Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging Equipment Auction

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AUCTION  |  ONLINE  |  May 22, 2017 – May 31, 2017
Multiple Locations

M Davis Group is pleased to announce the next monthly online consignment auction. Contact M Davis Group to consign your surplus equipment and realize maximize conversion of your idle assets.

Equipment Located in Carrizo Springs, Texas

  • New/Never Installed Avamex (Avances Mexicanos) In-Line Positive Displacement Filler, Six (6) Stainless Steel Filling valves (adjustable height), Three (3) nitrogen Filler Valves, complete with Three (3) stainless steel product filler bowls (sanitary design) (Serial #’s 1056/1057/1058), complete with PLC Model Fisto, stainless steel empty bottle infeed conveyor with white neoprin flat belt driven by constant speed motor 1 h.p., stainless steel filled bottle discharge conveyor with white neoprin flat belt and stainless steel filled bottle accumulation table. This filler was purchased new and never installed for production. The original application was to fill the (sample) bottle with salsa.
  • (2) Waukesha Positive Displacement Pumps, Model DO35494SS/DO251433SS, stainless steel heads, stainless steel impellers, sanitary product contact parts, 1 1/2” Threaded (Bevel Seat) Ports, driven by 2/3 h.p., 3 phase, 60 cycle, 230/460 volts, based mounted.
  • (2) New/Never Installed Industriales Liwifiers, 26 gallons (100 liters), stainless steel construction, stainless steel top rectangular man way door, 1 ½” tri-clamp discharge, stainless steel blades, driven by 5 h.p. constant speed motor, 3 phase 60 cycle, 230/460 volts, stainless steel legs, stainless steel covers, single shell
  • Fitzpatrick (Fitzmill) Comminuting Machine, Model D, stainless steel product hopper, stainless steel product discharge, painted mild steel frame, complete with

Additional Photos Coming Soon!

Equipment Located in Kentucky 

  • DCI 6,000 Gallon Insulated Silo, S/N 89-D-38373-D, 240″ Height x 102.5″ Diam, 27-1/4″ Alcove, (Located in Kentucky)
  • Walker 6,000 Gallon Ammonia Jacketed Horizontal Mixing Tank, Equipped with Dual Vertical Agitation, (3) CIP Spray Balls, 3″ Outlet, 106″ Dia x 228″ Length (Located in Kentucky)
  • Cherry Burrell 1,000 Gallon Processor, Model MEPDA, S/N 1000-71-1724, Equipped with Vertical Agitation, Dual Spray Ball, Ladder, Top Man-Way, 2″ Outlet, Jacketed, 76″ Dia x 106″ Height (Located in Kentucky)
  • APV 300 Gallon Dome-Top Cone-Bottom High Shear Jacketed Mixing Tank, Manway Door, Spray Ball, 2″ Outlet, 60″ Diameter x 109″ Tall (Located in Kentucky)
  • 300 Gallon Dom-Top Sloped-Bottom Jacketed Mixing Tank, Equipped with Vertical Agitation, Man-Way Door, 2″ Outlet, 56″ Diameter x 112″ Overall Height (Located in Kentucky)
  • 8′ L x 20″ Wide x 18″ Deep Jet-Spray Wash Trough, Equipped with 5 HP Centrifugal Pump, 108″ Overall Length (Located in Kentucky)

Equipment Located in Greece

  • Refurbished AVE Bottle 16-Valve Rinser / 16-Valve Filler / 6-Head Capper, Model 16/6, Previously Running 1 Liter Round Bottles with 38 MM Cap at 5,000 BPH, Equipped with Hepa Air Filtration System, Onboard UV Lamp for Water Sterilization, Manual Lift Cap, Pick & Place Capper, Siemens PLC, Completely Rewired Control Panel (Located in Larisa, Greece) (Additional Photos Coming Soon)