Dairy & Food Processing Equipment Auction Live at MDG Auction Showroom



M Davis Group is pleased to announce the 1st dairy and food processing live equipment auction of 2018 at the M Davis Group Auction Showroom in Pittsburgh!

Many of the world’s largest companies turn to M Davis Group to market & sell their surplus dairy, food and beverage assets. Utilizing our monthly multi-location consignment auctions and quarterly auction showroom events, our clients capitalize on the flexibility of services provided to realize maximum conversion of their idle assets. 

Contact M Davis Group to consign & sell YOUR surplus equipment online at your location or live at the M Davis Group showroom!



2009 AGC 7,500 to 10,000 GPH S/S Plate Press, Model AR51HS3, S/N 09123 with (370) S/S Plates, 173” L Tie Bar End to End, Equipped with Hydraulic Close and Self-Contained Pump

2008 AGC 4,000 to 5,000 GPH S/S Plate Press, Model AR5/H-S2, S/N 08229 with (2) Dividers, (221) S/S Plates, 113” L Tie Bar End to End, Equipped with Hydraulic Close and Self-Contained Pump

(2) 2007 AGC S/S Plate Presses, Model PRO31M-E1, S/N 07278 and S/N 07279, (1) with 129 S/S Plates and (1) with (85) S/S Plates and (1) with Divider, Max. Temp. 250 Degree F, Max. Pressure 150 psi

2005 AGC S/S Cream Plate Press, Model PRO2-SH, S/N 0525 with (97) Plates, S/S Connectors, Temperature Sensors and Gauges, Max. Temp. 250 Degree F, Max. Pressure 150 psi

Cherry Burrell ThermaFlex S/S Plate Heat Exchanger, Model 655-CBH, S/N 95156XA with (26) S/S Plates, 150 psig


Omni Integrated Solutions 33 GPM Skid-Mounted Cheese / Milk HTST System with APV Plate Pasteurizer, S/N 53-320 with (1) Divider, (71) Plates, 2″ Nested Holding Tubes, Tri-Clover 2″ Flow Diversion Valve, Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 Legal PLC Controller, Balance Tank, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Make-Up Tank and Pump, Tri-Clover 2 hp and 7-1/2 hp Pumps, Anderson 2″ Flow Meter with Digital Read-Out, Related Valves and Piping, (4) On-Board Control Panels – (1) with Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 CPU Controls, PanelView 1000 Touchpad Display, Allen Bradley 7.5 and 3 hp PowerFlex 400 VFD’s, Anderson AV-900 Chart Recorder, Anderson Differential and Temperature Controls



GEA/Westfalia CIP Separator/Centrifuge, Model MSB170-01-010, S/N 1674309, Bowl Speed 4500 RPM with Base Mounting Plate, S/S Cream Tank, Bowl and Separator Tools

GEA/Westfalia CIP Separator/Centrifuge, Model MSB130-01-076, S/N 1685 105, Bowl Speed 4500 RPM with Separator Tools and Related

Additional MSB Separator Items including:  Spare Motors, Spare Parts including:  (2) Main Shafts, Rebuilt Clutches, Other Spare Parts and Service Tooling


2010 APV Gaulin 3,000 GPH @ 200 psi 2-Stage 3-Piston S/S Clad Homogenizer, Model G110T-75P, S/N 113561/J3-10.428 with 75 hp 1780 RPM Motor

Gaulin 5-Piston Homogenizer, Type 4650MC752RTPS, S/N 3715185 with Micro-Gap and Teco 125 hp 1181 RPM Motor


Breddo 200 Gal. Likwifier, Model LOS S/N D549687.1 with Mix Impeller, Sprayball, Hinged Lid, Sterling 40 hp Off-Set Motor, Allen Bradley 40 hp PowerFlex 400 VFD

Aprox. 50 cu.ft. All S/S Paddle Blender with 316 S/S Interior and Exterior, Hinged Lids, 304 Paddle, Sterling 3 hp Drive Motor, 1760 RPM, 230/460 V, 3 Phase (Blender Interior Dimensions Aprox. 73″ L x 54″ Deep x 46″ W)


APV Approx. 400 Gallon Dome-Top Cone-Bottom S/S Processor, National Board #9827, S/N K2499 with Bottom and Side Sweep Scrape Agitation with SEW Aprox. 5 hp Drive Motor, Baffle, Sprayball, Bottom Onboard APV Positive Displacement Pump, Size R+4R1HD, S/N P-0333-0299 with Reliance 10 hp Drive Motor, 1755 RPM, 230/460 V, 3 Phase, Some On-Board Controls and Allen Bradley Starter Controls (316 L S/S)

APV 200 Gal. S/S Dome-Top Cone Bottom Mix Tank, S/N K-0713 with Bottom and Side Sweep Agitation with SEW 2 hp Drive Motor, 1720 RPM, 230/460 V, 3 Phase, Baffle, Lid, Osha Safety Guard with Bottom Mounted Onboard APV Positive Displacement Pump, Size R4RH, Model PP-0578-03 with Reliance 7-1/2 hp Motor, 1760 RPM, 230/460 V, 3 Phase, Tank Mounted on S/S Operators Platform – Aprox. 54″ L x 37″ W x 36″ H with Allen Bradley Starters and Controls

(5) Additional Dome-Top Processors from 1,000 Gal. to 2,000 Gal. (Additional Information to Follow)

S/S Tanks

(2) Walker 6,000 Gal. Jacketed Horizontal S/S Tanks with S/S Front, Top-Mount Vertical Agitation, CIP Sprayball, Vent and Sight Glass

3-Compartment S/S Hinged Lid Flavor Tank with Sprayballs, 3-Station 1-1/2” Plug Valve Manifold


Federal 26-Valve Half Gal. Rotary Mono-Block Jug S/S Filler, Machine #2277-GWSS6/26.8R1358, Right Hand with Deep Bowl 6-Head Snap Cap Capper, Set-Up with Square Half Gal. Change Parts, Some Controls and CIP Ring

Federal 26-Valve Gal. Rotary Mono-Block Jug S/S Filler, Machine #1257GWS266RA704, Right Hand with Deep Bowl, Set-Up with Filler Specialties 6-Head Snap Cap Capper, Set-Up with Square Gal. Change Parts

Federal 26-Valve Rotary Mono-Block Jug S/S Filler, Set-Up with 6-Head Screw Capper, 32 oz. Round Change Parts, Some Controls and CIP Ring

Additional 26-Valve items including: Spare Change Parts


Skid Mounted S/S Drink Mix-Blending System with (2) Hinged Lid Mix Tanks – (1) 500 Gal. ad (1) Schweiter 150 Gal., Each with Gast Top Mounted Pneumatic Mixer, Sprayballs, Onboard Sterling 2” UV, (2) Micro-Motion 1-1/2” and 2” Flow Meters, Sine 1.5 hp Pump, Diaphragm Pump, Anderson Chart Recorder, Allen Bradley Controls, Related Valves, Fittings and Suction Hoses


Auto Prod 2-Lane Cultured Products Filler, Model 2P1X2, S/N AP-1167 with Tamper Evident Sealer, Cup and Lid Feeder with 4-1/4” Change Parts


Inline Filling Systems Glass Jar Filler, S/N 6452, 220 Volts with Capper, S/N 4261, 110 V and Cap Hopper with Elevator Belt, S/N 4569, 110 V (Filled 5 oz., 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., and 24 oz. Glass Jars)


Skid-Mounted Sani-Matic 2-Tank S/S CIP System with (2) 450 Gal. S/S Tanks (Aprox. 60″ H x 48″ W), Fristam 15 hp Pump, Model FPX3541-205, S/N FPX3541011791 with 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ Clamp Type S/S Head, Aprox. 5 ft. L x 8″ W S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger includes Skid-Mounted Control/Air Valve/Heat Exchanger with Aprox. 3 ft. L x 6″ W S/S Heat Exchanger, (3) Sudmo and Tri-Clover 2″ and 2-1/2″ S/S Air Valves and Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC Controls

Aprox. 100 Gal. S/S CIP Tank with Hinged Lid, Alfa Laval 2-1/2″ S/S Air Valve and Lumenite Probe

Aprox. 250 Gal. S/S CIP Tank with Hinged Lid


(2) Young Industries S/S Skid-Mounted Self-Contained Filter/Bag Dump Stations with Onboard 8-Bag Dust Collection System, Size 42-8, Model UNTIMI-1009 and 1010, Shop #12618-1, S/N FBD-1548 and S/N FBD-1549 with Safety Guard, Screen Conveyor Discharge, Controls, Reliance and Baldor 1.5 and .75 hp Motors


2013 Pak Tech Twin Pak Handle Applicator System, Model SPA9500, S/N SPA9500-01-08 with Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC Controls and 4M VFD

Poly Pack S/S Tray Inserter, Model SR-35, S/N 3214


FES 250 hp Screw Ammonia Compressor, Frame #920167, Board #5840 with GEA Screw, Model 650, S/N 002 – Rebuilt 2014 – Rebuilt #13159, Ram 3565 RPM Motor, 230/460 V, 3 Phase, FES Micro-Master Touchpad Display and Onboard Viking 5 hp Pump

2000 Frick 263 hp Screw Ammonia Compressor, Model RXF101H, S/N 0224UFMNLHAA03, Frick Sales #21290401000 with 300 psig, Ram 3560 RPM Motor, 460 V, 3 Phase, Frick Quantum LX Touchpad Display and Control Panel


(2) Chester Jensen S/S Falling Film Plate Chillers, Model B-80T-8-32, S/N 9062-P and S/N 9063-P, Ammonia Refrigerated, All S/S, (8) Plates Each (Formerly Used for Cooling HTST System)



PakTec Caser

(2) Cannon S/S Drop Type Bottle Casers

Gal. Size All S/S Slant Type Caser and Additional S/S Slant Caser



Dairy Conveyor & Other S/S Case Stackers


Case Gripper

Dairy Conveyor Case Gripper Machine


Case Drives

(10) Cannon 5 to 10 hp Case Drives, 1750 RPM


Additional Case Related Items

Thousands of Feed Rex 3500 Case Conveyor Chain

Assorted S/S Case Track



Positive Pumps

Waukesha 2 hp Positive Pumps, Model/Size 15 

Waukesha 1.5 hp Positive Pump, Model /Size 15 with Onboard Spray-Dynamics Encoater Slurry System

Waukesha 5 hp Positive Pump, Model 130

(2) Tri-Clover 5 hp 2″ S/S Positive Pumps, Model PRED-60

Fristam 2 hp 2″ S/S Positive Pump, Model FL275S with Direct Drive

APV Crepaco 2″ S/S Positive Pump, Model 4 R with Direct Drive


Centrifugal Pumps

(5) Fristam and Other 5 to 7-1/2 hp Centrifugal Pumps


Sine Pump

Sine 2 hp Pump, Model 1R130NNTC


Sugar Pumps

(2) Mild Steel Liquid Sugar Pumps with Drives


Air Valve Clusters

32-Valve Tri-Clover 2″ Clamp Type S/S Air Valve Cluster, Model 761TR

12-Valve Tri-Clover 2” Clamp Type S/S Air Valve Cluster, Model 761

11-Valve, 7-Valve and 4-Valve 2007 Tri-Clover/Alfa Laval 2” S/S Clamp Type S/S Air Valve Cluster, Type UNIQUE7000


Air Valves

(14) Air Valves by Waukesha/Cherry Burrell and Tri-Clover 2”, 2-1/2” and 3” 2-Way and 3-Way as new as 2011


Flow Meters

(6) Endress+Hauser 2” Clamp Type Flow Meters with Body, Model ProMag H and Controller, Model 53 Read-Out

(2) Badger Meter Size 2 Flow Meter Bodies


S/S Fittings & Valves

Assorted S/S Fittings, Butterfly and Check Valves, Valve Parts, Flow Diversion Valves, Flowverter Stations, Inline Filters and Fittings


Meat Process Equipment

2007 Ultra Vacuum Packaging Machine, Model UV2100, S/N 4593 with Onboard Busch Vacuum Pump



Rietz Disintegrator, Model RP-6-K115, S/N RP-6-K115, S/N RP652011 with 13” Blade Area, 10” S/S Feed Hopper and Reeves 3 hp Variable Speed Drive, Mounted on Portable Frame


Valve Filler

GEI/Mateer Burt/CVF Controlled Valve Filler, Model 50S, S/N 807539 with Foot Control


Sealers, Labelers & Coders

Cobalt Box Sealer, Model 100 Series with Conveyor

(2) W.S. Packaging Bag-In Box Portable Labelers, Model Roll-Tak 200, S/N 57332-1 and S/N 57332-2

Menke Coder, Model 5900


Online Filtration System

2-Stage Dual Online Filtration System with (2) Rosedale Products S/S Filters


Material Handling

Wulftec Pallet Wrapper, Model WHP200, S/N C698-3406, 120 V 

Vestil 2,000 lb. Aluminum Gantry Frames


Hydraulic Pumps

(4) Assorted Hydraulic Systems with Reservoirs



Large Assortment of Process Control Panels, Some with Allen Bradley PLC Controls and VFD’s