(2) 2011 GEA AeroFreeze S/S Spiral Freezers IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE



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(2) 2011 GEA AeroFreeze S/S Spiral Freezers, Model M-Series, S/N 00176A-001-01 & S/N 00176B-001-01 with Dual Belt System, ~4″ Belt Spacing with (4) 2011 GEA S/S Single Fan Freezer Blowers, All S/S Enclosure, (2) Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors including (2) Tension Towers, Box Dimensions ~34 ft. 8″ L x 21 ft. 5″ W x 18 ft. 3″ H, Spiral Height ~15 ft. H, Belt Width ~32″ W with Built-In E-Chem CIP System, McClean Cooling System, Model T431016G102, SKF Lubrication System and Allen Bradley CompactLogix L43 PLC Controls, (9) Allen Bradley PowerFlex 70 VFD’s, Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 Touchpad Display including Internal Conveyor Control Panel. Located in Jackson, TN.