeser/Kaltetrockner Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model TD51, Part #1.8034.10010, S/N 1495 with  R134a Refrigerant, Charge of Refrigerant 1,45kg/3.20 lb., Work Pressur (Refr.sys) HP-side – 18 Bar/260 psig, Work Pressure (Refr.sys) LP-Side – 16 bar/23 Opsig, Max Working Pressure (Air System) – 16 bar/230 psg, Rated VoltagePhases/Frequency – 460 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, Rated Current 2.6A, Ambient Temperature +3’C/+3’C – +37’F/+110’F – Made in Germany  (SUBJECT TO BULK BID ITEM #96A) (Located in Commerce, CA)

2013 Manchester  400 Gal. Air Receiver Tank, Cat 3302432.CRN, CRN L8907.50, Certified by 334500, U W MAWP 165 psi @ 650F,   Ext. Press N/A psi @ N/AF, RT – MDMT – 20F @ 165 psi, SH 196, HD 162 2:1 S, Tank Dimensions  9 ft. H x 3 ft. W Dia. (SUBJECT TO BULK BID ITEM #96A) (Located in Commerce, CA)


Pearson Packaging System Partitions Inserter Machine, Type 4, S/N 2012190312878, 460 V, 3 Phase, 5.0 FLA, 1.10 FLA Motor, 60 Cycles, Short Circult Current Rating 65KA, Electrical Print ELE-9912878, Made in USA (Located in Commerce, CA)


Cousins Packaging Turntable Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper, Model HPSW-A, S/N 220615-SAH-11569 with 115 V, 12 Amps, Single Phase, 60 Cycles, Suitable for use on a circuit capabl eof delivering not more than 5000 RMS Symmetrical Amps at 115 V, 4 ft. x 4 ft. All Around Dia. Turntable, Made in Canada (Located in Commerce, CA)

Assets Located in Charleston, SC

DYCO Bagger, Model 3725 for Bagging Empty Bottles (Located Charleston, South Carolina)

SLEEVER INTERNATIONAL Powerskinner Sleever System;  includes Sleever Applicator and Heat Shrink  (Located Charleston, South Carolina)

NEW ENGLAND MACHINERY Bottle Unscrambler; Model NEHA-36; Missing PLC (Located Charleston, South Carolina)

Stainless Steel Bottle Feed Hopper / Elevator; 12″ W Belt; 100″ H Chute Discharge Height; Skiddng Included (Located Charleston, South Carolina)

Econocorp Cartoner, KHS, Loveshaw/Little David, OK Durable and Marq Carton Erector, MTC Case Erector, Hartness and Marq Case Sealers, Hartness, Pak-Tek Case Packers

DoBoy 751, Delkor 752, Econocorp 8417 and 6633 Tray Formers; Bradman Lake and Kliklok Mandrel Tray Formers

Arpac S/S Shrink Bundlers and Polypack Shrink Wrappers

Loveshaw/Little David, Tronics S30, CTM Therm Transfer Labellers

Assets Located in Lindon, UT

Hinds-Bock 16-Head Topping / Cream Cheese / Frosting Applicator, M/N 16P-02V, S/N 4537, Designed to be Fed Directly from Slurry Mixer, Puts Dollop of Cream Cheese Frosting/Fillings on Baked Goods / Muffins, Designed to Work Above Horizontal Conveyor and Apply Topping, with S/S Control Panel with Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000, Mounted on S/S Portable Frame (LOCATED IN LINDON, UTAH)(Rigging, Loading and Handling Fee: $250)

FEMC U-Shape Conveyor, M/N 2217-102, S/N 8372, with Aprox. 7-1/2″ W Plastic Belt with Guide Rails, with SEW Drive, Mounted on S/S Frame (Rigging, Loading and Handling Fee: $150) (Located in Lindon, Utah)

Straight Section of S/S Conveyor, with Plastic Interlock Belt & S/S Guides, with Drive. Belt: 77″Lx 14″W. Entire Unit: 83.5″ L x 24″ W (Rigging, Loading and Handling Fee: $100)  (LOCATED IN LINDON, UT)

S/S Labeler Orientor Timing Conveyor, with Plastic Timing Belt, with Timing Belt(Rigging, Loading and Handling Fee: $250)(LOCATED IN LINDON, UT)

S/S Rolling Catch-All, Dish Bottom Cart, (48″x48″x40″) (Rigging, Loading, Handling Fee: $50) (Located in Lindon, UT)

(2) Hydraulic Pallet Jack, with On Board Weigh System, with Digital Read Out(Rigging, Loading and Handling Fee: $50)(LOCATED IN LINDON, UT)

Assets Located in IL

Sesotec Raycon X-Ray Food Inspection System, Type 450/100 US-INT 50.  Serial # 11421018293-X.   Max Product Dimensions; 450 x 100 mm.  Has an integrated conveyor belt approximate 19.5″ wide x 84″ long, maxiumum 200 fpm speed. , that is designed for use in wet or dry applications and inspects packaged food product for contaminants or other unwanted defects.  In-line detection of magnetic or non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramic, stone, bone, PVC, rubber, etc., even in metallic or metal-coated packaging such as foil. The X-ray inspection software is also optimized to identify product defects such as broken, deformed or missing product with minimal operator training.    X-Ray Tube Model VJT120, X-Ray Power 50kV/100W. 1/60/115V   Built 2014. (Located in Illinois)


Asset Located in Haltom City, TX

2012 Inever S/S Pack Multilane Stickpack Machine with Rear Film Rolls, Mounted on S/S Frame, Packs 400 Per Minute (Located Haltom City, TX) (Rigging, Loading and Site Management Fee $1,000.00)

Assets Located in Deerfield, WI

2,000 Gallon Hartel Process/Storage Tank, Dome Top, Dish Bottom, With 3” Center Bottom Outlet, No Agitation, 1 Side Heat Exchange Zone, 15 PSI Rated Jacket, With Spray Ball, Internal Pressure Design, Top Bolt Type Pressure Manhole, 7’6” Diameter X 10’D X 12’6”H on (4) S/S Adjustable Legs. Serial # 20260. No Asme Tag Included. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $500. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


700 Gallon Cherry Burrell Processor, Dome Top, Pressure Wall Jacket, S/S Exterior, Sloped Bottom, 2” Clamp Outlet; 54” Diameter X 48”W X 90”D X Approximate 11’H. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $250. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


200 Gallon A&B Processor, Open Top With Single Lift Cover And 16” X 12” Rectangular Top Hinged Cover, Pressure Wall Jacket, S/S Exterior, 2.5″ Center Bottom Outlet, 38” Diameter X 45” Straight Side X 68”H, 75PSI @ 320°F S/N 60325301. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $150. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


30 Gallon Processor, Cone Bottom, 50% Pressure Wall Jacket, S/S Exterior, 2” Center Bottom Outlet, 2 Piece Lift Cover, 20 PSI Rated Jacket, 18” Diameter X 24”D X 50”H. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $100. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


20 Gallon Mueller Processor, Dome Top, Dish Bottom Pressure Wall Jacket, S/S Exterior, 15PSI Rated Jacket, Center Bottom Outlet, 10” Tri clamp Access Port On Top, Mounted on S/S Square Tube Frame. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $100. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


100 Gallon Sterline Processor, Atmospheric Jacket, S/S Exterior, 1.5” Outlet, 37.5” Diameter X 25”D X 48”H. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $50. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


Triangle Vertical Form Fill Seal System: Includes Upper S/S Rotary Scale Unit w/ 10 S/S Buckets Model A10C6 Bagger, Printer, EPI Label Applicator, 3 Forming Tubes, Mezzanine Structure Posts (Less Floor) and S/S Buckets Hanger Unit. Last Used for Shredded Cheese. Triangle Former is Model SB72C-A-10C6. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $900. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


Delkor Spot Pack Product Pick and Place Packaging Machine Model SP-LH-FL, w/ Collating Conveyor; Conveyor 26″W X 12’L. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $200. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


Zitro Pak 3 Lane Cup Filler, 4 1/4″ Cup Diameter, Measures 10’6″L X 4’W X 7’H Overall, 3 Station Piston Type Fill Head, 4 11/16″ Die Cut Aluminum Foil Cup Seal, Model Z23000, S/N 2011. Required Loading Fee For Simple Loading $500. (Located in Deerfield, WI)


Lot of 2 Kramer & Grebe Rollstock Form Fill Seal Vacuum Packaging Machines, Model Tiromat/CS325, Forming Web Width 327MM (12 7/8″) Non-Forming Web Width 304.8MM (12″) . Includes a Huge Lot of Accessory Dies and Forms in 2 Crates both Kramer Grebe Vacuum Packing Machines(No Pumps). Required Loading Fee for Simple Loading $200. (Located in Deerfield, WI)

Powder Hoppers, Powder Screeners, Ingredient Feeders, Accumulation Tables

Digital Over/Under Scales, Platform Scales

Assorted Mix Proof Air Valves and Air Valve Clusters, Magnetic Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges,

Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Curtis Toledo, Quincy, Joy and Sullair Air Compressors

Kellogg, Zeks and Zurn Refrigerated Air Driers

Columba, Peerless, Raypak and Superior Boilers

Asset Located in Hollis Center, ME

2007 Pressco Technology Inc. INT Orienter, Model  M28-045-G008, S/N 04031156-4, 50/60 Hz., Dimensions L 1626 W/Dia.2007 H 2019 mm — This is a Preform Inspection Unit/Orienter.  It is Designed To Handle Heavier Preforms up to 9.8 grams, Utilzied for a 12 oz. or a 0.5L Bottle (Located Hollis Center, ME)

Assets Located in Muskegon, MI

2019 Weber S/S Vacuum Cooler, Model  WaBake Power 120 for Durable Rack, S/N VC196001 with Siemens Simatic HMI Screen, 120 KG Processing Capacity, 460 V – 480V, 3 Phase (Locaed Muskegon, MI)

Assets Located in Palmerton, PA

ITW MIMA Automatic Stretch Wrapper with Infeed and Discharge Pallet Conveyor (Located Palmerton, Pennsylvania)

Assets Located in Grundy Center, IA

2,000 Gal., 1,000 Gal., 500 Gal., Mild Steel Jacketed Mix Tanks

Lee 150 Litre Jacketed Kettle

Packaging Dynamics Rotary 18-Head Filler, Single – 4 and 8 – Head Piston Fillers

Massman Box Erector, U-Shape Powered Roller Conveyor and Drop Case Packer, Seal-A-Thon Shrink Sealer

Assorted Labelers by New Jersey Machining and Others

Assorted Roller, Skate Conveyor, Cross Over Ladder

Viking, Waukesha Fristam, Moyno and Assorted Pumps – Cavity, Centrifugal and Positive Displacement

Assorted Lab equipment including: Blue M Water Bath, Fisher Science pH Meter, Cole-Palmer

Clark Stand-Up Forklift Truck – Battery Operated


Assets Located in Manitoba, Canada

Alfa Laval 18,000L OST Cheese Vat, S/N 18794 (Loading/Rigging Fee $1,000.00) (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

Koss Surge Hopper, S/N 3011 with 48″ Diameter, 14″ Sidewall, 3HP 460V Pump with Rectangular Flange G&H Postive Displacement Pump. Last Used on Process Cheese. (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

APV 15 hp Positive Displacement Pump, Model DW5/256/7, S/N 10000581 with 4″ S/S Head, 230/460 V (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

APV 15 hp Positive Displacement Pump, Model DW5/256/7 with 4″ S/S Head, 230/460 V (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

4,500L Cone Bottom Processor, Insulated with Jacketed Cone and Side Wall, 72″ Diameater, 64″ Sidewall, 114″ Overall Height, Tri-Clover 3″ Outlet (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

Fristam Liquid Ring Pump, Model FZX250, S/N FZX2500983227 (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

Moyno Progressive Cavity Pump Neck, Model 4F, S/N AS-33285 with Variable Speed Drive, 230/460 V, On Frame with Casters (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

Various Spirax Sarco KEA73-KC2 3″ CV74 Modulating Steam Valves, Jamesbury 3″ Shut-Off Valve, VPVL350 SR4/5B, Sarco FTB-175 2″ Steam Trap (Located New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada)

Assets Located in Denver, CO

2018 Neo-Pure Seed, Nut, Grain & Hemp Pasteurizing & Drying System

2018 Neo-Pure Seed, Nut, Grain & Hemp Pasteurizing and Drying System, Includes Neo-Pure Batch Applicator (Model NPA300R) with Up to 10-Mtric Tons/Hour Throughput & Neo-Pure Batch Dryer (Model NPDC 1000) with Minimum of 40 Tons/Week Throughput, Applicator Equipped with Schneider PLC, Validated to Achieve 5-Log Reduction of Pathogens Without Heat, Finished Product is Raw, Organic and Viable, Applicator Footprint Approx. 250 SQ FT, Applicator Approx. Dims: 12 x 6 x 14, Hopper Above Applicator 20 FT3 Capacity with Rotary Star Valve, Operator Touch Screen, Applicator Requires 34 AMPS at 460 VAC/3Phase, Dryer Chamber: 27 SQ FT, Approx. Chamber Dims: 64” W x 65” L x  130” H, AHU: 94 SQ FT, Discharge Height For Dryer is 18” But Can Be Raised up to 37”, Dryer Equipped with Carel PLC, Dryer Fused for 200 AMPS @ 460 VAC/3 Phase (Under Normal Conditions Operates Much Lower Due to Heat Recovery), Cost in 2018 Greater than $600,000 (OEM Information Sheet & Diagrams Available)

Assets Located in New York

Key International Roller Inspector. Model 98, Serial: 98-118, 110 Volts, 60 Hz, 1 phase, As shown in photos (Central New York)


Hobart Mixer.  Model H600DT, Serial: 11-396-538, 60 Qt Capacity.  2 hp, 460 Volt, 3 Phase 60 Hz Motor.  Comes with 1 bowl, 1 mixing blade and 1 bowl dollie. As shown in photos (Central New York)

(5)Sepha Blister Scan, Model: T103-002-001 (Mfg Feb 2009) 110 Volts, 50/60 Hz. As shown in photos (Central New York)


Titan 200 Liter Hastelloy R-101 Reactor. Design Pressure PSIG: Vessel – 300/FV, Jacket 150. MAWP PSIG: Vessel – 300/FV, Jacket 150. Design Temp DegF: Vessel 392, Jacket 392, Unit comes with a Lightnin Mixer. Overall Height is 10 Feet. As shown in photos (Central New York)


ProQuip tablet sizer. This is a 4 lane unit in operating condition. As shown in photos (Central New York)


DL Tech Accumulation Table. Model: DLTTS-48C,Table measures 48 Inch Diameter. 120 Volts, 60 PSI, As shown in photos (Central New York)


Kirby Lester KL50ic Tablet/Capsule Counter. Model: KL50ic, Serial: L2030ic. 60 Hz, As shown in photos (Central New York)


Little David Case Taper. This is a Top & Bottom Case Taper. As shown in photos (Central New York)


Stainless Steel Fittings and Tubing. As shown in photos (Central New York)

Assets Located in Hanford, CA

2014 Magnum 2300 SDU Case Erector, S/N I214-201-21877, 120 AC V, Single Phase (Inv #74930) (Located Hanford, CA)

2014 Magnum Tape Machine, Model CFPS-700, S/N I214-206-21878BF (INV #74931) (Located Hanford, CA)

Cap Blower with Dayton 1/30 HP/CV Motor (INV #74932) (Located Hanford, CA)

Southworth Pallet Pal 360 Spring Pallet Positioner/Level Loader, Pallet Load Capacity Up to 4,500 lbs. with 44″ Dia. Turntable (Inv. #74933) (Located Hanford, CA)

Assets Located in Jessup, MD

Unifiller Universal 1000i Depositor, S/N U1055946, includes 3” Product Cylinder, 1.5” General Purpose Outlet, Food Pedal Actuator and Conical Hopper. Machine is in good working order cleaned and workshop tested. (Located Jessup, MD) (Loading Fee $75.00)

Unifiller Universal 500i Depositor, S/N HM 05N161 includes 2.5” Product Cylinder, 1.5” Horizontal Outlet, Food Pedal Actuator and Conical Hopper. Machine is in good working order cleaned and workshop tested. (Located Jessup, MD) (Loading Fee $75.00)