Beverage Filling Line Auction! Major Manf. of Dallas, TX!

ONLINE AUCTION  |  September 5th – September 12th, 2018 @ 12pm EDT
Ft. Worth, TX 

M. Davis Group presents the liquidation of a Pouch Filling Line and other assets from a major beverage manufacturer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area. Please see the details below! 

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(2) Volpak Pouch Fillers—-Rebuilt in 2013!!!

  • Volpak Pouch Filler, M/N S-240-DF, S/N 22-12-00 and 14-04-00, with S/S Infeed Vessel/Funnel and Valves, 380 Volts, with Touchscreen and Allen Bradley Controls
  • Currently Running 6 oz. Pouches!
  • 100 Pouches per Min. for each filler! (200 Pouches per Min.)

780 Gal.-1,200 Gal. Per Hour Pasteurization System

  • 780 Gal.-1,200 Gal. Per Hour Pasteurization System, with S/S Heat Exchanger Mounted on S/S Skid, with (2) AGC S/S Plate Presses, with 175 Gal. S/S Vertical Holding Vessel, with (3) Centrifugal Pumps, 7-Pass Holding Tube, with S/S Valves

2013 Fenco Spiral Chiller 

  • 2013 Fenco Spiral Chiller, Type TwistWater, S/N TW N150/13, 15-Tiers with 25″ W S/S Conveyor, 5″ Tier Clearance, with Thermowave Plate Press, M/N EL 250 EBGL

Packaging and Straw Application  

  • 2013 ProPak S/S Pick N’ Place Machine, M/N LJTRT D, S/N 129-13705, Air 40 CFM @ 90 PSI, with Designer System S/S Infeed Orientor (Aprox. 10 Pouches Per Pick; 2x3x2x3 Pattern)
  • (2) 2013 Geyssel Straw Applicator, Type 467 and 466, Mach. No.:  03100-467-649 & 03115-466-650, with Nordson Glue Pot ProGlue, with Touchscreen
  • 2013 Adco Box Foamer, M/N AFCX3-30, S/N 5470H3, 460 Volts, with Nordson ProGlue Glue Pot
  • Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Chechweigher, S/N 13040621, with Touchscreen Display and Reject Station
  • Adco Carton Sealer, M/N 16B-60-SS, S/N 547-4H3, with Nordson ProGlue Glue Pot
  • SMI Case Packer, M/N WP300, with Posye 3000 Touchscreen Display, with Nordson ProGlue Glue Pot
  • (2) Kraken Indexed Infeed/Transfer Belts, M/N KAIM-100
  • Large Assortment of Conveyor

Bottle Handling 

  • (2) Lanfranchi S/S Bottle Unscramblers, M/N L3-SR-2736
  • Lanfranchi S/S Bottle Hopper, with Discharge Incline with Flights

Assorted Conveyor Systems 

  • (5+ Sections) Fenco S/S Outfeed Conveyor Sections, with 12″ W Belt, with Plastic Covers, S/S Incline Legs, Total Footage Aprox. 90′
  • (4+ Sections) SpanTech S/S Conveyor Sections, with 14-1/2″ W Belts with Aprox. 70′ Total Length with Diverting Stations and Drives
  • Spiral Conveyor System, 7-Tier with 16″ W Belt, Aprox. 26′ Tall
  • (2) Aluminum Conveyor Cross Over Platforms

Other Featured Items 

  • Krones S/S Depallization System, Manf. No.:  K R74-147
  • FlexPak Leak Detector, M/N FP181210, S/N 20130812, with 2012 Mirco Box, S/N 11548
  • 3,000 Gal. S/S Carbon Tank
  • Product Air Dry System, with (4) Blowers, with 4-Laners, Aprox. 4-1/2″ W
  • And Much More!

See Auction Catalog for Complete List of Featured Items!