Arizona Water Facility Auction!

Online Auction  |  August 20th – 24th, 2018
: 12815 N 39TH Ave., Phoenix, AZ  85029 


S/S Silos & Tanks 

  • (2) DCI 40,000 Gal. S/S Silos with All S/S Exteriors
  • (2) 22,500 Gal. All S/S Spring water Vertical Tanks
  • (2) Feldmeier 12,500 Gal. All S/S Vertical Tanks, S/N SA18599-A+B
  • (1) 1,200 Gal. S/S Tank

CIP Systems

  • Ecolab 2-Tank CIP System, with Circulation System, Heat Exchanger, and Controls
  • 2-S/S Tank Dosing System with Agitators, Metering Pumps, Valves and Controls
  • Fiberglass Equalization Tank with Circulating System

Carbon Filtration System

  • (2) Carbon Filtration Tanks with Feldmeier 300 Gal. Balance Tank, T/C Pump and Control

UV System

  • Aquafine UV System Ozone Destruction Unit, M/N SDC-1000


  • Hach Spectrophotometer DR200 Orion pH Digital
  • Boekel, Millipore Instruments Ritter UltraClave M11 Sterilizer
  • VWR Sample Cooler
  • (2) VWR Lab Oven
  • Leica Microscope

Plant Support 

  • Bryan Boiler System, Model RV350-S-150-FDO-LX, 2,800 MBH Output with Auto-Flame System and Water Softener
  • Powerex Compressed Air Oil Free System with Refrigerated Dryer
  • Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Oil Free Air Compressor System with Refrigerated Dryer
  • Marathon Baler, Model V6030-HD
  • Cram-A-Lot Baler, Model 60DH
  • Assorted S/S Pumps, S/S Pipe, Line Items, and Additional S/S Pressure FIlters


Siemens electric motor B3 18.5kW 1465U., second hand, Manufacturer: Siemens, Type: 3 ~ 1LA91834WA90-Z, power: 18.5 kW; 1465 U / min  German Description: Siemens Elektromotor B3 18.5kW,  1465U. Gebraucht,Hersteller: Siemens, Typ: 3~ 1LA91834WA90-Z, Leistung: 18,5 kW; 1465 U/min

Grundfoss electric motor B3 18.5kW, 1465U. second hand, Manufacturer: Grundfoss, type: MMG180M-4-48-E2, power: 18.5 kW; 1465 U / min  German Description: Grundfoss Elektromotor B3 18,5kW, 1465U. Gebraucht,Hersteller: Grundfoss Typ: MMG180M-4-48-E2, Leistung: 18.5 kW; 1465 U/min

Chain Excavators Robex 280LC needed, Hyundai, Robex 280 LC, Cummins 6BT 5.9 / 128 hp  German Description: Kettenbagger Raupenbagger Robex-280LC gebraucht, Hyundai ROBEX 280 LC, Cummins 6BT 5,9 / 128 PS

Abus Crane System GMBH, 16 tons   German Description: Abus Crane System GMBH, 16 tones

Stahl Crane System Unused

M. Davis Group is pleased to conduct this auction in conjunction 

with Aaron Equipment Company