California Aseptic Food & Beverage Equipment – Available Now for Purchase

Location: Southern California

Check Back for Additional Equipment to be Added!!

2009 Stork Filling Line – Runs 10.5 oz. and 32 oz. HDPE Bottles @ up to 400 BPM

2006 Posimat 2-Station Access Series 2XN-20 Bottle Unscrambler, Type 2XN-20, S/N 11399.3.01 with S/S Bottle Hopper Elevator, Siemens PLC Touchpad Display and Operators Platform

Aprox. 50′ Airveyor Conveyor System with Blowers and PLC Controls

2009 Stork 16-Station Aseptic Filler, Model ASEP-TEC 1612, S/N N.00246.01 with Nitro Dose System; PLC Control with Beckhoff Touchpad Display; Hepa Filtration System and Sterilization System, S/N 411143

Stork 900 ltr. Aseptic Buffer Tank, S/N N.0024.0129 with Agitator

(3) Valve and Pump Stations with Blower and Filters

Fords Foil Press/Tamper Evident Sealer, Model 330MD, S/N 21344, 440 Max. Caps/Min., Cap Size 031.0 x 4.5 (Cap Closure System)

(2) Heuft Spectrum TX Bottle Inspection Systems, Type 2VG029055 from Fill Height Container Pressure, Closure and Labels

Inspx Scantrac X-Ray Imagining Bottle System, Model 215, S/N 53795

Sentry Aprox. 200′ S/S Bottle and Product Conveyor System, Single Filer Section, 7-Bank Control Panel with PLC Controls, SEW Drive, VFD, Micro-Switches and Reject System & S/S Operators Platform

Original Equipment Cost of +$12,000,000.00

2009 Frozen Fruit Prep Line 

DIS All S/S Auger Conveyor System, Type 400X4750-E40, S/N 20080735 – Aprox. 15′ L x 16″ Auger with Chute;

GSI Aprox. 1,000 Gal. S/S Horizontal Jacketed Slurry Tank (52″ W x 125″ L) with Blender Type Agitator, includes Jungian Variable Speed Drives and Operators Platform with Stairs

Cherry Burrell Thermaflex S/S Plate Press, Model 435SBL-1, SN 2380

Skid-Mounted Pump System with Heat Exchanger, Air Actuated Valves, Air Valves, Controls

Sugar Room Area

Waukesha Model 060 Positive Displacement Pump with 3″ Threaded Head


Anaheim Location

Pacific 18 – Valve Rotary Filler, Model V-18-B-31.000, S/N 1521

CB Aprox. 5,000 Gal. S/S Jacketed Silo, S/N 87-E-310-1, with Alcove and Pressurized Door, (Painted Exterior), (96″ W x 176” H)

Flow Trend 3hp Portable Centrifugal Pump

Portable Case Conveyor

Additional Equipment Including: Lazar Cap Feeder; Kewel S/S Juice Finisher; Wilden 2” S/S Diaphragm Pump; Lazar Elevator Cap Hopper; Drop Case Packer (Parts Machine); Assorted Conveyor Sections; Spare Motors, Drives and Pumps; Assorted Spare Parts Including Pipe Fittings, Steel and S/S Pipe

Additional Surplus

Drop Case Packer

Assortment of S/S Filters & Air Valves

S/S Dump Hopper

Stork Processor S/S Drum Dump System

Aprox. 100 Gal. Open Top S/S Tank

Kice Dust Collection System, (Aprox. 20 ft H x 3 ft 4″ W) with Blower & Rotary Valve, (Installed))

(20) Conveyor Bottle Orienters

Steel Cargo Container with Contents

Steel Refrigerated Box (GE Seaco)

Pacific 18 – Valve Rotary Filler, Model 1412, SN 18V

Fowler 17 ft. H S/S Elevated Cap Hopper

Thermal Solutions Portable Chiller, Model HAF1000NF-L

Wall Mount RO System

Wilden 3″ S/S Diaphram Pump

Portable Pump with (2) Global Filters

Alfa Laval Centrifugal Pump

Beer Equipment Located in Colorado

NEW 2015 Ampco 316 S/S Positive Displacement Beer Pump, Model LFR22-215-18, S/N S/N: CC-1208-1-1, Designed Flow Rate: 30GPM with Beer, 135 mm Impeller, 2″ Suction x 1-1/2″ Discharge, Baldor 2-HP  1755 RPM Motor, 208-230/460 V, NEW Anderson IZ Mag Flow Meter PN #IZMAG032D00SA0R000DSHIP, NEW AC Tech 2-HP VFD, ESV152N02YXC, S/N 201572262-100(NEW. STILL IN ORIGINAL BOX) (Located in Denver, Colorado)