After Hours Open House


After Hours 
Open House

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The Pittsburgh Food and Beverage Network (FaB) is peer network of food ‘makers’ and supporters in the Pittsburgh region.  We work together to build food business opportunities and to learn from one another.

As part of that effort, members host periodic ‘After Hours’ open houses to introduce their businesses or to make people aware of special opportunities.

An exciting FaB event is coming up this March 1st.   Member company M Davis Group is hosting an ‘After Hours’ Open House at their office and Auction Showroom to preview a wide range of used food and beverage equipment, from large multi-national and regional food and beverage manufacturers, that they will be marketing for an auction on March 19th.  M Davis Group is a world leader in innovative food, beverage, and dairy auction, appraisal, and marketing services. This is a great chance to learn more about working with MDG to source new and used food and beverage equipment or to sell your surplus assets at a future event at the MDG Auction Showroom.

Event Date

M Davis Group
Friday, March 1

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Event Location

M Davis Group
2300 Palmer St
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

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Meeting MDG

Anyone interested in learning more about a wide range of food & beverage equipment opportunities. Perfect chance to view the equipment up close. Also, a great opportunity to learn about the value of working with the M Davis Group — to build their food & beverage businesses.


You do not have to be a member of the Pittsburgh Food and Beverage (FaB) Network to come to this event.  FaB members will be there to introduce their group for those interested in learning more or joining.


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