About M Davis Group

AGILE Auctioneering for Maximum Conversion

At M Davis Group, we take your business personally.

Our first commitments are to successful companies who have surplus assets that we can sell to other growing companies. We provide all of the services needed to do so, from evaluation to equipment removal, transportation, storage and best practices in marketing and sales.

Like others in our industry, we purchase complete facilities for resale. However, we are most proud of the ongoing services we have provided to major processing companies like Nestle, Amazon/Whole Foods, Bakery Express, Ventura Foods, Sabra, and many others.

Our Services


M Davis Group’s clients in the Dairy, Food and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industries maximize Recovery of Investment (ROI) utilizing live and online auctions. Whether selling from the client’s location via listing in our bi-monthly Multi-Location Auctions or from one of the MDG Auction Showrooms, M Davis Group tailor a client specific approach to asset divestiture that nets the highest possible return to their clients while minimizing costs.

Additionally, in most instances, these processes are 100% self-funded and require zero up front financial investment from the client. We not only manage and tailor a solution to maximize ROI for our clients that realizes millions of dollars returned to their bottom line; we do this at no cost to the client.


M Davis Group are leaders in the appraisal industry. Our appraisal services are unique in our use of the asset disposition experience of our other business units as a basis to confirm values.

The people of M Davis Group have been purchasing and selling major capital assets for decades providing the utmost understanding of asset values. We provide timely, knowledgeable, accurate and complete appraisals from single machines to complete facilities worldwide. Our appraisal methodology and due diligence include on- site visits, cost analyses, expert interviews and industry research. This allows us to provide the most accurate and transparent appraisals possible.


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Global Asset Inventory System

M Davis Group utilize the Global Asset Inventory System (GAIS) to track, value, redeploy and sell equipment for our customers. Once assets are entered into GAIS they are assigned are comprehensively description including location, model, S/N, capacity and more. An estimated value is also determined which is based on M Davis Group’s decades of experience buying and selling packaging and processing equipment. Both the exhaustive descriptions and the estimated value assists clients reviewing redeployment opportunities. Ultimately, if it is determined by the client that the asset is no longer of use to continued operations, M Davis Group personalize a plan to liquidate the asset returning to our clients bottom line. Furthermore, when the decision is made to sell, M Davis Group often have already determined likely buyers tracked through our CRM software.

Our Philosophy

AGILE Auctioneering

Agility means more than just being different. It means recognizing that there are important dimensions of auction performance that can be better achieved through more accurate appraisals, better previews and better integration of on-site and online auctions.

After 60 years of developing the skills and savvy that have gained the respect of clients throughout the world, we saw the auction business changing and knew our business needed to change too. That’s why we started over with a new, agile vision that delivers more to clients.

At M Davis, we are leveraging our decades of experience to advance the profession and improve our ability to get results for our clients. We’re looking forward, not back, with AGILE Auctioneering.








& Payment



Timely Support

We always follow up in a timely manner to ensure our clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

Innovative Ideas

We methodically analyze areas of opportunity in the auction, real estate and equipment industries.

Advanced Technology

We offer specific technology solutions to meet your on-site and online auction needs.

Clear Communication

We efficiently, clearly and concisely keep in constant communication with our clients.

Meet the Team

Our expert M Davis team makes us a leader in the auction industry.


Martin I. Davis

Evaluate, Communicate & Execute
During his 30 years experience in the business of turning tangible assets into capital Marty has learned that the best business practices are to listen to expectations, perform educated evaluations and produce the best buyers for a sale. His reputation for bringing extensive knowledge to a deal is unrivaled. As principal Auctioneer and Appraiser, he has coordinated, directed, and participated in thousands of appraisals and sales across a broad spectrum of industries—including heavy industrial, manufacturing, and food processing.

Marty has successfully held the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) since 2000. He is a licensed Auctioneer in 24 states, and through reciprocal relationships is registered in every state in the United States. He also conducts several charity auctions, pro bono, every year. He received a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh.


Harry S. Davis

Evaluate, Communicate & Execute
Harry graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in psychology and minors in religion and black world studies. Harry is an avid fan and practitioner of the martial arts with a background in wrestling and Brazilian jiujitsu. As in any sport, hard work, attention to detail and perseverance produce success.

Harry built out our invaluable online sales department including monthly and bi-weekly auctions. He has been instrumental in the development of the M Davis Group Auction Showrooms in Pittsburgh, PA where the company currently conducts monthly live auctions to liquidate surplus food and beverage assets. Additionally, he founded and manages M Davis Group Europe – the European division of M Davis Group.

With over 15 years of direct experience in auctions and equipment sales, Harry possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge that consistently produces results.

Harry is an accredited appraiser and a licensed auctioneer.


Kevin Detman
Director of Operations & Site Manager

Kevin leads our auction prep and set-up teams. He provides vital support in the valuation process. Kevin has worked on thousands of transactions in his 20+ years in the auction and appraisal industries.

His mechanical and manufacturing expertise are essential to project execution in all industries. He provides invaluable support on sales and appraisals for our clients.

Joann Guercio
Director of Operations & Site Manager

Joann began work with the late Harry Davis in 1975. As onsite auction and appraisal support and auction office coordinator, Joann’s attention to detail provides a seamless experience for MDG’s clients.

In her almost 40 years of experience she has tackled all aspects of our business. Joann’s collective knowledge of our industry’s history is known and respected industry wide..

Thomas Paulone, Jr.
Auction Coordinator

Tommy started with MDG as a summer intern in college. After two summers, he was ready to sign on to our team full time. At Waynesburg University, Tommy received a degree in Criminal Justice and was well recognized for his team leadership as a captain on the football team.

His focus on business development, onsite support and customer retention projects are invaluable. He contributes every day to MDG’s competitive edge.