Food & Bev Equip Auction at the MDG Auction Showroom

FEATURED ONLINE AUCTION  |  DATE & TIME: September 19th – 26th, 2019 @ 11am EDT

PRIMARY LOCATION: 2300 Palmer Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 









Check Back for Additional Equipment to be Added!!

 Featured Assets Located at the MDG Auction Showroom in Pittsburgh, PA 


Frazier & Sons Whiz-Lifter Aprox. 11 ft. H x 15” W Z-Configuration S/S Jar Bucket Elevator, Model C, S/N 2010-5824, 7 ½” L x 15” Bucket Size, with Aprox. 36” W x 48” W S/S Vibratory Hopper (Item #29)

All-Fill S/S Powder Auger Filler, Model R-182, S/N 55275 with PLC Controls, 480 V, 3 Phase, S/S Product Conveyor  and S/S Turn Table (Item #30)

2010 All Fill 18-Station Rotary In-Line Filler, S/N SHW-6038 with PLC Controls, 480 V, 3 Phase and 8 oz. Change Parts (Item #43)

2010 S/S Checkweigher, Model CW-10, S/N 195344 with Touchpad Display, (Item #31)

2013 Fortress Phantom Metal Detector, Model SC-CONV-172SSHD4DIV, S/N CVF-2871 with Aprox. 4-1/2” W x 4-3/4” H x 6 ft. L S/S Product Conveyor (Item #32)

US Bottlers 6-Head Rotary Screw Capper, Model RC-6-14, S/N 53500 with S/S Base, Allen Bradley PLC Controls, S/S Product Conveyor and U.S. Bottlers Elevated S/S Feed Cap Hopper including 8 oz. Change Parts (Item #33)

(2) AutoMate 21” L Induction Sealers, Model AM250, S/N A26566 and S/N N/A (Item #34)

Video Jet Ink Jet Coder, Model 1520, S/N 1124648C22ZH (Item #35)

Trine Labeler, Model 4500, S/N 091M45528 with PLC Controls, Slautterbach Gluer and 7 oz. Change Parts (Item #38)

Trine Labeler, Model 4400, S/N MSN07084 with PLC Controls, Nordsen Gluer and 4 oz. Change Parts (Item #36)

Kaps-All 8-Head Capper, Model C-8, S/N 6835, with S/S Elevated Cap Hopper (Item #37)

Garvey Aprox. 60 ft. Long Product Conveyor System, with 3 ¼” W Table Top Plastic Chain (Item #39)

Fortress Phantom Metal Detector, Mounted on S/S Frame with Aprox. 6” W x 9” H x 7 ft. L S/S Product Conveyor

X-Pak Remanufactured Tray Overwrapper/Shrink Tunnel with Aprox. 8 ft. L Tunnel and Aprox. 30” W x 15” H Product Opening, 480 V, 3 Phase (Item #40)

Doboy 5” L Shrink Tunnel with Aprox. 15” W x 10” H Product Opening (Item #41)

X-Pak Remanufactured Inline Labeler, Model XP-A8200, S/N SX052010 with Onboard Coder, Model M-8485SE (Item #42)

Aprox. 48” S/S Accumulation Table


(2) Blentech S/S Jacketed “Cheez Therm” Cookers, Models CC1200, 2041861 & 2041862, 6 ft. L x 37” W x 36” D Product Area, 16” Dual Auger Design, Lid, Related Valves, Flow Meters & Controls, (Blentech New Cost of $145,000 in 2004)

Blentech S/S Jacketed “Cheez Therm” Cooker, Model CC1000V, S/N 91689, with 6 ft. L x 41” W x 30” Deep Product Area, Dual Auger Design,  Lid  & Related Valves, (Note: Uninstalled In Warehouse

Tote Column Lift Stations


Mepaco S/S Dual Ribbon Blender, with (2) Baldor 7.5 hp Motors, 1770 RPM, Internal Compartment Dims.:  Aprox. 72″ L x 46″ W x 29″ D, Overall Dims.:  Aprox. 98″ L x 52″ W x 92″ H

Rietz S/S Dual Ribbon Blender, M/N RS-23-K5405-6, S/N RS-720844-C, with (2) Baldor 7.5 hp Motors, 1770 RPM, Internal Comparment Dims.:  Aprox. 66″ L x 46″ W x 34″ D, Overall Dims.:  Aprox. 128″ L x 59″ W x 78″ H 

Blonco S/S Grinder, M/N 1, S/N 11/10/72, Internal Dims.:  71-1/2″ L x 49″ W x 45″ D, with S/S Auger, with Baldor 5 hp Motor, 1750 RPM, with S/S Frame, with S/S Head 

(6) S/S Auger Hoppers, Hopper Internal Dims.:  Aprox. 84″ L x 64″ W x 82″ D, with Auger 

(4) S/S Hydraulic Tote Dumpers, Tote Chamber Dims.:  Aprox. 49″ L x 51-1/2″ W x 50″ H, Chamber Sits Aprox. 65″ H from Ground Level 


Phase Fire System S/S Film Application Machine, M/N SEA-1000, S/N RPR-663, 120 Volts 

(2) Sivans Carton Erector, M/N TUCK-O-MAT, S/N 83-50-37, with Head Assembly, Mounted on Portable Frame 

Sivans Carton Erector Conveyor, M/N CONVEY-O-MAT, S/N 92-54L-265, with Head Assembly, Mounted on Portable Frame 


(3) Bishamon 3,000 lb. EZ-Loader Self Leveling Pallet Carousel Positioner, M/N EZ-30

 Assets Located in the Pittsburgh Area 


2011 Adept 4-Axis Robotic High Speed Octoloader/Pick and Place, Model Quattro S650HS, ID #722-010041 with Adept Controls, Touchpad Display, Other Controls including Camera Analyzing System (Project EL-1288, S/N 2345)

 Asset Located in Colorado


Fogg 28 Valve PET Filler with 10 Head Screw Capper 28 Valve Monoblock All S/S Rotary Bottle Filler/Capper with 10 Station Rotary Capping Head, System is originally designed to run gallons every valve at 150 Bottles/Minute, Spare set of filling valves, Allen-Bradley C600 Control, Tri Clover 5 HP S/S Centrifugal Pump with Diversified Capping Equipment Model 111-600 Cap Hopper with Blower, S/N 111-634, Cap Aligner, Cap UV Sterilizer, Change Parts for 16.9 & 20 oz Bottles Included, Filler Heads Rebuilt, Machine is in Excellent Condition, Will run Bottled Water, Juice, Tea – Cold or Hot Fill, Includes Spare Parts and CIP Rings, Will fill glass or PET Bottles, Large Assortment of Mechanical Parts (Gears, Filler Valves, Capping Parts) (Located in Colorado)

 Asset Located in Tempe, AZ 


Cherry Burrell 5,000 Gallon Jacketed Cream Silo, Model SV2, S/N 51-70-270, Horizontal Agitation (Located in Tempe, AZ)

 Assets Located in Dixon, IL 


ATS Engineering Inc.Filler; 12/16/32 oz. Cup 

Westfalia Quark Separator ; SIH10007; 3500 L/H with Frequency Drive and Control Box.


Thermutator; 5 Columns with Heat Exchanger and Control Box

Plate Heat Exchanger HRS, 2012 HRS Skid Mounted, Model: FP 10-47-1-EH, S/N P12296-P0405 with on-board temp. controls, 2″ connections with ball valves & control valve

(2) NEW Water Pumps,10 HP; 230/460V; 3525 RPM; Type: CR 64-1-1A-G-A-E-H00E

(10+) Pumps; Centrifugal, PDP and Other

(250+) NEW Air Filters