Dairy Equipment and Real Estate in Hughson, CA – Available For Immediate Sale & Going to Auction

2331 Tully Rd, Hughson, CA 95326

Auction Date: February 11th, 2021

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 70,606 Sq Ft food processing plant on 14.59 acres. 83 miles from Sacramento, 93 miles from San Jose, and 102 miles from San Francisco.

Address: 2331 Tully Rd, Hughson, CA 95326


#3 – Feldmeier 60,000 Gal, SN N-0006-09, with Horizontal Agitator

#1 – Crepaco 25,000 Gal, S/N 2961, Air Agitated

#4 – 1971 Walker 40,000 Gal, Air Agitated

#5 – 1975 Walker 40,000 Gal, Air Agitated

#6 – Crepaco 40,000 Gal, Air Agitated

#9 – Mueller 40,000 Gal, Model SWV, SN 324951-1, with S/S Exterior

2013 Feldmeier 40,000 Gal, Horizontal Agitator

#8 – Mueller 40,000 Gal, Horizontal Agitator

“Other Items In Silo Alcove Room: (5) Fristam & Other Centrifugal Pump, 2-Comp. S/S COP Sink with Fittings, Solonoid & Other Control Panels, Installed S/S Piping, Valves & Fittings

New Condensed Silo Alcove Room – (Built 2015), (Glycol Jacketed)

Other Items in Condensed Silo Room Including: (2) Valve Cluster Racks with (43) & (45) Pentair 3″ Mix Proof Valves with (2) Micro Motion 3″” Flow Meters, (6) Fristam Centrifugal Pumps

Main Processing Floor

 RO System Includes:

(10) 8″ S/S Membrane Tubes 17 ft 8″ L on Rack, (2) 4″ S/S Membrane Tubes 16 ft 9″ L on Rack, (8) Fristam Pumps – (2) Models 4030, Most 25 hp, Filtration Eng. Control System, 08 Sprinkman 200 Gal S/S Tank with Platform, Related Valves & Piping

2007 Westfalia CIP Separator, Model MSD-300-01-777, SN 1715933, with Related Valves & PLC Controls (Separator #1)

HTST System (Larger System) Includes:

07 Tetra Pak S/S Plate Press, Model Tetra Plex 08-KSH, SN 30110-71685, with (1) Divider, Includes WCB 2.5″ Flow Diversion Valve, 2.5″ Nested Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Related Valves, Piping & Controls (#5)

HTST System (Smaller) Includes:

07 Tetra Pak S/S Plate Press, Model Tetra Plex C6-SH, SN 30110-71683, with (3) Dividers, Includes WCB 1.5″ Flow Diversion Valve, 1.5″ Nested Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Related Valves, Piping & Controls, Waukesha Timing Pump, Centrifugal Pump (#4)

Cream Press Includes:

07 Tetra Pak S/S Plate Press, Model Tetra Plex C6-SH, SN 30110-71684, with Related Valves

Cream Chilling Press (Behind CIPs) Includes: 08 APV Paraflow S/S Plate Press

HTST System with Homogenizer Includes:

AGC S/S Plate Press, Model Pro 31M, SN C11307, with (2) Dividers, Includes Tri Clover 2.5″” Flow Diversion Valve, 2.5″” Nested Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Related Valves, Piping & Controls, (3) Fristam Centrifugal Pumps; Gaulin Homogenizer, Model 2000-MC18-2.5TPS, SN 12777389 with HVA (#3)

Polished Water RO System Includes:

(4) 8″” S/S Tubes – 17 ft 9″” L, with Fristam 30 hp Centrifugal Pump, 48″ H x 42″ W Skid Mounted S/S Tank, (2) Fristam Centrifugal Pumps, Related WCB Air Valves, Flow Meters Grundfos Pump & Controls

(2) Process CIP Systems Includes:

Raw / Outside System –

Sani-Matic 3-Tank Skid Mounted S/S CIP System, with Aprox. 700 Gal (78″” H x 53″” W) S/S Tanks, S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Centrifugal Pump, Related WCB Air Valves & Piping, Allen Bradley PLC Controls, Operators Platform

Pasteurize System (Inside) –

Sani-Matic 3-Tank Skid Mounted S/S CIP System, with Aprox. 300 Gal. (58″” H x 38″” W) S/S Tanks, Enerquip S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Fristam Centrifugal Pump, Related WCB Air Valves & Piping, Allen Bradley PLC Controls, Operators Platform

Condensed & Cream Silo Alcove Area

(5) S/S Silos (Most Jacketed with Agitators) Includes:

APV Crepaco S/S Silo, S/N C2808, with Horizontal Agitator, (Cond. Tank 5A)

Mueller S/S Silo, SN D-4338, (Cream Tank 4A)

Cherry Burrel S/S Silo, Model SVW, SN 120-73-338, (Cream Tank 1A)

Cherry Burrel S/S Silo, (Cream Tank 2A)

Mueller S/S Silo, SN D-4339, (Cream Tank 3A) (Note: Possibly 6,000 Gal Silos)

Condensed & Cream Pumps Including:

SPX 3″ Positive Displacement Pump (Large); Waukesha 3″ Positive Displacement Pump; Fristam Centrifugal Pump

Other Items in Condensed & Cream Silo Alcove Area:

06 AGC S/S Plate Press, Model 300-S, SN 06315, (46″ H x 23″W)

Jet Spray S/S COP Tank, 15 ft L x 25″ W x 20″ D, with Centrifugal Pump

(2) Recon Powder Tanks Includes:

(2) Walker 7,000 Gal. Horizontal S/S Tanks, Model HHT, SN SPG-53754-1 & 2, with Vertical Agitator, S/S Fronts, 10 ft 5″ W, (Glycol Jacketed) (Recently Refurbished)

Condensed Skid – Dryer Feed System Includes:

2016 Skid Mounted Unit with AGC S/S Plate Press, Model PRO2S, SN 2016295, (2) 36″ H x 34″ W S/S Tanks, (3) Fristam 15 hp & 3 hp Centrifugal Pumps, CFR S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Related Pentair S/S Air Valves, Piping & Touch Pad Controls

HTST System – Includes:

2017 AGC S/S Plate Press, Model PRO31H, SN 201719S, with Self Contained Hydraulic Close, (2) Dividers, Balance Tank, Enerquip Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, (3) Fristam Centrifugal Pumps, Related Valves & Controls

HTST System Includes: APV S/S Plate Press, Model SR310, SN 22353, with (1) Divider, SPX 2″ Flow Diversion Valve, 3″ Round Holding Tube, Related Valves & Piping & Controls, Waukesha Timing Pump & Fristam Centrifugal Pump

Westfalia CIP Separator, Model MSD-300-01-777, SN 1713656, with Related Valves & PLC Controls (#2)

Other Items Throughout Process Room Includes:

Central Valve Cluster Rack, (Serving HTST Systems); (16) SPX 3″ Mix Proof Air Valves, (3) Micro Motion 3″” Flow Meters, Additional Pumps, Valves, Fittings, 1,000’s of Feet on Installed S/S Piping with Floverter Valves & Related


 Motor Control Centers – (3) Allen Bradley 20 to 40 Bucket MCC with Allen Bradley VFD’s

Tri Blender – (Recon Room) – Tri Clover Tri Blender, Model FX329MD-B40, 20 hp


 Approx. 40 ft H x 10 ft W S/S Tower Dryer with Natural Gas Burner, Associated Duct Work, 4 – Level Operators Platform, Related Valves, Piping & Controls

(2) Additional Approx. 10 ft W S/S Powder Cyclones

2015 GEA Niro Soavi High Pressure Pump / Homogenizer, Type NS3090P, SN 11662, 3 – Piston Design

Approx. 200 Gal. (32″ H x 44″ W) Dome Top S/S Tank with Centrifugal Pump

Dryer Powder Baghouse – System Built 2017 ($5 Mil. Project) Includes:

S/S Baghouse Chamber with Associated Duct Work, Fan, Valves & Controls, (Note: Chamber Damaged from Fire)

Humidification System Includes Air Handler & Related

Powder Filling Line Including:

S/S Rotary Powder Filler with Fairbanks Scale; 2008 Doboy / Bosch Bag Sealer, Model HDPT-40, SN 08-28074; Safeline Powerphase Plus S/S Metal Detector with 24″” W x 10″” H Opening, Mounted on Conveyor; Related Conveyor System; Diagraph IJ3000 Ink Jet Coder with (4) Heads; Additional Items In Room Includes Label Printer, Vacuum Lift System, (2) Canaster Vacuums


Mojonnier S/S Horizontal MVR Evaporator System, with Collandrias & Difuser, MVR by Louis Allis 600 hp / 1700 rpm, Associated Duct Work, Pumps, Valves, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Piping & Controls

AGC S/S Plate Press with (2) Dividers, (Larger System), with S/S Balance Tank & Holding Tube

S/S Vertical Tank with Pump


Forklifts Including:

(2) Hyster Stand Up Electric Forklifts with Chargers; Raymond Stand Up Electric Forklifts with Charger

Cooler Racking System with Aprox. (576) Pallet Space Includes: Drive In Style Pallet Racking System, 4 High x 4 Deep x 2 Row, 36 – Total Sections, Bolt Constructed; (2) Sect. Standard Pallet Racking

Modular Cooler Includes: Late Model Standex 16 ft L x 7 ft W x 8 ft H Modular Cooler with Freon Refrigeration System

Surplus Equipment in Cooler Includes:

Skid Mounted Tank System with Feldmeier 42″W x 31″ D S/S Tank, SN E61008, with Agitator, (316L), Fristam Centrifugal Pump & Controls with AJ-300 Chart Recorder

Assorted Packaging Materials in Cooler Includes: Assorted Pallets of Packaging Materials Including Shrink Wrap & Tape

 Cooler Freon Refrigerant System Includes: (8) 2 – Fan Evaporator / Blowers with (3) Recip. Compressors


Flex Kleen Dust Collector, Model 84-BVBS-3611, SN N-52-18663

Other Items in Warehouse Area Include: Tennant 5700 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber; (2) Hyster Sit Down Electric Forklifts with Chargers; Hyster Sit Down LP Forklift with Charger; (5) Sect. of Standard Type Pallet Racking; Hydraulic Pallet Jack


Ammonia Refrigeration Equipment Includes:

2017 Frick Screw Ammonia Compressor, Head Model S6C1918, SN 11531M43272443, 335/385 HP, 715/3574 RPM

(2) FES Ammonia Screw Compressors, Models 180-ME & 13L, SN 2053312 & 13L121LS-3,

Additional Spare Screw Compressor in Storage;

(4) BAC Evaporative Condensers, Models C2664MMPH, VXC-N230RP, 15350R & F1343-NR, SN 89201806, 86-1144M, 97219181, 89200116

Ammonia Circ. System

Glycol System (Ammonia Chilled) Includes:

FES Painted S/S Plate Press with 6 ft x 8 ft x 12 ft S/S Holding Tank, Circulation System with (3) Centrifugal Pumps & Receiver

CIP System (In Room) – Skid Mounted Single Tank CIP System with Mounted Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Pump, Valves & Related Piping


(3) Quincy 75 hp Screw Air Compressors, Model QGV-75;

2014 Kaeser Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model ASD25;

Air Circulation System


(2) Horizontal Boiler Systems Including:

(1) Cleaver Brooks & (1) Johnson Cat. No. 528-AHG with Updated Burner System & Circulation System; Siemens Water Softening System; Tomar Small 7- Tube Water RO System

PLANT CONTROL ROOM – (Near Plant Support Equipment)

Motor Control Room Includes: (1) Allen Bradley MCC; Square D Main Switch & MCC Panel


Large Assortment of Spare Parts Throughout Room Includes:

Spare Parts for Most Major Machinery Including Homogenizer, Separator, HTST Systems, Tank Parts, Dryer & Evaporator, Ammonia Parts, Air Compressor Parts, Sanitary Valves Parts, Sanitary Pump Parts for Centrifugal & Positive Displacement, Electrical Including Allen Bradley VFD’s & PLC Components, Starters, Switches, Anderson Controls, Control Panels & Related, Large Assortment of Spare Motors & Drives, Pumps, Air Parts, Hydraulic Parts, Plumbing Parts & Related, Chemical Pump Parts, Assorted Gauges, Drive Parts Including Bearings & Seals, Sprockets & Pullies, Aprox. (10) Lista Parts Storage Cabinets, Bolt Bins with Hardware, Assorted Steel Shelving


Assortment on General Plant Items Including: (2) Smart Step Boot Washers; Eyewash Stations, S/S Sinks, Dollies, Carts, Chemical Handling Equipment, Fireproof Cabinets, Ladders, Cage Racks, Rubbermaid Garbage Cans & More


(2) Cargo Shipping Containers for Storage


Jet Vertical Milling Machine

Dayton 20″” Drill Press, Double End Grinder

Press Brake, Hydrauic Press

(2) Steel Welding Tables

Lincoln Portable Fume Hood

Lincoln Mig 15 Welder

Jet Saw

Ridgid Pipe Threader


Large Assortment of Handtools in Boiler Room Cage Area;

Knaack Tool Box & Tool Box in Storage Warehouse


 Assorted Equipment Including Air Valve Cluster & Tote Filler


Assorted Lab Equipment

Late Model Lab Furniture


(3) Receiving & Load – Out Platforms; (6) Centrifugal Pumps with Filters, Valves & Piping

2017 Atlantium HOD In-Line S/S UV System, Model RZ163-12-HP, SN F2NF01171714, 480V 3 Phase

(2) Aprox. 1,500 Gal. (10 ft H x 5 ft W) Cone Bottom S/S Chemical Tanks

2 – Tank CIP Systems with Heat Exchangers, Pumps & Valves

Poly Chemical Tank with Containment

In- Ground Truck Scale with Read – Out

Aprox. 500 Gal. Dome Top S/S Tank with Pump, (Located Near Condensers)

Large Bulk S/S Chemical Tank with Containment

Additional Small BAC Condenser – (In Front of Building)

Fire House Equipment


Assortment of Various Tanks Throughout Area, Some S/S Silos

DAF System

2007 Filtration Engineering Waste Treatment S/S RO System, Model 11800-RO-01, SN 07-386

Control System


Assortment of Furniture Throughout Main Office Including Desks, Chairs, File Cabinets, Conference Table, Assorted Office Machines