Complete 2010 Shred Packaging Line and Gorgeous Assortment of Packaging and Processing Equipment

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: Winchester, VA

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Vertical Form, Fill & Seal System

2010 Weighpack Primo Weigher 14-Bucket S/S Rotary Scale, Model PRIM036014HMBWD, S/N 3018, with 4-1/2″ W x 5″ L Bucket, iE5 PLC Controller, 220V, includes ~33″ L x 10″ W Vibratory Shaker with Controls and Stand

100″ x 100″ x 87″ H Scale Platform

2010 Weighpack XPDIUS S/S Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Bagging Machine (VFFS), Model XPD-IUX800 ELITE, S/N 3015, with 10″ Seal Jaws, Set Up with 4″ Forming Head Filling 16 oz. Product, S/N 300015, with 10″ Seal Jaws, 4″ Forming Head, Mitsubishi PLC Controls with Weinview Touchpad Display and (2) Panasonic Servo Drives, Melsec FX1N-60MT, 220 V, Single Phase

2010 Weighpack 168″ H S/S Inclined Conveyor with 16″ W Belt with Flights, Arpin Feed and IG5 VFD Controls


Additional Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Support Equipment

Weighpack Primo 14-Bucket S/S Rotary Scale, Model PRIMO360-14HMBWD, S/N 2963, 220 V, Single Phase with Accessories and ~6 ft. 6″ L x 5 ft. W x 6 ft. H S/S Platform Scale with Onboard Scale Control Panel  (Uninstalled)

Weighpack Systems Xpdius S/S Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine with 10″ Seal Jaws, 4″ Forming Head, Mitsubishi PLC Controls, Panasonic Servo Drive and Touchpad Display

Weighpack 3″ S/S Forming Head

~8 ft. L Weighpack S/S Portable Product Conveyor with 4″ W Plastic Chain, Drive and Controls

Weighpack ~185″ L Belt Conveyor with 19-1/2″ W Belt

Weighpack ~94″ L S/S Product Conveyor with 4″ W Table Top Plastic Chain and Drive

Cultured Products Cup Filler

2005 Pack Line 2-Lane S/S Cultured Products Cup Filler, Model PXG-2, S/N PL700292 with Tamper Evident Sealer, Lidder, Outfeed Conveyor, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC Controls, Allen Bradley PanelView 300 Touchpad Display and (2) B.C. Thermostat Digital Readouts, Model BTC-9090, Currently Set up For 6-1/2” Round Cups, Set of 6” x 4-1/2” Rectangular Change Parts Included


Westfalia CIP Separator / Centrifuge, Model MSA-100- 01-076, Frame #1649578, Bowl #1636153, Job #14261, 4500 RPM, (Rebuilt & Sold by Separators Inc), (Uninstalled)

Cheese Vat, Molds, and Presses

Stoelting ~4,000 Gal. Open Top Jacketed S/S Cheese Vat, Model VERTISTIR, S/N 338-045-59-3500-83 with Overhead Bridge Agitation, Agitator Blades, Valves and Controls, Vat Dimensions ~30 ft. L x 6 ft. W x 36″ H

(2) Square S/S Mold Press with Pneumatic Gate – Product Opening ~5-1/4″ L x 3-7/8″ H

2010 APV S/S Small Plate Press, Model V017R-14, SN G2010000068, 150 psig, Design Temp. 239 Degree F with (33) S/S Plates, Temperature Sensor, Armstrong 3 hp Circulating Pump with Valve and Rack (Silo Room) (NOTE: Piping Not Included)

~11″ x 11″ x 15″ Deep S/S Cheese Pressing Molds on Pallets

(3) ~14″ L x 10″ W x 6″ Deep S/S Cheese Molds

~14″ L x 11″ W x 18″ Deep S/S Single Piston Pneumatic Mold Press

Hexagon S/S Mold Press with Pneumatic Gate – Product Opening 6″ W x 5-1/4″ H

S/S Mold Presses – (1) Hexagon and (1) Round — Product Opening 6″ W x 5-1/4″ H and 4-1/2″ (NOTE: Pneumatic Gate Cylinders Not Included and (1) Missing Mounting Brackets)

Additional Equipment

~36″ L S/S Inline UV Filter, 5-1/2″ W with Aquionics Inc. Controller and 2″ Clamp Type Inlet/Outlet

Alfa Laval 2-1/2″ Air Valve Manifold, includes ~80 ft. Installed S/S Piping for Kusel Cheese Vats

2009 Alfa Laval Air Valve, Model UNIQUE SSV / Manifold Brine Piping System with ~120 ft. Installed 2″ S/S Piping, includes Check Valve, Fittings, Hangers, Solenoid Control Panel with Allen Bradley Flex I/O, Ethernet IP and Allen Bradley 1606 XLS Power Supply

~20 ft. L S/S Conveyor with Slight Curve, 29-1/2″ W Intralox Belt and Drive

Hytrol ~5 ft. 10″ L Portable Conveyor with 5-1/2″ W Belt, Drive and Reliance SP500 VFD

Grupo Villamex Mill, Model V-25, S/N 085 with 1/4 hp Motor, 1745 RPM, 127/220 V with ~28″ x 10″ Outfeed Belt Conveyor

(3) Hobart 20″ W x 18″ D S/S Mixer Bowls

Assorted Waukesha & APV Positive Displacement Pump Parts

(2) Pcs. – including 24″ W S/S Funnel Stand with 2″ Clamp Type Connection, Also includes 12″ W x 24″ D S/S Tank with Legs

(2) Pallets Assorted S/S Fitting with Clamps, Valve Parts, Elbows & Connectors, Assorted Machine Parts and Small S/S Tank

(3) Pcs. – 5 ft. L x 28″ W S/S Table, 3-Blade S/S Slicer and S/S Paddle